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    Have you not read your scriptures? I say not! The lot of you go hungering for the Word, and you wish to be fed from corrupted streams! Do you not realize that you are what you take into your body? If the food be rotten, then you become sick with the rot. If the water be impure, then you will suffer.

    You are lost, precious children, and the hour of your awakening is near. The greatest number of you are very near to finding out the Truths about who you are. And I say to the lot of you, and listen well--your earth awaits grave natural and man-made disaster. The greatest number of you will not survive it.

    Awake and take back your government from the most vile machine ever to invade the space of your earth within recent history. You are all but gone. You must needs clean the government in Washington from top to bottom. The lot of these evil men have sold your souls for a tinker's toy.

    If the lot of you allow yourselves to fall under this New World Order, then this you must endure. While you could have done something, you have slept. Think not that you have not been warned. The Truth has come to you from many sources.

    GOD'S ARMY WILL HAVE ONLY THEREIN, THE VALIANT. The sleeping will not fight therein. Will you continue sleeping, those among you who are sleeping? And are you sleeping because you have not been given the Truth or because you do not wish to know the Truth?

    Which are you, a sheep or a goat? We know which you are. Do you? If you say that you will not fight in the army of God, The Creator, then I say unto you that you have already enrolled into the army of Satan, and you fool none other than yourself. And thus you make your choice. We have known that a great majority of you will wish to sleep. Your choice is painted upon you. "Those of you who suffer all manner of persecution for my namesake," thus saith the Lord, "shall not go unrewarded."

    Precious Children, we are here in your service and thus in the service of Almighty God, The Creator. You, who will listen, then I beg you to listen. You, who will see, then I beg you to open up your eyes and see. We cannot do that for you which you must do for yourself. Our love for you is indescribable. We shall not say more except to remind you that we are come, and in our very midst is Jesus, The Christ. To this end, you are given to receive thus.

    You who cannot seem to get away from the analyzing of each word and phrase, each jot and tittle, let me assure you of something herein; if the word or label of, say, Jehovah, causes concern and confusion--know it for what it IS. In the day of Moses (and Moses shared in this presentation) Jehovah meant the Holy God of ONE--Creator. The label was battered and tampered by those who came later. However, the label of Jesus has evolved, rightly or wrongly, to represent the being of one Immanuel Esu who represented unto you people the Christed TEACHER of God's instructions for living and actions. You can get distracted by "names" if you so choose--but it is an error in wisdom to do so--for it is the INTENT WITHIN which presents the "ENERGY" sought or presented.

    -- PJ 56 --

    The "TRUTH" doesn't know an expiration date! (-CL) -- I Am that I Am --

    Heed me, little ones, your Father calls to you gently. It is time now. Do you understand? Yes, I think you do. Will you come to me?

    I Love you tenderly and oh so dearly. Take my hand. Do it right now. This is urgent, ok? -- Christ Michael Aton --


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    Now, let us go forth with an introduction to this material regarding THE DIVINE PLAN OF GOD, THE FATHER-CREATOR. I address this material herein to those who seek and are lost, confused and seeking an affirmation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I address this material herein to those who seek and find not. I address this material herein to those who take up arms against their brethren, but who do so under a great mass of guilt and confusion. I address this material herein to those who labor long in the vineyard and who grow weary as the payment received does not buy the sustenance needed to feed the little ones in the individual family.

    Let it be known that I am Moses, the prophet of old. I am here as are a number of us in your very own midst. We are come as the Divine Messengers of One Holy God, the Creator, The God of Abraham and Isaac, the God of the pharaohs, the only one and true God of The Universes without end....the Creator of all with no ending or beginning. We are come in the service of this ONE and Holy God and in the service of those remnants left behind, and we ask only that you forsake the things of this worldly sphere and that you be willing to release others of all indebtedness as your Father is so willing to do for you. We ask that you be willing to take up the Word and the Truth of Your Holy Creator unto the forgiveness of all even unto the least of you. We ask that you fear not that which may await you, for if you come with a humble heart, and willing to do the will of Your Father-Creator, then Little Ones, you are teachable. If you are teachable, then all things are possible. But come not the willful, the proud and haughty. We will not have you in our midst. We cannot teach those who insist that the words of God be subservient to the words and works of man. Thus, you who are of the proud and haughty must go your own way unto your own destruction. For within the fold of the ONE and Living God go those who will humbly submit to the WORD, the TRUTH and the LIGHT of ONE, TRUE, AND LOVING CREATOR.

    We will not ask that you give up the material, the things of this world. You will do so as you come to the understanding that LOVE of the material only leads to a greater unhappiness and a never ending desire for more of the same. [H: Having, enjoying and using the gifts of God is not in point--the LOVE of these things is that which is deadly.]

    Let it be known that we are here in your midst, and we come to take home with us those who are willing to submit to the will of God, those who are penitent for their wrongs, those who hold love and compassion for their fellow man, those who are forgiving and teachable. We are your teachers. We are many of your friends from long ages past.

