• ADDITIONALLY – New: The United States will supply Israel with nearly 14,000 tank shells for a total cost of more than $106 million.

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    “The future world order is being formed before our eyes. And in this world order, we must listen to everyone, take into account every point of view, every nation, society, culture, every system of worldviews, ideas and religious beliefs, without imposing a single truth on anyone, and only on this basis, understanding our responsibility for the fate of our peoples and the planet, to build a symphony of human civilization.”

    Vladimir Putin

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    A conversation with Michal Halev, whose only son was murdered by Hamas on October 7. She tells the story of how she came to call for an end to vengeance.

  • Jorge, thank you. From this description it seems that total destruction is inevitable ... So sorry for your friends and for all caught up in this horror ...

    Hello dear Rosie!

    Culture is a funny thing...most of the time when I deal with other cultures I try just to listen and not judge. My friend´s Family tradition and culture is touched by WAR philosophy. He is proud, very proud about going to war to defend his Nation (Proud Israeli). He tried to enlist himself in the IDF together with his son, but was rejected due to his age (He is 65 years old). So, many times I listen to him thinking how different we are. We, LATIN PEOPLE, do not think this way at all.

    He LOVES to come to México...he has been many times to Monterrey, where we have this awesome shrimp farm. He loves the food, the standards of living, and the TRUE freedom he says he can feel and breathe walking in the streets and he does not feel at home and we Mexicans do not appreciate it because we take it for granted. He loves how we talk because we say things straight to the face and we give a shit to most of the BS political correctness. He still can not believe that we never use the car horn (LOL). He says Jerusalem is a very noisy city.

    In our very opposite cultural differences and beliefs, we found a common ground where we can work together...that common ground has a name: FRIENDSHIP!

    I do not care if he likes war...I do not care if he and his family enjoy revenge in a BULL-SHIT WAR! He is MY FRIEND and MY PARTNER...is everything that matters to me!

    I am happy He is OK...and we are looking forward to meeting and working next year in my beautiful Sunshine State...FLORIDA!

  • it is all so sad. unfortunately you can't show the world how cruel and corrupt it is by suddenly saving the day with ships. that is to say, compared to the atrocities of millions of years this is nothing. surely Aton will wait until we see as much as can be seen ... unfortunately without the specter of wwIII forcing his hand, he has every reason to wait for whatever final puzzle piece will enlighten us some more. (dollar collapse, information release?...)

    of course the jews have impunity. and the non jewish middle east has made the sober and reasonable decision to Not go to war.

    it's crazy how little the world cares.

    thanks Jorge (I can't say that I trust his sources , but it is certainly interesting to hear what they are thinking. I do believe that israel would happily bomb gaza and even all palestinian lands into oblivion)

  • You pay too much attention to Bibi, he doesn't exist anymore

    he's an actor who wears a mask

    Bibi received his punishment a long time ago

    for better or for worse

    He is once again just an actor wearing a mask

    Bibi is not the world's problem, the real problem is...

    Who controls the Bibi actor

    Israel is not the problem either, it is who is behind Israel

    Whoever controls Israel also controls Europe and America

    Those who stand behind Israel stand behind Hamas as well


    my first job....I AM a Serial stinging nettles fresh hugging 8| ....In the winter you will see me picking herbs in the kibbutz

    I invented a smoothie in honor of CM and his universe.....4 ripe bananas, a mJehol date and 2 or 3 cups fresh stinging nettles

    my second job.....This is my mission in the world and life....Trying to connect people to the real truth and light, for almost 40 years.....And it usually doesn't work, they don't want to connect with the real truth ,and make a real change


  • If this is true and become the reality in matter of weeks, I hope that Netanyahu and his band of Zionist bloodthirsty coward do not escape as if nothing had happened, because it would be a terrible injustice for this world and a shame that will last forever. It would be difficult (at least for me), to see hundreds of thousands of Palestinian people being murdered in this current era without the ability to defend themselves, just because some sociopaths want to create their Great Israel.

    Beyond the excuse of HAMAS which is widely used in our corrupt Western society to justify this open and obvious genocide, if this extermination is carried out with absolute impunity then this planet no longer has a remedy under current conditions...

    "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." - Grand Master Yoda

    "Like a thousand other commanders on a thousand other battlefields, I wait for the dawn." - Captain Jean-Luc Picard

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