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  • To Talk It Up readers old and new: I just "found" this thread - 9 AWESOME pages of writings, both human and channeled, about the history of our Universe and so much more.

    I highly recommend it as a personal education project and have to SHOUT OUT PRAISES TO CHRIST L. who posted all this stuff.

    WOW WOW WOW - THANK YOU, Christ L! So much work went into this.

    It's time to bring this kind of info up to the forefront again, IMHO.

    Christ L, you are DA BOMB!

    Janet Alison

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    Sadler did not author the UB.. the UB was given by many beings thru a sleeping prophet which has never been disclosed and should not have been...

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    Sustainability of the individual

    --By Monjoronson--

    "Today’s lesson will center and emanate from the individual, from the era of preconception to conception, through the embryonic stage to birth and afterwards, until death."

    Sustainability of the individual.pdf

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    "SATAN CLAUWS are back in town!"


    I AM Sananda.

    I come in service to Our Holy Father of Light, God/Aton and The Creation. Greetings, precious chela, Druthea. Let us begin.

    Many of you may wonder what Santa Claus has to do with the Anti-Christ. Everything! The Adversary to God in its wish to place bondage and limitation upon God's Human Creatures upon this plane knows that to garner the greatest degree of deception it must begin with the human in its childhood state.

    You see, the adversary, in order to maintain deceptive "control" over you ones, must support its “illusion” of attachment to "physical" matter. The being that so-called Christians have called Santa Claus represents the "god" (of the adversary) to your little children. For example: According to the "myth" (defined as, “An imaginary or fictitious person, thing, event or story.) Santa Claus can BE everywhere around this planet within a short 8-hour-or-so period. He will bring "gifts" to all the "good" children around the planet. These "gifts" are physical toys and objects of desire of the young and "good" child. If the child is really "good", he/she receives many gifts of which he/she has asked for. This begins the human's attachment to having "things" of material plane versus desiring the "spiritual" gifts of Our Creator, God/Aton.

    Now the parents, of course, support this Santa Claus "image", only it is not necessarily based upon the "goodness" of the child, but more directly based upon the pocket-book abilities of the parent. Since there is NO such being called Santa Claus as de­scribed in the "myth", it is THE PARENTS who perpetuate the lie of the adversary, by themselves continuously allowing, en­couraging and fulfilling the "I want. .. " list of their children. Essentially, regardless of the "good" intentions of the parents, they themselves are planting the seed of, encouraging and sus­taining "materialism" within their child. Those children whose parents cannot "afford" many gifts for their children most often feel "guilty". The child senses this and unless the parent ex­plains HONESTLY where the gifts come from, so that the child understands that it is not based upon his "goodness" or "badness" but that any "gifts" given are based upon the LOVE ­sharing of his parents (or whoever gives), he will begin "comparing" himself by that which he has not received, against what his "perceived" more abundant friends and peers receive. The child will most often begin to harbor feelings of unworthi­ness and eventually he may become quite ANGRY with his par­ents for allowing and supporting a LIE.

    Am I saying it is "wrong" to give gifts of material matter? Not at all. Parents, you must FIRST simply nurture and encourage the spiritual "gifts" of Our Creator, God/Aton; especially the spiritual creative potential within, personal responsibility, integrity of spirit within, Love and Joy of life and ONENESS with all. If Christmas represents a "time" when family and friends can be close in communion and sharing of LOVE, and a "time" of thankful appreciation for the gifts of LIFE of God and a "time" of remembering and giving back dignity to those who are less fortunate in physical manifestation, then God blesses you. Only, God, Our Father, and We of the HIS HOSTS OF LIGHT would encourage you to not save this "time" of sharing for ONLY societal designated "times such as Christmas. EV­ERY DAY IS HOLY AND BLESSED OF GOD! MAKE EV­ERY MOMENT A DIVINE, HOLY CHRISTED CELEBRA­TION WITHIN!

    I AM suggesting, though, that the "image" of "roly poly", Santa Claus who is "everywhere" ("like" God) is really the ANTI-­GOD's attempt at a very POOR copy of GOD. Santa Clause represents in his image figure, gluttony and his perceived "jolliness" and "benevolence” is really the ANTI-GOD laughing AT YOU because you parents play his game of seducing your own children into MATERIALISM and away from true SPIRITUALITY. The "myth" says, "Santa Claus" goes "everywhere" where the "good" children are. Do you think perhaps those starving ones, such as in Ethiopia and HERE within your own United States, are loved LESS by God/Aton? Well, Satan Claus only gives "gifts" to children who are "good" according to material desire AND ABILITY OF PARENTS TO PAY! Ponder this carefully.

