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    Now to the treatment: first you must get off dairy, period. You are not a cow, and you do not need this quantity of phosphorus. Phosphorus is required by the body, it is an important part of your energy system. Those with a little knowledge from school, will remember studying something about ATP and ADP. The "P" stands for phosphate. Phosphate is very necessary in the carbon DNA systems. It is much less important in the crystalline DNA systems. If you desire to ascend your current body, into crystalline DNA, you will give up dairy, and meat, (because of its acidic tendency) period. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

    If you have children with ADD/H, you will lower their phosphate consumption, by taking them off milk, (other than the newer formulas), and off processed food. Phosphate is required for very rapid growth. It is also present in seeds, in the plant kingdom for this reason, but it is not as high as it is in dairy food. If you have a phosphate problem, you can usually consume plant seeds in reasonable quantities. The lower protein level in plant food prevents the excess acidity problem also, that can result from high protein intake.

    I want to point out again, that the excess phosphorus produces too much alkalinity in the body. Many of these children have blood pH above 8.5. This is horrible, and very destructive to these little ones, and those of you who are Indigos here since around 1970. Your BBB&G's know this, this is why they dump phosphate into these non-foods, that you call junk foods.

    They also put MSG into many junk foods and this substance will hurt your brain pretty badly over time. MSG increases the rate of hyperactivity in these children and in many adults. This is why consumption of dairy is encouraged, in your commercials. They want you sick and disabled. The MSG in food affects your appetite, as the chemical causes craving of food, causing you to eat more of the same junk food. This contributes also to overweight.

    The excess phosphate will also injure your kidneys as you age, making matters worse, and it causes problems with the parathyroid glands, that regulate the kidneys ability to process phosphate. Now we should get to some of the treatment.

    Obviously, removal of excess phosphate is a primary issue. Depending on the severity of your condition, you will require calcium to balance the excess of the phosphate. This is required to store the excess in your various tissues, such as your muscles and joints. If you do not consume adequate dietary calcium, you will borrow it from your bones, causing

    -- AH #1 -- page. 185

    "thinning." If you consume milk, you will probably get much of this extra calcium from this source. The calcium will relieve the charley horse problem. But you pay the bill later.

    The chronic problem of excess dietary phosphate in the gut, will cause you to not absorb enough of other minerals, discussed above. Over time, there is also damage to the lining of the gut, causing swelling and further problems with absorption. Many of you with irritable bowel syndrome, have a phosphate problem of long standing. It may have started when you were formula fed as an infant. Many of you know you do not tolerate milk, and this is a major reason why. It is not people food, period.

    So, you can continue the phosphate in your diet from dairy foods, and processed foods, and take calcium, magnesium, and potassium as supplements.

    -- AH #1 -- page. 186


    The "TRUTH" doesn't know an expiration date! (-CL) -- I Am that I Am --

    Heed me, little ones, your Father calls to you gently. It is time now. Do you understand? Yes, I think you do. Will you come to me?

    I Love you tenderly and oh so dearly. Take my hand. Do it right now. This is urgent, ok? -- Christ Michael Aton --


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    Gene engineering has already taken control over many areas of our lives, without the individual being aware of it. The following reports from the media give proof of this in a very impressive way.

    "Researchers created human-sheep. Was this the will of God?"

    This was the first-page headline of an article about gene manipulation on sheep, which appeared in the German newspaper Bild, on February 18, 1992. The Bild added, "Is it the will of God that we interfere in such a way with creation?" What happened? The gene researchers of the Scottish firm, Pharmaceutical Proteins, implanted certain human genes into the body of a sheep in order to produce from sheep's milk the protein alpha-1- antitrypsine, which is used as a medication against a certain lung disease. This will create the possibility of using animals, so to speak, as bio-reactors for the production of drugs. One speaks in this case of "gene farming".

    Due to progress in gene research, the function of individual genes becomes increasingly clear. Gene technology's function is now to implant a foreign gene into a "host"-organism in order to make this organism produce a certain protein which it normally would not produce. This is how it happens:

    First of all, the researchers identify a gene and examine its effectiveness. Then this section can be cut out with so-called restriction enzymes and implanted into a plasmid, a ring-like bio-molecule.