    Many of you walk as eternal zombies, as you have denied yourselves the taste of God's eternal Truths for so long that you have no idea of that which is true. You have numbed yourself to the Truth because you have chased the dark side for many, many ages. You have hardened your hearts, such that they look as black and as hard as obsidian. Yet, for even you, a desire to be teachable could awaken the memory which resides within you, that all of you were originally created of equal soul essence and that within your very being you have a soul memory of this soul perfection. This, I often refer to as the Divine Blueprint.

    Each of you has this Divine Blueprint, and you will come into the memory of this beautiful design when you will first break your own willfulness, thus separateness from one another and the God within. You will come to realize that you are all created of the Essence of God, and in the beginning created of equal and unique essence. You will come to drop your hates and your prejudices as you will know that God lives within you and within your brethren. No matter how low your brethren may have fallen, you will come to feel compassion for him, as you will know him to be a divine creation lost to his heritage. Your heart will feel great sorrow for those who are lost. You will find that you wish to pray for those and to help them find their way instead of cursing and blaming.

    Know that all disorder and strife are of Satan, himself. When you commune with Satan, you will become lost in a whirlwind of confusion. Like the gingerbread house, Satan will make his causes appear very appealing. The appeal is as the appeal of the poisonous mushroom. You eat of it and you may be very ill before you know it is poisonous. You will not be deceived if you will but follow the instructions God has given you. But alas, be fearful of many who espouse the truths as the Jim Bakkers of the world, for they can be bought or sold for the monetary. The same are not of God, the Father.

    You must learn that you need no one to intervene on your behalf, and if someone of the cloth espouses the same, you are being lied to. Do not be so gullible as to believe that you need another human being to intervene on your behalf. In this way, many, many of you have landed under the foot of Satan.

    Remember your heritage, that you are all at the center, Divine and thus, holy beings. Oh how sad that you have forgotten this Truth.

    You must be apprised of those, however, who have become evil as they are almost totally lost to the Antichrist cause. These have fallen deep into the Antichrist war and on the side of the Antichrist. Be not deceived by the same. You are the ones who must be wise as the fox, as it is the foxes' game of which you must be apprised. Go in the Light and shine Light on these evil and dark deeds and these ones shall lose power over you.

    We weep for the lot of you. You are our brethren of sacred creation, yet you wallow in filth and denial. We hold great compassion for you, yet there is not one whit we can do to change you, as you must remember that, to each of you, there is given the right to choose. Will your choice be to humble yourselves unto the Word of the Almighty Creator, and thus change your course of destruction? Or will you, through your own choices, continue down the river of eternal darkness? You must know that you will break yourself if you are to be broken. You will break yourself with your own choices. But even the wildest of horses cannot be broken at times.

    Large numbers of you fight, when to submit brings peace and joy. You continue to feed the ways you have entertained through many lifetimes even though these have never worked and never will. All you rebellious have to do is to cease to resist the loving hand of The Father, The Creator of all.

    My Precious Brethren, would that we could cause your eyes to see the indescribable beauty which awaits you in other spheres! Would that we could open your hearts to the beauty of love--of compassion and acceptance one for the other!

    Why must you garner yourselves round about with all manner of darkness, and hate one for the other, in that you must entertain all manner of separateness? You establish churches among yourselves and you fight among yourselves about which church is greater or better than the other.

    You are blinded by the reflection of the material world. Love of the material has caused you to curse one to the other. Love of the material has caused you to harbor among yourselves preachers, who preach not the Word of God for love but for money. You have among you preachers, who preach not the word of God for love of God, but for praise from your fellow man and for the reason of gaining of power one over the other. I ask you, "Are you not each a minister one unto the other? Were you not created to love and minister unto the hurting in your midst?"

    You, precious children, are created to be sacred and beautiful temples of God, the Creator. For whom do you build giant edifices? I say not unto your God, Creator. Why is it that you construct such monstrosities when there are hungry and lost within your very cities? Will you take such edifices to the beyond? You have been told the futility of the same.

    -- PJ 56 --

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    The "TRUTH" doesn't know an expiration date! (-CL) -- I Am that I Am --

    Heed me, little ones, your Father calls to you gently. It is time now. Do you understand? Yes, I think you do. Will you come to me?

    I Love you tenderly and oh so dearly. Take my hand. Do it right now. This is urgent, ok? -- Christ Michael Aton --


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    The "righteous" nations and individuals will have to glorify the Mosaic triumphs, conquests, deceptions, theft and slaughter of unsuspecting (gentile) villagers, as the basis of their religion and culture. Even so, your grandson could not become the grand exalted ruler, not being descended from the house of David.

    Our grandchildren must not be permitted to know that their ancestors came from Europe or anywhere but the "holy land". Our grandchildren must be denied any knowledge of the history, struggles and triumphs of our own people. They must assume that we all came from the tribes led by the scheming, bloody Moses of the Torah. They must never know that their ancestors once enjoyed, throughout untold ages, in their tribal life, sacrosanct individual freedom under a fair and just code of laws, an elected king or chief and a representative government (out of which sprang the U.S. constitution and much of the*English Common Law, and modern parliamentary government).