    Parents, many of you have given "EVERYTHING" you could of material "desires" to your children, and when they are grown and still depend upon you in their adult years and then even re­sent you, you are baffled. Don't you see? When you give your child TRUTH and LOVE and GUIDANCE of SPIRITUAL INTEGRITY and ONENESS, THEY WILL HAVE GAINED ACCESS TO THE TOOLS WITHIN THEM TO BE RESPON­SIBLE CREATIVE HUMANS OF THIS PLANE. YOU MUST GIVE THEM TRUE "GIFTS" OF SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE AND POWER WITHIN THEM that they may move forward IN JOY AND INNER PEACE and FEAR NOT the challenges put before them, but instead WELCOME THEM as OPPORTUNITIES TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE AND UN­DERSTANDING OF TRUTH OF THEIR HOLY, DIVINE SPIRITUAL HERITAGE WITHIN!

    So what am I suggesting? Very plainly, that the “myth" of Santa Claus be presented HONESTLY to your children from the beginning. You need not continue to FEED THE LIE OF ANTI-GOD and thus, cripple your children by feeding them limitation and bondage to "material" objects. They must learn and KNOW that THEY create ALL within this experience, in­cluding any perceived "lack". You must teach your children RESPONSIBILITY for their thoughts, words and actions and DISCIPLINE of their "minds" by ALWAYS monitoring their own thoughts. For those of you parents who have already taught your children the "myth" of "Santa Claus", NOW is the time to "pop” the phony, gluttonous belly of Santa Claus to re­lease the "hot air" existing within this deceptive "satanic myth”. You see, "Satan" Claus is NOT an image of TRUE Christians. TRUE Christians are those who understand and adhere to CHRIST consciousness teachings of THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION, NOT so-called ones who label them­selves “Christian" based on their "belief" in what they are told are the "teachings" of Christ as presented erroneously within your various Bibles.

    SEE Santa Claus for that which this image truly represents: a ridiculous, gluttonous image to perpetuate COMMERCIALISM of' material "goods" and "services". Face it, precious ones, MANY businesses DEPEND upon your CHRISTMAS season for a major portion of their business. Just as the ANTI-GOD DEPENDS upon your IGNORANCE of Truth to perpetuate its EVIL FOLLY upon you. YOU feed the BEAST by your choice to remain spiritually ignorant.

    Many of you now may be concerned about YOUR BUSINESS, especially if yours is one which rides the MASS consciousness tide of Christmas giving. IF that be your FIRST concern and NOT about the integrity and necessity of YOUR product, then YOU need to PONDER YOUR priorities of concern more care­fully. If your business is truly one which serves your human brethren by truly SERVING GOD, then you need not concern over its success ... GOD'S WILL WILL BE DONE! But if your business rides upon MEDIA molded and created desires, addic­tions and "social" traditions….it may be time to carefully con­sider YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to GOD, SELF and YOUR BRETHREN, and therefore, CHANGE your busi­ness! IMPOSSIBLE, YOU SAY?! NOTHING IS IMPOSSI­BLE WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR FIRM COMMITMENT TO SERVE IN BALANCE WHICH IS OF GOD/ATON AND THE CREATION. "Will it be easy to change", you ask? THAT depends upon YOU! Meaning it depends upon the degree of resistance and dependence upon the "material" plane of­fered and accepted by your "altered" ego which, of course, is fed by the Anti-God which YOU have allowed within YOUR TEMPLE OF GOD. Whether it is easy or not does NOT mat­ter. WHEN your commitment to GOD IS MADE AT SOUL LEVEL, YOUR SOUL WITHIN WILL BRING THE LESSONS TO STRENGTHEN YOUR SPIRITUAL CON­NECTION AND COMMITMENT TO GOD. IT WILL BE ENTIRELY UP TO THE SELF-DEVELOPED INTEGRITY WITHIN as to whether or not YOU are successful in YOUR TESTING to allow YOU entrance within GOD’S HOLY KINGDOM OF LIGHT. So Be it.

    I AM Sananda, ONE with GOD, in Service to God/Aton and The Creation. Thank you precious chelas for this communion. May you receive the clarity and understanding OF GOD, given herein. Bless you little sister, Druthea, for your service. Peace be with you. Salu.

    -- PJ 47 -- pag. 22 -- http://phoenix.abundanthope.org/all%20pj%20s.htm

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    EARTH-BIRTH DRAMA and More. (10)


    Jupiter was investigated by probes called Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 AND by the two Voyagers according to your public information allowed sharing with you in some portion. The results indicated that there were no differences than found at Saturn. The giant gaseous planet was found to emit immense amounts of radiation and heat and to be engulfed by a thick atmosphere that is subject to violent storms. Yet even this impenetrable envelope was found to be constituted primarily of hydrogen, helium, meth­ane, ammonia, water vapor, and prob­ably droplets of water; somewhere farther down inside the thick atmo­sphere there is liquid water, the scien­tists have concluded.

    As with Saturn, the moons of Jupiter proved more fascinating, re­vealing, and surprising than the planet itself. Of the four Galilean moons, Io, the closest to Jupiter, revealed totally unexpected volcanic activity. Al­though what the volcanoes spew is mostly sulphur based, the erupted material contains some water. The surface to Io shows vast plains with troughs running through them, as if they had been carved by running wa­ter. The consensus is that Io has "some internal sources of water".