    The plasmid will then be incorporated into a host-organism which starts the production of the medicine. Host-organisms are, for example bacteria, yeast cells, hamster or mouse cells. The genetech production of medicines always follows this principle.

    For example, one assumes that ten transgene cows, that is, gene-manipulated cows, are enough to cover the entire world demand for insulin. In this way, cows become

    -- PJ 65 -- page. 23

    "pharmaceutical factories". Is there anyone who really cares for these animals? It is a known fact that they are sick, that they are so damaged that they can no longer walk in a normal way. When one observes these animals, one feels that their whole life is just suffering, because they are forced into biological productions that have nothing to do with their nature.

    Here, man intrudes into the creation of God. He abuses the animals for the "welfare of mankind". He lets animals suffer and does not grasp what he does to himself with these actions. For the following law is valid, "You will reap what you have sown." What we do to the animals we will reap one day.

    The newspaper Wirtschaftswoche reports in its edition No. 7 of February 7, 1992 on the extensive activities of the big international pharmaceutical companies in the field of gene technology.

    Medicines produced by gene engineering are, for example, interferons to fight tumor, the hormone erythropoietine (epo) for the formation of blood, the preparation Tissue Plasminogen Activator for the treatment of an acute heart attack and for the prevention of thrombosis. According to Wirtschaftswoche, scientists presently work in biotechnical en-terprises and research institutes all over the globe on the development of a further 250 medicines. The engagement of the big pharmaceutical companies in the field of gene technology has become a multi-billion-dollar business, with the result that European market leaders such as Sandoz, Hoffman La-Roche and Ciba-Geigy spend about one third of their research and development budget on bio-sciences. In the US, this trend is even stronger. Big pharmaceutical companies recently have converted to exclusively bio-technology enterprises.

    Our food, too, is already affected to a great extent by gene technology. A lot of food is manipulated by gene engineering. Which "delights" already come out of the gene lab? In its special edition "Biofach 92" the newspaper "Umwelt Direkt" reported some facts about this.

    Through manipulation with the genetically produced bovine growth hormone BST, COWS, for example, shall produce more MILK--the target is up to 20,000 liters a year. In view of the overproduction of milk, this is completely unnecessary. These so-called "turbo"-cows are already programmed in such a way that they produce antibiotics. Consequently, the one who drinks their milk takes in the ANTIBIOTIC at the same time and thereby is also exposed to gene manipulation. This means that milk becomes a "medicine". CARPS implanted with the growth hormone of trouts will have a 21 % weight gain.

    American and Swiss firms tinker with a COCOA-BEAN which produces at the same time the low-calorie sweetener thaumatine.

    Starting cultures which multiply explosively will shorten the ripening time of YOGURT, CURD and CHEESE. Genetically altered fungus cultures, for example, cause Roquefort blue cheese to ripen within three days, whereas its natural process of ripening takes half a year.

    As we all know, mould forms quickly on cheese. For this reason, a so-called "killer-cheese" is being produced now, this means that gene-manipulated micro-organisms which produce an antibiotic are added to the cheese. As a result, cheese will no longer mould. Thus, cheese becomes a producer of antibiotics, which one consumes unsuspectingly.

    -- PJ 65 -- page. 24

    Due to gene technology, the beer purity regulations as well become a farce. Today, there are already gene-manipulated yeasts which produce less alcohol content in beer. The result is the up-to-date "light beer".

    In the meantime, even the rennin of calves, which is needed for the production of cheese, comes from the gene reactor. Already in 1982, a genetech rennin was patented and came on the market. "Maxiren" is the name for the chymosine, which is produced with gene-manipulated yeast and is now admitted on the market in Switzerland, Sweden, Spain and Great Britain. In the US, 35% of HARD CHEESE is already made with genetech preparation. You won't find any note for this gene manipulation on the packaging for gene-technically altered foods do not have to be labeled. Why should they? After all, the "welfare of the consumer" is concerned, that is your welfare, dear reader.

    All of this is no exception. In these weeks one can read more and more reports in the media on gene manipulation in nearly all categories of food.

    -- PJ 65 -- page. 25



    Learn from your food cravings what to avoid and what you need personally for your body. You do need protein to rebuild your light bodies, but you do not need the quantity that you may have typically consumed on a meat diet. In fact too much protein, especially animal protein, actually can lead to osteoporosis from loss of calcium.