    -- PJ 55 --



    As dictated by Moses and Jesus, the Christ. September 24, 1992

    Oh, children of Israel, You have wandered long, scattered among the four winds.

    The wicked state of Israel has come to be, but think not that you, the remnants of Israel, belong to this vile whore.

    We, as God's servants, have come to retrieve those of you left behind. We beg unto you to follow the commandments of God, even unto the bitter end.

    Eyes human do not see us, but hearts of God do. Read all herein and believe for I am Moses, the prophet of old. This is my messenger through whom I shall write, and I name her Rosah.

    * * *

    Beloved Child, we are entering a very difficult phase within the affairs of men, when confusion abounds. Those decisions which you would normally leave to common sense will no longer be sated with the element of common sense. That to which you would normally apply human reason will no longer work according to the principles of reason. Little ones, the Antichrist plan does not work according to reason.

    The lot of you will soon be left with your hands upon your hips, wondering how such destructive things could have happened to you. Remember that the evil Antichrist is wise as the fox, and while you have been comfortably sleeping, you have been robbed of your chickens and your chicken coop. The next plan is to rob you of your bodies physical and/or your very soul. The plan of the Antichrist is to hunt every single Christian into extinction and to remove you from the face of the earth.

    This plan is already in action. You will see more and more cases just like the Randy Weaver Case and you will be able to do nothing, lest you be made an example. So, does this defy common sense? Well, there is nothing rational about the Antichrist plan. The total plan is to destroy. It is a plan of confusion.

    You made an astute observation as you put together the pieces of that which you have read. The battle of Armageddon is, indeed, the Plan of the Antichrist. If you have fallen for this plan (and have accepted the destruction of man as of God), then you have been mistaken. God has given to each of you a free will to act according to the teachings of God or to act according to the teachings of the Antichrist, Satan. The teachings (Laws of God) lead to wholeness, completeness. The teachings of Satan lead to confusion and destruction.

    The plan of Satan would have the lot of you to lay down and do nothing while the fox eats every last one of you alive. This Antichrist plan would have the lot of you believe that you have no free will, and that you can not deter one whit the advances of Satan. Little Ones, you have missed the whole point....the point being that you have the power to arrest the evil of the Antichrist machine in its tracks if you would but use your free will to follow the commandments of The Father God, Creator.

    The plan of God is freedom and is positive and creative. Do you not believe that your founding Fathers were inspired of God to fight the revolution for your country? Well, of course they were inspired of God. It is the will of God that you all be FREE, that you all have a free will.

    Now, it is the intent of the Antichrist to take away your free will. Does this sound like it is of God? A plan to take away your free will? I say not. You have all read the destructive plan of Satan in your Book of Revelation in the Bible. Does this plan tell you that you are to rise up and educate one another and to come back to the teachings of God? Does it say therein that in these times God would flood the Earth with messengers in all parts of the globe? Does it say therein that these messengers would come forth in great numbers that you, the masses, might be informed as you lie in the dark at the hands of evil men and under the foot of the Antichrist? Does it say within the book of Revelations that God would open up the windows of heaven and pour out His blessings on the country of the United States of America if you would forsake your idolatry, your gross fornication and various perversions of the flesh? Does it say within the book of Revelation that if you would all humble yourselves unto the teachings of God that you would be saved from the plan of Satan, which is destruction? A great number of you who have read the final book of the Bible all feel that you are left with no other recourse that you all must lose your rights and be subject to numerous wars, plagues and such.

    Blessed Children of God, hear me and hear me well. Arise and take back that which has been taken from you lest grave suffering come to be a daily diet. Destruction is the tool of the Devil. It falls upon the masses, who adhere to the principles of darkness. If you will do nothing about it, you give your permission for the Prince of Darkness to proceed to destroy....the guilty with the innocent. When you are ripe for the picking, as you are now, it is Satan who destroys you, and not God. If you pursue the works of Satan, you fall into the camp of Satan.

    Satan knows that he and his army have no heritage within the kingdoms of the higher realms. He has no allegiance or loyalty to you and wishes to see you all dead physically and, especially, spiritually. Now, you have been given the commandments of God to follow. If you but follow the Commandments of God, you will not fall within the clutches of The Evil One and his followers.

    I say awaken and heed the call of those sent among you to spread The Word, The Truth AND The Light. If you will not listen and fight for your very lives, you will soon have no opportunity. God has not left you. You have left God. The sooner you wake up and realize that God is not out there somewhere, but within you, the sooner you will renew your own kinship. Quit, I repeat "quit" waiting for others to feed you. Go unto God in prayer and supplication and feed yourself.

    Those who call themselves shepherds have lost the way. They are as blind as are the lot of you. THEY ARE THE MONEY CHANGERS, WHO GRAB OF THE OFFERINGS FOR THEIR OWN USE. "Get thee from me, hence," thus saith the Lord. Throw out the money changers from your places of worship. Quit the churches where the idea is to be seen of men. Cease to go among those who are proud and haughty to partake of the word of God. The same is not of God. You are better off alone than in the midst of such trouble makers.

