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  • There are about 1 million people who will be populating the new planet, in addition to those already there. Not all 1 million of these ones will be taken immediately to the new planet, but they will live aboard the evacuation craft and then be placed on the new planet as it is ready to accept them. They will know however, they are going there as soon as this can be explained to them following the lift off. There are also some others going to other planets and these will be lifted also, but their numbers are less than those going to the new world being prepared.

    Now, many of you have been curious about the new planet. It is Venus, dear ones. And I threw some hints of this in the Phoenix Journals. We still keep it out of sight and it‟s in a somewhat different orbit, well let me just spell the beans here, it‟s time. It is in approximately the same orbit as Earth beloveds, we just keep it on the other side of the sun and this is sometimes the cause of those Nibiru stories you hear.

    We have said before that the Venus you all see, is star ship venus. Just as Jupiter‟s revolution is kept so it stays out of view with the sun in the middle, so it is with Venus. Actually you have not witnessed the real Venus in a long time, as terraforming is not an instant process. And the planet was too close to the sun for it‟s full terraforming.



    Christ Michael: Now, beloveds, those that must remain in body, will all be removed at some point before the reversal. I know it says somewhat differently above, but let me explain in greater detail. Many will stay in the state of stasis however, until it‟s time to awaken them, on ship.

    During the magnetic pole reversal, those life forms not of God will cease to exist, as both the quiet of the earth from revolution plus the incoming solar rays cleanse the planet. Remember during the reversal the magnetosphere will also be “down.” And to that end, those animals and plants that are to remain will be put into a very special vibratory state of stasis, in which they are “untouchable” and unharmed. But we are removing physically all surviving humans who need their current bodies to craft. The non survivors, such as the robots and all over life forms simply perish and they will be in a different vibratory rate, one not of God, and I won‟t explain those details, some of YOU KNOW THIS already in your hearts, but they also do not suffer in the process.

    Everything OF God, has a higher vibratory rate. The animals and plants that are destructive to the planet will all be gone during that phase. While some will worry about the xrays , gamma rays and the like, it is more the vast amount of photons coming in during the reversal that remove that which is not of God. Photons ARE of God. God IS Light, in that instance.

    Now, IF we have the mini stasis followed with some announcements, we are removing the darkened ones of this world, as we have said, in human format by simply removing them. Some are going to other prison worlds or the void planet. We pick them up in levitation beams, during the mini stasis. Their bodies do not survive that process. They are too dark. It‟s that simple, and they are known, each one. Their souls are picked up however, and taken where they are going, which most time will be as cavemen, of a beginning civilization.

    They will be incarnating by birth, except those that go to the void or prison planet. These ones are provided a morontial form that does not reproduce for their lessons there.

    This routine is typical of a world under the end times of the current cycle, the judgement, as it were. There is always a magnetic pole reversal, and those not of God simply cease to exist and it matters not if they are “man,” insect, plant or other animal. The stasis is always used before the reversal so there is NO suffering. The malformed “spirits” associated with these not of God, simply disassociate.

    From: Venus is the New Planet

    Christ Michael thru Candace, page 188

    # 132 October 29, 2010

    Candace #3


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  • Some reminding's about the subject "The VOID planet" and "Venus, the new planet".

    The VOID planet & Venus

    So yes, this is the time of judgment, and those that create the miss-teachings by intent, in the various religions on the planet, have created something that sounds awful, terrible, by a terrible and angry God. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is mostly a natural process, a separation by the natural vibrations of the person.

    And again sadly many are to go elsewhere, to the new pristine planet talked about, to start over again. It is pristine, because it is still rather in a void state, a state of balanced energy, neither positive nor negative. There will be many there, both incarnate, and in spirit, to assist this planet and the peoples going there, to get them started in a better direction.

    Their karma will be removed, a beautiful grace being extended to them, and they get to start over, minus many tragic memories. Hardly the judgment of an angry God!

    And these will graduate in the normal fashion, dependent on individual progress. They will not be there for any specified period of time. That planet does have a cycle of about 35,000 of your years. Remember that you cycle around Alcyone every 26,000 years. Such is a similar cycle of that planet. But an individual’s time spent there need not be any where near that time. Some of your souls, that are not ready to ascend with Earth, many in government and leadership positions, who have failed in their growth will go there, some in body, some after passing this plane. It would be expected that these ones, who are going with greater knowledge and with divine grace, will graduate much sooner than younger souls.