    Europa, like Io, appears to be a rocky body, but it's somewhat lower density suggests that it may contain more internal water than Io. Its sur­face shows a latticework of vein like lines that suggested to the NASA teams shallow fissures in a sea of frozen ice. A close look at Europa by Voyager 2 revealed a layer of mushy water ice under the cracked surface. At the December 1984 meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, two scientists of NASA's Ames Research Center suggested that under Europa's ice sheet there might exist warmer oases of liquid water that could sustain living organisms. After a reexamination of Voyager 2 pho­tographs, NASA scientists tentatively concluded that the spacecraft witnessed volcanic eruptions of water and am­monia from the moon's interior. The belief now is that Europa "has an ice covering several miles thick" overlay­ing an ocean of liquid water up to thirty miles deep, kept from freezing by radioactive decay and the friction of tidal forces. Eee-gads. Well, be glad Hatonn is presenting this infor­mation instead of Soltec (Senior Geo­physical authority) who sits to my right elbow and is about having a hemorrhage. Never mind, chelas, you have to have the idiot blither and speculation so that you can better appreciate the TRUTH.

    Ganymede, the largest of Jupiter's moons, appears to be covered with water ice mixed with rock, suggesting it has undergone moonquakes that have cracked its crust of frozen ice. It is thought to be made almost entirely of water ice, with an inner ocean of liquid water near its core. The fourth Galilean moon, Callisto—about the size of the planet Mercury—also has an ice-rich crust; under it there are mush and liquid water surrounding a small, rocky core. Estimates are that Callisto is more than 50 percent water. A ring discovered around Jupiter is also made mostly, if not wholly, of ice particles.

    Modern science seems to have confirmed the ancient assertion to the fullest: there indeed have been "waters ABOVE the Firmament".


    Jupiter is the Solar System's larg­est planet (visible)—as large as 1,300 Earths. It contains some 90 percent of the mass of the complete planetary system of the Sun. I suggest that when you come into "visibility" you will suddenly discover you are surrounded by unseen planets and stars. These ones would have been totally obscured by photons through which your vision was incapable of witness. As the entire system "speeds up" in fre­quency to accommodate these new "X-rays", you will find a whole uni­verse of wondrous new additions.

    As stated a bit earlier, the Sumerians called Jupiter KI.SHAR, "Foremost of the Firm Lands", of the planetary bodies. "Foremost"??? From whose perception might that be written? Saturn, though smaller than Jupiter, occupies a much larger por­tion of the heavens because of its rings, whose "disk" has a diameter of 670,000 miles. The Sumerians called it AN.SHAR, "Foremost of the Heav­ens". "Foremost"??? From whose perception might that be written? Ah so!

    Evidently the Sumerians knew what they were talking about?


    When you can view the Sun with the unclothed eye, say, at dawn or at sunset, it appears to be a perfect disk. Even when viewed with telescopes, it has the shape of a perfect globe. Yet the Sumerians depicted it as a disk with triangular rays extending from its round surface. Why?

    In 1980, astronomers of the High Altitude Observatory of the University of Colorado took pictures of the Sun with a special camera during an eclipse observed in a location in the country of India. The pictures revealed that because of magnetic influences, the Sun's corona gives it the appearance of a disk with triangular rays extend­ing from its surface--just as the Sumerians had depicted millennia ear­lier.


    In January of 1983 an author named ZECHARIA SITCHIN, born in Rus­sia and raised in Palestine, an Economics/History professor, brought this "enigmatic representation" which was on a Sumerian "cylinder seal" to the attention of the editor of Scientific American, a journal that reported the astronomers' discovery. In response, the editor, Dennis Flanagan, wrote to him on January 27, 1983:

    "Thank you for your letter of January 25.

    "What you have to say is most interesting, and we may well be able to publish it."

    "In addition to the many puzzles posed by this depiction," he had writ­ten in his letter, "foremost of which is the source of the Sumerian knowl­edge, is now their apparent familiarity with the true shape of the Sun's co­rona."

    Do you suppose it is the need to acknowledge the source of Sumerian knowledge THAT IS STILL HOLD­ING UP PUBLICATION OF WHAT 'SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN' HAS DEEMED "MOST INTERESTING'"? What would be your best guess?

    Dharma, allow us to close here at for the writing grows long. I wish to put the next couple of segments to tape this afternoon for we will get too far behind if we do not. The next segment begins to get really interesting so I would like to clear the backlog a bit if you would be able to make yourself available for that specific task. We will be taking up "The Messengers of Genesis" when we next write on the subject of the "Divine Plan".

    Hatonn to clear, please. Blessings rest upon you who are willing to see and hear for upon your shoulders rests the survival of a species. Salu.

    From: Phoenix LIBERATOR: Volume 19, Number 9. Transcription- AH.
    Link: http://phoenix.abundanthope.org/choice.htm

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