    Then, go into your government houses and throw out those who have sold your very souls. Take back your government from the thieves, the favored of the evil prince of darkness...the ones who call themselves Zionists, elite. Yes, indeed, Little One, this is true. Those who call themselves as Zionists are rogue murderers, who further the Antichrist plan of destruction. It is these very ones who intend to hunt you godly ones into extinction.

    You do not have the time to waste on those who will not act. You will either act or your freedoms will be forever gone. Within the laws of the land, go while you have yet time and clean up your government houses from within, lest they be cleaned up by those from without for you are indeed ripe for the picking.

    Rise up, precious children of the Light of God. Take up your wand of Truth and go forth against the evil which threatens to devour you. Believe no longer the lies foisted upon you. Tear down the walls of secrecy within your very own government lest your land of freedom be lost forever. Our hearts cry out for you.

    I can only tell you that you must prioritize those things which are of immediate import and of God, the Creator. You must make an inner determination and stick to the same. Fight this battle to win it. If you do not fight you will be inundated with that which you allow to be foisted upon you. You, as a collective group, are responsible for that which you allow your leadership to throw over on you, the unsuspecting. If you will not awaken, then all of you shall suffer--the weak and the strong--the good with the evil shall fall simultaneously. We can only hope that you all will do that which you must do to awaken the power of good within you to take charge of this once great country.

    You are in this sense your brothers' keeper. This does indeed place quite a burden upon the shoulders of you who are informed, who will listen and go forth with the Truth. We can only weep if you will not do the same.

    Continued in next post

    The "TRUTH" doesn't know an expiration date! (-CL) -- I Am that I Am --

    Heed me, little ones, your Father calls to you gently. It is time now. Do you understand? Yes, I think you do. Will you come to me?

    I Love you tenderly and oh so dearly. Take my hand. Do it right now. This is urgent, ok? -- Christ Michael Aton --


  • "MOSES" in Pj's

    From the New Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 8, 15th Edition verbatim:

    "NOAHIDE LAWS, also called Noachian Laws, a Jewish Talmudic designation for

    seven biblical laws given to Adam and to Noah before the revelation to Moses on Mt. Sinai and consequently binding on all mankind.

    "Beginning with Genesis 2:16, the Babylonian Talmud listed the first six commandments as prohibitions against idolatry, blasphemy, murder, adultery, and robbery and the positive command to establish courts of justice (with all that this implies). After the flood a seventh commandment, given to Noah, forbade the eating of flesh cut from a living animal (Gen. 9:4). Though the number of laws was later increased to 30 with the addition of prohibitions against castration, sorcery, and other practices, the "seven laws", with minor variations, retained their original status as authoritative commandments and as the source of other laws. As basic statutes safeguarding monotheism and guaranteeing proper ethical conduct in society, these laws provide a legal framework for alien residents in Jewish territory. Maimonides thus regarded anyone who observed these laws as one "assured of a portion of the world to come". Throughout the ages scholars have viewed the Noahide Laws as a link between Judaism and Christianity, as universal norms of ethical conduct, as a basic concept in international law, or as a guarantee of fundamental human rights for all."

    Once again we've got to know the meaning of their (Talmudic) terminology. Believe me, it is far different than any other you will ever encounter.

    If the book is not marked secret, if it is in plain English, it is nevertheless almost safe, for it is largely couched in the esoteric language which all Jewish revolutionaries have used throughout known history, language found even in their Torah, (The Books of Moses) and which Jewish writers imparted to Communist literature.

    Their use of words which you and I take to mean one thing but which their followers understand as meaning something else, a system which our people little suspect, almost guarantees the security of the document. [H: To catch a thief YOU MUST LEARN TO "THINK" LIKE THE THIEF.]



    That is what the author says repeatedly, on page after page. And note that this book is not the creation of the Jewish Professor, Michael Higger; he merely compiled it. It is the sum total of the prophecies, teachings, plans and interpretations of the foremost rabbis and Jewish tribal leaders of the past 2500 years--since the time of the Oral Law and the beginning of the Babylonian Talmud, with its double standard for Jews and non-Jews and its nationalistic, militant interpretation of the Torah (the Books of Moses, the first five books of the Old Testament).

    There is no mistaking who is meant by "the righteous". Mr. Higger says even those Jews who fail to enter into the program of the Utopia (which he reveals to be the same program of Socialism, brotherhood and internationalism as that of the Zionists and involving much also that is Communist) will be denied the Utopia.

    Even the non-conforming Jews shall perish, along with the rest of us.

    The Talmud* tells the Jewish flocks that Moses was their militant, conquering hero, and that the Mosaic Law which says love thy neighbor is for the Jews only. It shows the Jewish people are not bound by any moral requirement in dealing with gentiles.