    And as has been taught some will find themselves on the void planet, which will be explained in greater detail, I am told with Candace, by Maitreya. He knows of what he speaks, because he spent some time in that place. It is not filled with horrid giant dinosaurs, and other horrors that have circulated. There is no hell, my friends. But the conditions there are quite different than on this new planet that has been prepared. And graduation from it always occurs. However, beings when they graduate the void get new assignments, and some do revert to old ways. In this case, they will face uncreation, because the void planet, is a last resort type of place.

    From: Introducing Monjoronson

    By Candace Frieze and Monjoronson

    # 51, February 1,2006 page

    Candace #2


    Planet Earth. Many are being raptured off the planet right now, being placed on the new planet, or the void planet, or uncreated. Maybe the ones who are staying on the planet, those left behind, are perhaps the Gods themselves, us, who together, Two Or More In My Name, will ascend and rebuild the planet. Quite the opposite story from that apparently created by the Left Behind books, and related stories. I haven’t read those books, the covers gross me out.

    From: Ashtar and Soltec Speak Out, and So Do I
    By Candace Frieze, Ashtar, & Soltec
    # 55 April 25, In the Glorious Year of our Lord, all of us, 2006, page 84

    Candace #2


    And some as you have heard get a trip to the void planet, there is only one in Nebadon, and I will leave the description of that place in the capable hands of Maitreya, The Coming Buddha, who earned his way out of that place. It is a place of rehabilitation, and the memories are not removed. For some, in a way, Urantia has been a void planet in a sense, but the void planet has a different polarity. As part of this, there is no reproduction, nor death, nor time upon it.

    The sorting to the new planet has been mostly occurring upon the death of the body of the individual. Some have gone in body, to prepare the place. This is not a full evolutionary planet. It has been seeded for the purpose of the transfer. It is smaller than Urantia in size. There are folks from other places who have peopled it a bit, and this planet is not starting out, with its inhabitants in the cave man stage as you would visualize it, but neither does it have machine age technology either. It has had horses and other animals placed upon it some time ago, so that they have had time to adjust. It is for the maturation of the souls going there, and not for the creation of new souls such as was the purpose of Urantia. And that will remain its purpose, in terms of the life forms here. It can ascend into Light and Life.

    From: The Magisterial Mission, Part Two
    By Monjoronson and Candace Frieze, page 102
    # 57 July 7, 2006

    Candace #2


    Others will face that empty of God prison planet, called the void planet.

    No, it is not a planet full of giant dinosaurs. God is not upon the place at all. It is void of God. And those that get sent there usually stay a very long time. There is no time on the void planet. It is much like the astral realm of the parallel earth, in which some have been there for 25,000 years or more. They don’t eat, they don’t die, unless the body is killed. And even the dead body does not return to the dust. These ones don’t reproduce. They are kept there for eons. If they begin to grow up, and the loneliness is so great that they usually do, they are given a second chance and lifted off. But at times they are there many thousands of years before they begin to grow.

    Truly “hell” isn’t it? No guides, no guardian angels. Only a few listeners who await an awakening of those that will awaken. No plants or animals, there is not reproduction on this place. TAKE THAT AS A BIG HINT OF THINGS TO COME FOR SOME OF YOU WHO MAY READ THIS AS IT CIRCULATES. GOD HAS STARHIPS, AND GOD CAN TAKE YOU WHEREVER HE WISHES. THIS LITTLE DETAIL WILL BE DISCUSSED DURING THE ANNOUNCEMENT PERIOD SO THAT CERTAIN ONES OF YOU MIGHT DECIDE TO GET THAT LITTLE DETAIL.

    The “new planet” often discussed is for those with still some goodness in them, and for the younger souls who are not yet educated enough to live on a 5d world. I think I have “ranted” enough for a while now, its time to get back to the work of fixing the errors of those who took the wrong action of impatience. Namaste, I AM Hatonn, Aton, Christ Michael, God (Creator Son) of Nebadon, By whatever other names I am known in the various languages of the Earth plane. That would include Allah.

    From: Concerning the V.K. Durham Story
    Christ Michael through Candace Frieze, page 171
    # 67 April 1, 2007

    Candace #2


    Continuation next posting.

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    In the interest of saving time, for you have little left, I shall be brief indeed.

    You are sitting upon the bomb ready to be burst and you hide within the lies. This book is truth and we are now writing in sequence so that you might see the correlation between the lies of one decade heaped upon the next--but the play is the same. Satan intends to win or pull as many with him as is possible--there will be many, dear friends.