    -- AH #1 -- page. 72

    If you feel the need for more protein that you might be getting from vegetable sources, consume high protein shakes made with soy, or if soy gives you problems, you can use whey. There is nothing wrong with using milk and egg products, but you should try to get them from organic sources where possible.

    This is important not only in the feeding of animals making the milk and eggs, but also you may wish to use products from animals that are not abused, as these will be healthier for you. A stressed animal adds stress hormones to its milk and eggs and you intake of these. I want to point out, that please you should purchase the cage free eggs available even though they cost more.

    Chickens are the most abused animals on the face of the Earth, followed by pigs. If you still want some meat buy organic meat. Animals give unto you of themselves as food, willingly for your growth and theirs. But they need to be cared for in honor and love for this service. As your light body forms, you will eat less and less food altogether over time.

    I am advising you to take supplements of vitamins and minerals. All food is very deficient in them. I suggest you go to the extra expense to buy sea salt and use it liberally in your food. Many have low blood pressure as the result of overtaxing of your adrenal system and need salt. Do not buy white sea salt. It has had the minerals removed. Natural sea salt is beige in color and sometimes has flecks of darker material in it.

    -- AH #1 -- page. 73



    I would suggest that the very first thing you can do to improve your general health, is to improve your diet. Stop the meat entirely, and switch to organic dairy and eggs. Yes, these cost more, but you need very little of them. The reason to use organic, is in the care of the animal that graciously gives of itself to you.

    Chickens are extremely abused, and this is reflected in the quality of the life giving force in their eggs. The eggs are high in stress hormones, and then you take these into your body. The same applies to milk. Your standard dairies treat the animals terribly also, and this is reflected in their milk. The animals are fed poorly and given many substances not good for your health or the animal's health. Cows should not be fed grain. It changes the composition of their fat, which increases inflammation in your bodies. Cows eat grass. Animals used for consumption should be fed their natural foods. Nature does know best.

    -- AH #1 -- page. 183

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    Political Information

    Jan 10, 2022 - THE TRUTH of the " JONESTOWN TRAGEDY ", part 1

    Political Information

    Jan 10, 2022 - THE TRUTH of the " JONESTOWN TRAGEDY ", part 2

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    Jan 10, 2022 - THE TRUTH of the " JONESTOWN TRAGEDY ", part 3

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    12/21/93 #1 HAT0NN

    Why would I now turn to the subject of "friendship"? Because until and unless you can BE A FRIEND, you cannot expect friendship or leadership or any other place where loyalty and forbearance must be the shield of unbending position.

    An author once wrote a small volume called The Art of Living (Wilferd A. Peterson), Simon And Schuster, New York, 1961. I would ask Dharma to reprint a small portion on this subject:


    The first step in the art of friendship is to be a friend; then making friends takes care of itself. To be a friend a man should start by being a friend to himself, by being true to his highest and best and by aligning himself with the endur­ing values of human life that make for growth and progress.

    To be a friend a man should strive to be "like the shadow of a great rock in a weary land", to be a source of refuge and strength to those who walk in darkness.

    To be a friend a man should believe in the inherent goodness of men and in their potential greatness; he should treat men in a big spirit, expectant of a noble response.

    To be a friend a man should strive to lift people up, not cast them down; to encourage, not discourage; to set an example that will be an inspiration to others.

    To be a friend a man should be sensitively responsive to the dreams and aims of others and should show sincere appreciation for the contri­butions others make to the enrichment of his life.

    To be a friend a man should practice the companionship of silence and the magic of words that his speech may build and not de­stroy, help and not hinder.

    To be a friend a man should dose his eyes to the faults of others and open them to his own.

    To be a friend a man should not attempt to reform or reprimand, but should strive only to make others happy if he can.

    To be a friend a man should be himself, he should be done with hypocrisy, artificiality and pretense, he should meet and mingle with people in quiet simplicity and humility.

    To be a friend a man should be tolerant, he should have an understanding heart and a forgiving nature, knowing that all men stumble now and then, and that he who never made a mistake never accomplished anything.

    To be a friend a man should join hands with ALL people who are working for great principles, great purposes and great causes; he should put his shoulder to the wheel to help achieve com­mon goals.