    [H: You must always be keeping in mind that the term "JEW" WAS CREATED


    The Talmud is a many-volume compilation of Jewish history and traditions and the teachings of the ancient rabbis. One of its most important elements consists in interpretations of the Law of Moses by rabbis over a period of centuries, in legal decision after legal decision. The quotations above are from different rulings in different cases. Whereas the Christian who accepts the Old Testament as either sacred or at least historical, thinks of Moses as a great moral leader appealing to all the world, the Talmudic rabbis consider Moses a great military commander. By their interpretation, Moses kept the Children of Israel in the Wilderness "forty years" so as to discipline his flock, raise up an army and train it to goosestep. And, of course, the Old Testament does say that Moses' soldiers fell on unsuspecting villagers and annihilated them, men, women and children. The Books of Moses plainly glorify this slaughter and the theft of the land from unsuspecting gentiles.

    [H: This is no way or by any means of Lighted Creator God of Source. God of Divine Source of Light--only creates, he does not destroy--he ONLY creates for there is no need of other in the unlimited presence and ability of the ONE CREATIVE SOURCE!]

    * Historians now say that the Hittites whose peaceful villages were thus attacked, were a fair, blond people speaking a language so much like early German that many words were identical. The Hittites, like the Germans 1300 years or more B.C., also knew the secret of working iron.

    Read especially the Books of Numbers and Deuteronomy, for additional examples of how the Jewish adherents should take what they want.

    "And we took all his cities . . . And we utterly destroyed them, as we did unto Sihon, king of Heshbon, utterly destroying the men, women and children of every city"

    (Deuteronomy 3:4-6)

    Not only Zionism but Communism, too, acquired much of its hatred of Christians from the spirit of hatred kept alive by rabbis in the ghettos of Europe and Russia--the constant repetition of "mine enemies" from the Old Bible.

    "And ye shall be saved from your enemies. . . ", "And let thine enemies be scattered; and let them that hate thee flee before thee. "

    The master-race concept, the zeal for conquest and self-adulation were kept alive in the ghettos for their interpretation of the Torah:

    "And it shall come to pass . . . that the Lord thy God will set thee high above all the nations of the earth. " (Deut. 26:19). "The Lord shall establish thee a holy people. . . "

    (Deut. 28:9).

    Read also in Exodus how Moses had his fellow Jews borrow jewelry and other valuables from the Egyptians the day before they slipped out of Egypt. They did not return the valuables. [H: Sound familiar, anyone?]

    We may sympathize with the racial or tribal pride of the Jewish men in the wilderness when they resented the presence of a non-Jewish woman in the tent of one of their brothers; but the example of bloody fanaticism shown when they stoned the couple to death because the woman was not Jewish is a strange example indeed to come from those who cry loudest for brotherhood (from us to them) and who are the first to condemn such race pride (in non-Jews).

    Whatever the Christian may think of the intent of Moses, the Talmud teaches the Jews to believe that Moses was talking only to their ancestors, not to the goyim, when he said Love thy neighbor; Thou shalt not steal, etc. The Talmud gives adequate cause for the belief among the Jews that Moses was a military leader, keeping the Children of Israel in the wilderness the figurative forty-years so as to train them under the brief, rigid Ten Commandments, which thus would be his police code to keep them in hand.

    By this interpretation, Moses was indeed building an army of conquest.

    The Talmud thus indicates that when Moses said Love thy neighbor as thyself, he meant Love thy Hebrew neighbor; thou shalt not steal (from thy Hebrew neighbor), etc.

    If this is what many Jews believe and if the Torah is the core of their religion, very well; it is their privilege to worship as they please, even if they plan thereby to annihilate us. But let us open our eyes and defend ourselves. We must not blame them if we let a small tribal group bring about our destruction.

    While the Encyclopedia Britannica (p. 771, Vol. 21, 1949 edition) says "The Talmud is still the authoritative and practical guide to the great mass of the 'Jews', still not all the rabbis accept the Talmud, with its glorification of secrecy and cunning and its incitation to blood-letting and conquest. Rabbi Elmer Berger, for instance, repudiates both the Talmud and the Torah. In his Partisan History of Judaism (Devin-Adair Co., New York, 1952) he attacks the Books of Moses as expressions of nationalistic fanaticism, only partially based on historical fact. He shows that modern Zionism springs from this ancient "Zionism".

    * Rabbi Berger accepts the Prophets, and about 1947 he told a closed meeting of delegates to the convention of the American Council for Judaism (a small anti-Communist, anti-Zionist group) "God promised us world priesthood." Thus he and his group, too, have a program. But there is a vast difference: Their program, apparently, is only a missionary ambition--to Judaize the world by open and legitimate missionary methods. One does not have to accept their program. The Christian and some other religions are not bent on destroying all who refuse to knuckle under.

    We have already pointed out that the Torah consists of the first five books of the Old Testament, the Books of Moses, the Pentateuch. [H: That term alone should scare the living daylights out of you perceptive and insightful truth-seekers.] While the entire Old Testament is Jewish, it is specifically the Torah which most religious Jews acclaim as their Bible. It is the basis of much of the Talmudic interpretation of how Jews should conduct themselves, in their dealings with other Jews and with non-Jews.