    People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction, and anyone who insists on remaining in a state of innocence long after that innocence is dead is indeed a fool. For there are none so blind as they who refuse to see! You run madly and frantically toward the precipice--after you have put something before you to prevent your seeing it, so we are calling out to you that you might remove the veil. God holds his hands unto you that you might not fall. Whose life-ring do you await? God stands at thine door--is Satan already within?

    We come forth as the Hosts of Heaven, sent to bring you truth and show you the way for God would never leave his children in darkness. Who will see the light and who will hear the symphony of the universe? We bring the hope of mankind and the Master, born of man and God. Who will see and hear? You may refuse truth but we shall continue to bring it forth for as long as there is man--how long do you perceive that might be? We come with instructions for your journey--who will receive?

    The altar is covered with blood and ashes of the fallen kingdoms set aflame by the ignorance of the foolish. You have followed the lie and turned from God unto the halls and dens of the dark master who now sets the ultimate trap. Who will take of the key and open thine escape doors? God has so loved you that he sends his messengers again unto you that you might change thine course before the judgment. Who will walk with us into the light? There is room aplenty for all who will come and journey with us and the door is opened unto all who would come in truth back into the shelter of thine Creator. Thine passage is bought with a turning back into the truth of His laws and those wondrous and just laws of The Creation. There shall be no evil brought within the halls of God's house. Ye are children of the lie and ye have seen it not--who will strike the flame to light of the candle? The pioneers have come before and ye need not start the flame--only keep it for if it goes untended it shall be snuffed and it shall be as ashes in the whirlwind.



    If ye know not that which ye do, pray for vision and truth and then you had best join hands with thine brothers and turn this thing unto rightness for it is a seriously critical time upon your planet Earth.

    May God grant you grace and courage that you may see and hear and ACT!

    Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn (-Christ Michael Aton)

    -- PJ 18 --

    The "TRUTH" doesn't know an expiration date! (-CL) -- I Am that I Am --

    Heed me, little ones, your Father calls to you gently. It is time now. Do you understand? Yes, I think you do. Will you come to me?

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  • The practice of "The silence"

    Fourth. With all the interest that you can arouse, become very still, listening with your whole being to catch whatever degree of the divine presence may be revealed to you.

    Fifth. If no conscious revelation seems to be apparent at the close of your silence period, acknowledge that the presence and power of God, being a universal fact, is a fact in you and that His infinite wisdom is unfolding in you, His eternal life is manifest­ing itself in you, and His inexhaustible sub­stance is being formed in you continually. This keeps the way open for fulfillment in you.

    Sixth. Do not make the period of silence too long in the beginning—perhaps only two or three minutes. Let it be only as long as your interest seems to hold you. Then purposely turn the mind to something else. Return to the silence period later in the day, or at whatever time you may designate for your next period of practice. A time just after arising in the morning and a time just be­fore retiring at night are good periods for your meditation. These periods, however, are no better than any others that may seem bet­ter adapted to your requirements.

    Seventh. Never be discouraged if your ex­periences do not come as you have an­ticipated, or if you do not seem to make the progress that you would like to make. Only by practice does one become a musician, and it is by practice that one develops the new consciousness of spiritual things.

    Eighth. On closing the silence period, an excellent attitude to assume would be the one set forth in this statement: "Father, I thank thee that thou heardest me. And I knew that thou heardest me always."

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    Teach Us to Pray—Charles and Cora Fill-more show the reader how to pray.

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    Mysteries of Genesis—A metaphysical inter­pretation of the Book of Genesis. ($3)

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    Index of Charles Fillmore's Writings—avail­able on the love-offering plan.


    Lee's Summit, Missouri

    PRINTED U.S.A SB5-5M-65

    Book in Pdf format for download: http://library.abundanthope.or…es/The%20silence%20tr.pdf

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  • The practice of "The silence"


    As a natural result of practicing the si­lence, there is a marked increase in the men­tal and physical forces of the individual. It is therefore of greatest importance that ev­ery seeker after Truth begin consciously to direct all his forces into channels that seem at the time to be most desirable and tend toward the furtherance of his highest ideals. In other words self-control becomes a neces­sary part of the practice of the student. Here, however, a distinct difference must be recognized between suppression and di­rection of one's forces. One may, by mere force of will, dominate any mental or phys­ical force, and seem to control it; but the ultimate result of this method is detrimental. A very good mental attitude to assume is: "All the forces of my mind and body are under the direction of divine intelligence; they are lifted up daily, supporting the Christ ideal now forming itself in me." The next step will be daily to incorporate these awakened forces into the very fabric of one's being—to make them a part of oneself, rather than to direct them to the attainment of mere possessions. Say, "I am the wisdom of God made manifest; I am the love of God brought forth; I am the strength of God ex­pressed; I am the life of God quickening all creation with living energy," or words to that effect, as wisdom, love, strength, or life is awakened in you in new degree. Al­ways remember that each of these is divine, that each remains in the Father and at the same time becomes a part of you as a mani­festation of the Father. In other words, a truly spiritual being is one conscious that all things taking place in his being are divine in origin, divine in action, and divine in results.

