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    A few words from Gabriel :

    Gabriel: "We don't work with fear, we work with love. We don't work with oppression, we work with allow others to be. We do not about shrinking you, we elevate and lift up. We are not here to look for the bad in you, but to look for the good in you. If you would like to hear advice from us, we will show you the way and from where - but we will not force our advice on you. I am Gabriel, and I'm here to calm you down and tell you - don't let others suppress your expression and treasures. You are not evil, you are not treacherous or unworthy children.

    You are always worthy and loved - even if you fall and if you are not perfect, and we do not look at you as evil or as terrible cases. You are cute and beautiful children more than you are the black page you think you are - and very far from being evil - even if you think you are evil, because you do it out of self-criticism disproportionate to reality. Trust me, you are not evil even if there will be souls here who will tell you that you are such and will be heard as having authority.

    Feel free to be yourself and take seriously here only those who show love and desire to understand you. Do not give power within you to those who think they can determine your fate or tell you things that do not lift you up from their false authority. It is your choice who to give power within you. Examine who comes from love and who comes from rigid and unfriendly authoritarianism. Be love, have mercy, but don't lend a hand to what shouldn't be given a hand. It's important to us that you be open and show your special treasure and love that not everyone will understand, so don't let others get in the way of that. And be love . "

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    Arrival of Adam and Eve

    74:2.1 (829.3) Adam and Eve fell asleep on Jerusem, and when they awakened in the Father’s temple on Urantia in the presence of the mighty throng assembled to welcome them, they were face to face with two beings of whom they had heard much, Van and his faithful associate Amadon. These two heroes of the Caligastia secession were the first to welcome them in their new garden home.

    74:2.2 (829.4) The tongue of Eden was an Andonic dialect as spoken by Amadon. Van and Amadon had markedly improved this language by creating a new alphabet of twenty-four letters, and they had hoped to see it become the tongue of Urantia as the Edenic culture would spread throughout the world. Adam and Eve had fully mastered this human dialect before they departed from Jerusem so that this son of Andon heard the exalted ruler of his world address him in his own tongue.

    74:2.5 (829.7) Soon after their awakening, Adam and Eve were escorted to the formal reception on the great mound to the north of the temple. This natural hill had been enlarged and made ready for the installation of the world’s new rulers. Here, at noon, the Urantia reception committee welcomed this Son and Daughter of the system of Satania. Amadon was chairman of this committee, which consisted of twelve members embracing a representative of each of the six Sangik races; the acting chief of the midwayers; Annan, a loyal daughter and spokesman for the Nodites; Noah, the son of the architect and builder of the Garden and executive of his deceased father’s plans; and the two resident Life Carriers.

    74:2.6 (830.1) The next act was the delivery of the charge of planetary custody to Adam and Eve by the senior Melchizedek, chief of the council of receivership on Urantia. The Material Son and Daughter took the oath of allegiance to the Most Highs of Norlatiadek and to Michael of Nebadon and were proclaimed rulers of Urantia by Van, who thereby relinquished the titular authority which for over one hundred and fifty thousand years he had held by virtue of the action of the Melchizedek receivers.

    74:2.7 (830.2) And Adam and Eve were invested with kingly robes on this occasion, the time of their formal induction into world rulership. Not all of the arts of Dalamatia had been lost to the world; weaving was still practiced in the days of Eden.

    74:2.8 (830.3) Then was heard the archangels’ proclamation, and the broadcast voice of Gabriel decreed the second judgment roll call of Urantia and the resurrection of the sleeping survivors of the second dispensation of grace and mercy on 606 of Satania.

    The dispensation of the Prince has passed; the age of Adam, the third planetary epoch, opens amidst scenes of simple grandeur; and the new rulers of Urantia start their reign under seemingly favorable conditions, notwithstanding the world-wide confusion occasioned by lack of the co-operation of their predecessor in authority on the planet.

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    Urantia - The Group Of The Infinite Source

    Elerian Gold

    Yesterday my Mystery Monitor revealed himself to me in more frontal ways than usual. He told me many things that I cannot reveal here, but later it will be revealed.
    What I can reveal [among other things] is that he confirmed to me that Michael is really going to arrive here soon, and things are closer than it seems.

    Some of you may not believe what I tell here in the group, about that I met many beings from above, including the Father himself - in super-consciousness dimensions. And that I am in accessible communication with Michael and other beings.

    I suggest that you still make an effort to believe, and not tend to think that I'm lying. I am your brother. I have my doubts, but things are more complex than I can explain here, and I myself work with faith.

    God doesn't always come to reveal himself to us in a very direct and clear way that erases our doubts, and to be honest, most of the times he comes to talk to me he does it very gently and in a way that won't erase my faith and doubts, and he is very complex in this activity of his.

    Our choice is so important to him, that he is not willing to appear in ways that we will be absolutely sure on an ongoing basis. Unless we have reached the pure faith of eternal perfection - and from there the communication with him is without doubts, forever.

    Yesterday he grabbed me very tight, like you grab a child by the ear, but without the pain haha, with love, and every time I had a doubt he destroyed it with light and showed me and said again: Listen. He had such a central message : don't be clever, listen. Don't rush to get confused, listen. You are not imagining, listen.

    And his voice got louder, and every time I got confused and thought that maybe it wasn't him, and maybe it was other beings of the very annoying type that exist in the morontic dimension, he again grabbed me by the chin and turned my head [in a spiritual sense] - listen.
    I thought he was being harsh with me and there was no way my Monitor would be harsh with me like that, so I asked him where is your love? And he spread his hands and said here - and he beamed love upon me . It surprised me, he responded very quickly and sharply.
    Then he told me that sometimes I think he doesn't have love for me because I don't live in the reality of love, and that a lot of what seems to lack love is because I take reality too seriously, and that's why he seems too much serious to me sometimes.

    It sent me to all sorts of reflections, because after all there are beings in the inner dimensions that I encountered that are very unkind, very pretending to be from above but they are very stupid and cheating me, so how do I differentiate between them and my Monitor when the Monitor is talking to me in lower dimensions? It is not that every day there is a revelation of him to me in the higher dimensions of super-consciousness.

    But gradually he shows me how to recognize him in these shallow waters of the inner consciousness, how to tune into the existential and essential energies and locate whether it is him or not, and where it is him and where it is others. Don't forget that in the inner reality there is no physical voice that sounds different - so it is hard to know who you are facing.

    There is a character and uniqueness of the inner presence, but when it comes to the communication of lower dimensions of the inner reality - everything there sounds almost the same [usually]. Only when I ascend to the great heights of consciousness can I know with quite clear certainty who I am facing. And it requires a process to ascend to the heights of the spirit, concentration, and detachment from the physical dimension of time. I used to call it a Push. Now I call it meditation to the Source, or to Michael.

    I close my eyes, and begin to disconnect from the physical dimension, and rise with inner consciousness to the heights of the spirit - there I look for the presence of the Source or of the one with whom I wanted contact and communication. But I can do it as well with my eyes open and while talking to someone even, but it's less perfect.

    So yes, after various connections told us that Michael is going to arrive soon, I can solemnly tell you that I also received this message directly, confirmation that Michael is going to arrive very soon.

    I was also told not to worry, not to be stressed, and that everything would be pink. It was important for my Monitor to say that, it's almost as if he treated the worries and tensions leading up to Michael's arrival as nonsense. He said with a lot of self-confidence - don't worry EVERYTHING will be good, there is no reason to worry. And now he tells me that this also applies to you, don't worry.

    Be in the reality of love, otherwise you will not feel the love from others.
    A day of light for all of you my brothers and sisters ❤

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