    [H: We reprinted some of the Talmudic instructions and we were blasted as being vulgar and evil. No, it is the set of instructions which are vulgar and reproachable -- being totally against the laws as given by God Creator.]

    -- PJ 55 --

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    The "TRUTH" doesn't know an expiration date! (-CL) -- I Am that I Am --

    Heed me, little ones, your Father calls to you gently. It is time now. Do you understand? Yes, I think you do. Will you come to me?

    I Love you tenderly and oh so dearly. Take my hand. Do it right now. This is urgent, ok? -- Christ Michael Aton --


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    "Beginning with Biblical evidence and traditions, it appears that even in the beginning of the formation of the tribe of Israel they were already composed of various racial elements... We find in Asia Minor, Syria and Palestine at that time many races--the Amorites, who were blondes, dolichocephalic, and tall; the Hittites, a dark-complexioned race, probably of Mongoloid type; the Cushites, a negroid race; and many others. With all these the ancient Hebrews intermarried, as can be seen in many passages in the Bible...".

    The prophets may thunder against "marrying daughters of a strange god", yet the promiscuous Israelites were not deterred, and their leaders were foremost in giving a bad example. Even the first patriarch, Abraham, cohabited with Hagar, an Egyptian; Joseph married Asenath, who was not only Egyptian but the daughter of a priest; Moses married a Midianite, Zipporah; Samson, the Jewish hero, was a Philistine; King David's mother was a Moabite, and he married a princess of Geshur; as for good King Solomon (whose mother was a Hittite), "he loved many strange women, including the daughter of Pharaoh, women of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians, and Hittites..." And so the chronique scandaleuse goes on. The Bible also makes it clear that the royal example was imitated by many, high and low. Besides, the biblical prohibition of marrying Gentiles exempted female captives in times of war--and there was no shortage of them. The Babylonian exile did not improve racial purity; even members of priestly families married Gentile women. In short, at the beginning of the Diaspora, the Israelites were already a thoroughly hybridized race. So, of course, were most historic nations, and the point would not need stressing if it were not for the persistent myth of the Biblical Tribe having preserved its racial purity throughout the ages.

    -- PJ 37 --


    The real essence of the Jewish creed is not the Old Testament as such, not the Pentateuch, or the Book of Moses, but the basic creed as set forth in the Talmud. To the outside world the Jews profess to be attached to the Old Testament. Again, this is partial deception and also a partial smoke screen for their real program. When Jewish boys and girls reach the age of thirteen, it is not the Old Testament that they pursue, but instead they begin a thorough study of the Talmud.

    The Jews claim that, whereas Moses received the written law from God on Mount Sinai on tablets of stone, he also received oral interpretations of it, or the “oral law”, at the same time. They claim this is the reason why Moses remained so long on the mountain, since God could have given him the written law in one day. Whereas all this again is so much fiction and Jewish invention, nevertheless it is significant to note their explanation of the origin of their creed.

    Moses is said in turn to have transmitted this oral law to Joshua; Joshua in turn supposedly transmitted it to the seventy Elders; these Elders then passed it on to the Prophets, and the Prophets to the Great Synagogue. The Jews then claim it was later transmitted successively to certain Rabbis until it was no longer possible to retain it orally and they began to put it down in writing.

    This again is their mythical explanation of the origin of their sacred creed. It is, of course, not based on any fact. Like the rest of their self-concocted history, it is pure myth. It is very doubtful whether characters such as Moses or Joshua even existed. Nevertheless, going back to historical sources, it is well known that before the advent of Christianity, schools existed in Palestine in which “sacred” Jewish literature was taught. The commentaries of the doctors of law were noted down on charts and lists as an aid to memory, and these collected together formed the beginnings of the Jewish Talmud.

    There is a long history from here on out as to its compilation and its growth to the present day Talmud. I do not want to take up the space to go into all the complicated machinations that took place in order to build it up to its present huge volumes.

    Suffice it to say that the Mischnah is the foundation and the principle part of the whole Talmud. This book was accepted by the Jews everywhere and was recognized as their authentic code of law. With the passing of time, the interpretations of this code increased and disputations and decisions of the doctors of the law concerning the Mischnah were written down. These writings, which were interpretations of the law, constitute another part of the Talmud called the Gemarah. In total therefore, these two parts, namely the Mischnah, which serves as the text of the Jewish law, followed by the Gemarah which serves as an analysis and interpretation of that law, constitute the Jewish Talmud.

    PJ 39 --

    The most effective ambassador which Begin has in America, is Jerry Falwell, backed up by Copeland, Van Impe, Bakker, Robertson and the powerful Billy Graham. These are the "mullahs" of America with a following of 40 million fundamentalist cultists. They are being trained to lead America into a holy war, in an alliance between Zionist extremists and Christian extremist-cultists against Muslim fundamentalist cultists. The spark to ignite the conflagration is the conspiracy of the Dome of the Rock Mosque, hatched by the Temple Mount Foundation run by Terry Reisenhuver. Even the Kimche brothers of Israeli intelligence do not pose as much a threat to the Arab nations as does Reisenhuver's crazy scheme.