    To be a friend a man should go more than halfway with his fellow men; he should greet others first and not wait to be greeted; he should radiate a spirit of overflowing good will.

    To be a friend a man should remember that we are human magnets; that like attracts like, and that what we give we get.

    To be a friend a man should recognize that no man knows all the answers, and that he should add each day to his knowledge of how to live the friendly way....

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    Successfully Coping With Confusion

    6/19/92 SANANDA

    Greetings, precious Druthea. I AM Sananda, Esu Immanuel, Jesus the Christ, etc. Sananda is a label of achievement in spiritual knowledge and responsibility beyond even "Christ" perfection. It means simply, ONE with and within God in Knowledge and Co-Creatorship.

    Every one of you precious chelas are in your lessons to achieve this "Sananda" perfection in selves. You are experiencing in one of the most challenging and rewarding dimensions of illusion/expression...that of 3rd Dimension Physical Compres­sion.

    And even more importantly, you ones have chosen (volunteered) to experience during THIS time of the Great Cycle Harvest/ Graduation of Souls that each one may attain a "higher" placement in God's Kingdom. This is perhaps the most exciting opportunity "timeframe" in a cycle of a species in which to participate and serve. For although the lessons can be most difficult upon the emotions, the rewards for achieving Knowledge and balance are enormous. You ones have been reaching, it seems endlessly, for the stars in effort to comprehend the magnitude of simply what is the meaning of LIFE. We are come as THE HOSTS OF GOD to lift you to the heights of your imagining and even higher as it is appropriate for each. You essentially WILL DO IT and we as elder brothers of the LIGHTED SOURCE MOTHER/FATHER CREATOR are come to nudge and guide you through this illusion of physical senses and physical emotions.

    We know you ones often feel as though you are walking in darkness and you do not yet remember WHO YOU ARE in relationship to Creator. You do not remember your immortality yet, although many of you have glimmers of memory. You function in a density of heaviness in relationship to the immortal soul within you. It is often most confusing to read the signs of a circumstance and communicate effectively your feelings to self, let alone to one another.

    Many of you are lonely and long for that connection, that lifeline within which makes you feel loved and secure. Often you seek the whole world over to fill that "inner void", and all along it is only GOD within who can fill it with your acceptance and allowance of His guiding Light. You ones who find yourselves without mates believe you are not complete and you long to complete self with the love of another, hopefully, part of self. You long for balanced unity in your pairing and it will be ac­complished, precious ones. First you must find balance within self, enough so that you do not seek in desperation that "perceived missing" other part of you. Release the "need" and the "expectation" from ego perception to God within and allow friendship to grow first in every chosen interaction. And remember you are LOVED more fully by God within than can your physical ego perceive and compare with.

    When you become impatient and you push up stream, that is when confusion sets in and your adversaries' playground is confusion. Center yourselves with God and make NO decision out of desperation and confusion. Only from balanced communion and PATIENCE with the unfolding within will you find peace and inner balance. Make NO quick judgements about a circumstance or person or WHY it seems to be this or that way to you. Instead ask God within to help you understand the whole picture and to help you walk in the shoes of ones who you have disagreed with that you have compassion and understanding and can respond and ACT from that balance of LOVE.

    You cannot change the way another feels about you, but you can understand WHY and rise above the need to worry over it. When you KNOW within your intent, the confusion lifts and the path of darkness becomes lighted for you see WITHIN with KNOWLEDGE all the obstacles and rocks thrown at you to PURPOSELY cause you distraction and pain and confusion.

    Precious Dru had a "dream" which she gives me permission to share. She is outside somewhere she does not recognize. There are extremely high winds and whirlwinds and tornados all about her. She is frightened and, as she is about to be whirled away feeling out of control, she asks God to protect her and guide her. Instantly there is a "pole" in front of her which she grabs tightly to. Everything is in turmoil around her, and she is now secure. Then she commands that all evil energies leave her presence in the name of Holy God of Light and then a calm path is manifested. She lets go of the "pole" and without fear she walks the path made for her. All around is the turmoil and yet she is safe and focused on her path.

    Thank you, Dru, for your dream is most symbolic and you left that dream feeling completely SECURE within. This is finding and trusting YOUR INNER POWER. Every precious one of you reading this can and will DO IT TOO! So be it.