    [H: Please do not embarrass yourselves by claiming, "This is Christianity". There are NO actions involved herein that even remotely smack or smell of Christ-like behavior or a reflection of any one, much less all, of the commandments of God. Remember also, God supposedly gave THOSE VERY COMMANDMENTS UNTO MOSES! How is it that they no longer seem to have any merit or value to either the Hebrew Jewry or to the so-called Christians?? YOU HAVE BEEN HAD, WORLD!]

    -- PJ 43 --

    "THE BASIS OF AUTHORITY. A question related to the above is that of the basis of authority of these laws over the non-Jews. Talmudic texts seem constantly to alternate between two terms, reflecting contradictory assumptions as to the basis of authority, namely seven precepts "which were commanded" (she-niztavvu) to the Noachides, and seven precepts "which the Noachides accepted upon themselves" (she-kibbelu aleihem; BK 38a; TJ, AV. Zar. 2:1; Hul. 92ab; Hor. 8b; Sahn. 56b). This disparity between authority based on revelation as opposed to consent reaches a climax when Maimonides asserts that the only proper basis for acceptance of the Noachide laws by a non-Jew is divine authority based on revelation as opposed to consent reaches a climax when Maimonides asserts that the only proper basis for acceptance of the Noachide laws by a non-Jew is divine authority and revelation to Moses, and that "... if he observe them due to intellectual conviction (i.e., consent) such a one is not a resident alien, nor of the righteous of the nations of the world, nor of their wise men" (Yad, Melakhim 8:11; the possibility that the final "velo" ("nor") is a scribal error for "ella" ("but rather") while very appealing, is not borne out by any manuscript evidence). Of course, this same conflict between revelation and consent as basis of authority appears with regard to the binding authority of Torah over the Jew, in the form of "we will do and obey" (Ex. 24:7) as opposed to "He (God) suspended the mountain upon them like a cask, and said to them, 'If ye accept the Torah, 'tis well; if not, there shall be your burial" (Shab. 88a). [H: Now, to you Christians who bash these scribes of mine against the head--go back and read that sentence. You claim the word of the Holy Bible and yet clearly this law states, in fact, that you must believe the TORAH. There is no valid term "Judeo/Christian" in FACT. The two terms are mutually exclusive and at opposite ends of definition. This is something conjured in these latter days to confuse you from your belief systems in either case and suck you into political Zionism-Socialism under a one world order--under the TALMUDIC COMMUNISTIC ONE WORLD RULE--"THEIRS AND NOT YOURS".]

    -- PJ 55 --

    Continued in next post

    The "TRUTH" doesn't know an expiration date! (-CL) -- I Am that I Am --

    Heed me, little ones, your Father calls to you gently. It is time now. Do you understand? Yes, I think you do. Will you come to me?

    I Love you tenderly and oh so dearly. Take my hand. Do it right now. This is urgent, ok? -- Christ Michael Aton --


  • "MOSES" in Pj's

    Bush set aside a national day of prayer and declared the American-led coalition was “overwhelmingly on the side of God.” And now, even as Radio Baghdad airs peace proposals, Hussein and his advisers insist Iraq has “triumphed because it upheld the spiritual principles and values emanating from its true religion.”

    -- PJ 25

    You ones who faithfully have believed your "Holy" Bible to be written in purity from God will, by now, most undoubtedly be, at the very least, curious about "how" and "why" this sabotage of THE Truth has been allowed to occur.

    So we will tell you: it occurred that even at the time when the one known as "Moses" lived, that the religious/empire leaders became most jubilant when presented by Moses with the Commandments given by GOD. The reason: because THEY became the self-appointed CREATORS and ENFORCERS of THEIR interpretations OF GOD's Laws. You see, they discovered that by the careful manipulation and interpretation of these "laws" (such as removing any references to "reincarnation" from the scriptures) they then could maintain a much more effective level of control and discipline OVER the people they ruled. In other words, THEY would stand between GOD the Father WITHIN and the people, which left them (the people) powerless and at the mercy of these cunning and deceitful "leaders". These malicious deceivers are still among you and through their greed, treachery and manipulation, THEY control much of your world socio-economically, politically and even geo-physically...even this day.

    In addition to the signs to look for in the words and deeds of others you must first also recognize the "signs" of the Anti-Christ within you. Please see the document, "How To Recognize The Anti-Christ (Against God) Within You", within this Journal.