    Let us close this as Dru has other things to attend. We are getting there, precious. Be gentle with self. I love each one of you and all you need to do is ask and I will come to help and give succor. Go in Peace and Love and KNOW that you are shown the must simply listen. I AM Sananda, One with God of Light and in service to God and to YOU of my brethren upon Earth Shan.


    From: Phoenix Lib-V19-Nr 11

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    Focus Within Wherein Truth Lies (2)



    Moreover, you can express in the "now" and choose within the laws of the land and move along very nicely as well. Why do you choose to go against the laws of the land, for instance? Because you CLAIM to be fighting against that which is put upon you as "wrong". Let me ask you a very pointed and pertinent question? Did Ray Renick hurt or help his cause of goodness by laying explosives (illegal) all about his prop­erty that perchance an officer would trip the wires? Did he have a right to endanger the innocent along with the guilty as he perceives and JUDGES "them" to be? NOW, TELL ME HOW "WE" CAN GO FORTH AND DEFEND, AS TOTALLY INNOCENT—THIS "CRIME"? ARE YOU WHO "KILL IN THE NAME OF GOD" MORE RIGHTEOUS THAN THOSE WHO "KILL IN THE NAME OF THE ELITE?" WHY, THEN, DO YOU COME PETITIONING GOD TO MAKE IT RIGHT FOR YOU? DO NOT BOTH TEAMS IN A "GAME" PRAY FOR A WIN? WHO SHALL GOD CHOOSE TO WIN? DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU DO TO SELVES?? Each CAN actually only expect God to answer a prayer such as: "Let me do the best I can, Father." Do you see??

    I have no "Christmas" message vs. any other message or day—except for using the example of pointing out almost all the WRONG expres­sions crammed into a few frantic days of the LIE. And yet, your hearts swell in longing for perfec­tion and joy and you who have found "wisdom" will find that joy in the expression of sharing, loving and just experiencing the gaudy beauty of a Season of expectation and "hope". Can you not participate in the sharing and glory without being sucked into the lie? Oh indeed, and the focus on that love and beauty will lighten the world. It need not be spoken—for God and reverence can only be within—the shouting is usually the need to be heard that OTHERS be convinced of your singular greatness! Your attachment to GOD is so sacred and singular as to be diluted in the chanting and presumption of taking or foisting off your opinions on others. If you live as if the only ones on the globe are you and GOD you shall be fine. THIS MEANS, HOWEVER, THAT ALL YOUR ACTIONS IN THE PHYSICAL ARENA—"CAN" BE "JUDGED" AND MUST BE "JUDGED"! AND ACTIONS AND SPEAKING'S WILL AND MUST BE JUDGED BY OTHER EXPERIENCING FRAGMENTS IN EX­PRESSION—DO YOU MANIFEST TRUTH OR LIE? SORRY, GOOD BUDDIES—IT IS EITHER ONE OR THE OTHER AND IT MUST BECOME "ALL THE TIME" AND NOT "JUST AS THE WHIM STRIKES" FOR ANY EXCUSE OR CLAIMED "REASON". ALL ELSE IS JUST THE "PLAY" UNFOLDING IN ACTION.


    I wear the image of Aton, my friends, so what you think of me and speak of me IS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE. Not in the sense that you may "think", however. Regardless of your level of realization or recognition—I AM THE MESSENGER OF GOD AND IN THE DENIAL OF THAT TRUTH WHICH I BRING—IS DENIAL OF GOD. Does this mean that you have to believe in an E.T. space cadet of some kind? NO, in fact it is truly an insult, except when given in loving interchange, to label me such, for I AM a Messenger sent to bring TRUTH and INSTRUCTION as to placement in the REALMS OF GOD unto a sick and dying world filled with lost entities in zombie-land. "I" need no silver craft—YOU DO! "I" need no name or label—YOU DO; FOR BOTH SELF AND ME. Why do I not denounce all other speakers and "channels"? Because YOU NEED TO LEARN AWARENESS AND TRUTH FOR SELVES—NOT BY PRONOUNCEMENT OF SOME SORT OF SNIT-FIT FROM ME, WHOM­EVER YOU MAY BELIEVE ME TO BE. If presen­tations be "truth", you will know it—for as you study your lessons—the Truth stands away from the conjectures as a sore thumb bandaged in neon wrappings. Further, if a bunch of "space entities" are telling you to gather around on the White House lawn for the "coming" to "prove" something or other—WATCH IT! EVEN GOD'S OWN DO NOT KNOW THE MOMENT OF HIS COMING—AND AT BEST YOU ARE DEAL­ING WITH LESSER ENERGIES THAN THE HOSTS OF GOD! Most are simply dealing with "wishful" thinking presented by "would be distractors" from the REAL THING.

    Are the impostors "evil"? YES! "Evil" in meaning is defined as "...anything or anybody who would deliberately or in ignorance pull a being from his path TO GOODNESS (GOD)." Therefore, by definition, yes indeed, the false speakers and "wishful thinker" psychics and charlatans are "evil". The question might better be: "....are they DELIBERATELY evil?" Probably not, just tools of more deceptive evil-bringers. Those, for instance, telling you that a bunch of aliens, good or bad, are going to whisk you away into wonderland for "nothing" are WRONG! THEY ARE AS WRONG AS THE ONES WHO LIE TO YOU ABOUT A RAPTURE! IT IS THE SAME INTENT—SECURITY AND GOODNESS IN EXCHANGE FOR "NOTHING" ON YOUR PART—EXCEPT THE STU­PIDITY TO BELIEVE SUCH A CROCK!


    I would caution you to be more discerning about me and my connections to such as the Ashtar Command. You have, many of you, turned the designation of a "computer control center" "command" into a lighted being of God fragment. Don't do this. There IS a designated entity who "commands" the "command" and does make connections with persons manifest. However, he has a PURPOSE and an "action". I AM NOT IN ASHTAR'S COMMAND—IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. I have served within that command as necessary while structuring evacuation plans, etc. There are times when I shall step back and allow the logic and precision of a "computer" program to handle an active "happening" for it will concern me very little indeed. If you have read our early writings, you will know what I mean and, if not—you will continue in your misperception and "opinions" at any rate.

    How can you "KNOW"? Well, if one, Ashtar, tells you HE is going to land here or there or express here or there—BEWARE. "He" is in command of one of the most select and responsi­ble fleets in the cosmic coordinates of YOUR planetary system. For him to pop in or out to give YOU a thrill or "experience as a physical being for a romp with a twin-flame" is totally ludicrous in any sane perception. Do you want "God" to leave HIS post at the most critical time in your civilization's history—to romp around for a few days to make show and tell to a "few" and have a little "sex" with a "twin-flame"? GROW UP!!


    Because I am a TRUTH BRINGER—and people DON'T WANT TRUTH! You, also, don't want to hear the Truth and that is why it takes so long to overcome the doubts. It is not that you don't believe me—YOU DON'T WANT TO BE­LIEVE ME. You WANT to cling to the charm and "easy-way-out" of the promising hordes of liars—some in intent and others in equal igno­rance. I give you that which your heart KNOWS but your senses do not WANT. You WANT to believe, or maybe even deny, a tiny babe in Bethlehem somewhere—out there or magical carpets to the clouds or something—but NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY OF KNOWING TRUTH!


    I feel I must remind you of something since you ones have a tendency to claim certain things unto yourselves—which are not even "things". You "Christians" want to claim a baby "Christ" as your "Christmas" present. Balderdash! "Christ" is a "state of being in goodness". Moreover, most "Christians" along with most "non-Christians" as to religious be­lief, worship more the ornamental tree full of loot than the "Christed" Truth of your place­ment or beingness. THIS MAKES "ME" VERY UNPOPULAR—JUST AS GOD IN GOODNESS IS VERY UNPOPULAR—YOU EVEN ASK HIM FOR "THINGS" INSTEAD OF "WHAT MAY I DO FOR YOU, FATHER?" It will be WHEN you get it all sorted out that you shall have "arrived" at graduation. How many will make it? Better you decide whether or not YOU will make it.

    May the glory and opportunity of the "sea-, son" of hope and expectation be open to you for coming into realization of these truths and glory of KNOWING. I am interested in your "JOY", not your "JOLLY".


    From: Phoenix CONTACT: Volume 3, Number 13. Transcription- AH.     Page: 36

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