    -- PJ 27 --

    We are returned to continue with our JOURNAL. Hatonn in Light. I would like to say just a bit of response to our friend, Jack M. who has just written some very thoughtful questions. He suggests that possibly we could give you some instances wherein a space vehicle was that which appeared in the sky at various Biblical times. Yes, indeed, and you, friend, have already given a few of them such as Ezekiel‟s “wheel” and Moses on the mountain to receive the plates, and that which led the children across the wilderness, etc. There are three which you have missed right off the top. At one time in the Old Testament there were many, many instances from the “day of Creation” in which “God Created the Stars”. (No, but all the various craft were standing by to serve in a most interesting manner.) Then there was the command that the stars were not to be worshipped; that because they were craft with brethren and not Gods. Then there was the time the “sun stood still”--no, this is incorrect at any event because it would have been the world which would have had to stop for the sun didn‟t move about. The light stopped because the light was a starship. Then, of course there was the birth of the Christ-child and then the taking away of Emmanuel for his lessons with his higher brothers and teachers. Then for Hezekiah “the sun moved backwards”--no, but the ship did so. And then at the time of the crucifixion the sun and sky were darkened by a ship larger than your planet which moved before the sun for it was an infamous day. Watch out now for the time when you shall have a most awful and terrifying LIGHT and then the sun shall be blackened for three days--I suggest you take that one incident of prediction quite seriously. The times of appearances and manifestations are throughout the entire experience of the Bible--before and after--to the point I cannot take the time from the writings to list them all. Just as with so many other Truths from the records being removed--so too, were the references which were valid and remembered but removed so that you would not be given into knowing Truth.

    -- PJ 33 --

    Two more of these great beings, Buddha and Mohammed, reached a very high state of Cosmic Consciousness and each founded a great religion, but neither of them knew God's processes of creation and could not tell of them although they fully KNEW God and were fully prepared to tell man where to find God, and heaven, and "paradise"--WITHIN MAN.

    Among the lesser Illuminates--which means those who have been transformed by just a momentary flash of severance of sensation and Consciousness, such as described in the experiences of, say, Moses or Paul as described in the writing myths, were several which you would recognize as Isaiah, Socrates, Plotinus, Francis Bacon, Roger Bacon, etc. All of these have had a profound effect in the exaltation of the human race by bringing man closer to God, and some founded great religions, which have discarded the pagan concept of God and of Sin. By their writings and history can you recognize them.

    To the Egyptian of that day, everything and everybody was GOOD. Their word of LOVE was MAAT. MAAT MEANS LOVE, RIGHTEOUSNESS AND CHARACTER. To the men of that day, the teachings of MAAT were of first importance. Everything else was secondary. All human character teachings were based upon the givings of GOOD from the sun which they believed to be the Creator of all things. A system of ethics grew from those teachings which spread down the centuries through Palestine, Persia, Babylonia and the far countries of India and China.

    The Hebrew Proverbs, the Songs of Solomon, The Psalms and the great wisdom of all the Hebrew prophets of later days--also all that Confucius, Laotzu, Buddha, Krishna, Socrates, Plato, Lucretius, Moses, Abraham and Jesus said later--were first conceived and written down on papyrus thousands of years before any of these great mystics appeared.

    Now it must be thoroughly understood and comprehended that the later mystics of the Middle Age period, which you know as "Before Christ (B.C.)", may not have even known that the thoughts and words they were giving to the world had ever been given before. It is not greatly unlike Dharma--almost all of that which is given to her is unknown by her that there is prior record of the teachings. Because "I" know does not mean that she is privy to the knowledge. If I present her with something from which I wish to work--so be it, but it will always be for ease of her ability to gather appropriate spellings of labels and words, etc. And then, as with all of you--we will arrange for her to come into some confirmations along the way for it is difficult to be literally "shot at" for service in isolation, believing you are the sole knower of the material. ALL IS KNOWN! ALL! However, man who comes into information and then uses it for his own benefit and material gain--actually suppresses the flow rather than allowing it to go forth in giving and allowing God to re-give in exchange.

    Well, as we said before, it will all come into the light. Many of those old papyrus writings of pre-pyramid man have been buried until this very century and current decade. Neither Immanuel nor Krishna, the two supreme mystics of all time, had even seen them. They could, however, have known them as folklore in the manner in which wisdom, fable or drama reach from one generation through many others in their endless repetition. That is not the answer, though. The answer is that God sends His illumined Messengers to man always, and always, age after age, these Messengers speak words of the same meaning, for all knowledge and all idea of the Truths of Nature exist perpetually. Illuminates acquire this knowledge cosmically and, as all knowledge is the same knowledge, it is spoken in words of the same meaning even though the words vary. This fact is what should concern and interest you, for when you find yourself thinking cosmically by being inspired from within, you will speak words of the same meaning that these nameless Egyptian Illuminates of those very ancient days spoke before even Individualism began, or the same that the Illuminates of later days spoke after man began to think of man as an INDIVIDUAL. Thus it is that the first great individual ever known to history whose name was Iemhotep (Amenophis) wrote a scientific treatise on medical lore and surgery which preceded by thousands of years the words of the Greek Asclepios and the Roman Aesculapius--as you have been informed.

    -- PJ 35 --

    Continued in next post

    The "TRUTH" doesn't know an expiration date! (-CL) -- I Am that I Am --

    Heed me, little ones, your Father calls to you gently. It is time now. Do you understand? Yes, I think you do. Will you come to me?

    I Love you tenderly and oh so dearly. Take my hand. Do it right now. This is urgent, ok? -- Christ Michael Aton --


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