    The Awakened Mind

    The revelations that come through the practice of the silence are not attained by a slowing up of the mental processes. The rev­elations that come to us from outside sources —friends, books, and the like—do not re­quire that we slow up our mental action. Quite the reverse is true, for mental activity is increased through an increased interest and through the receiving of new ideas and ideals. Every bit of additional information that registers in consciousness quickens the mental processes. The kind of action or quickening is determined by the nature of the information. Sad news makes one sad, joyous news makes one joyous, and spiritual revelation fills one with the quickening en­ergy of Spirit. Divine Mind is a realm of supreme activity, and when it finds expres­ sion in the individual, his mental action is accordingly increased.

    The Avenue

    At this point it is natural for one to won­der through what particular avenue spir­itual revelation may come. This is difficult to determine, because it may come through any avenue. If one is accustomed to look at the beauties of nature through his physical eyes and to contemplate nature as the handi­work of God, such contemplation is sure to bring some degree of spiritual illumination. The same is true of a like application of any of the other senses, for God is all, in all, through all, and above all, and beside Him there is no other. Wherever man earnestly looks for God he will eventually find Him to some degree. However, one seems natu­rally to expect spiritual revelation to come through the intuitive faculty, the avenue through which are registered impressions of a character too fine for the other senses to convey. "God is Spirit, and the things of God are spiritually discerned."

    When a person discovers that the things of God are spiritually discerned, he often begins to belittle the senses and to deny the plane revealed by them. This should not be done, because the senses play their own vital part in developing complete con­sciousness. Through the testimony of every available source of information, the whole Truth is established. The intuitive faculty is an additional source of information. When, in addition to seeing, hearing, smell­ing, tasting, and feeling, one can also discern the underlying and creative principle that brought forth the thing that is seen, smelled, heard, tasted, and felt, then one knows the whole Truth and can "speak with the tongues of men and of angels." In approaching life from this basis, the eyes will see with a keener vision, the ears hear with a greater accuracy, and all the other senses will be­come strengthened, each tending to register more nearly the truth about everything and everybody.

    Beyond the Answer

    We can but illustrate in a general way the infinite blessings that come from beyond the silence, from beyond the present range of our sense perception, and hence from beyond the comprehension of our present understanding. Man can really know of these blessings only by being still, by receiving the inspiration of the Almighty and by par­taking of the divine nature for himself.

    Beyond the silence is the answer to ev­ery question, but beyond the answer is the action or appropriation necessary to the ful­fillment of our desire. Having found Spirit, "by the Spirit let us also walk," for only by action do we grow and only by daily conduct in accordance with our spiritual revelations do we become truly spiritual. It is not enough to live in the calm quiet of the silence, won­derful as that may be; neither is it enough to live in the great realm of spiritual inspira­tion which lies beyond the silence. Unless the things of Spirit are lived by us, unless they become vital parts of our conscious, ac­tive being, they fall short of fulfilling in us their divine purpose.

    These lessons have been a mere introduc­tion, as it were, to the great realm of infinite blessings that God has created for all men. They are not to be followed too literally. Out of the points that have been presented take those that seem to be of help in your specific case; apply them in earnestness, looking to the infinite Mind within you for your own revelations as to just what the silence is and what the great secrets of life are.

    What your own soul sanctions is Truth to you for the moment, and in its revelations to you the Spirit of truth in you has spoken. That this voice of Truth may continue to speak to you long after the lessons are for­gotten is the real object of the lessons them­selves. Look to the country that we have tried to point out to you, and leave by the wayside the sign which has merely served the purpose of pointing out the way. The Spirit of truth you have always with you, and it is your eternal and sure guide into the way of all Truth; it will speak to you if you listen for its words.

    The Practice of the Silence

    THE first thing that you should do in your attempts to practice the silence is to be comfortably seated, so that your mind will be as free as possible from any thought of the body.

    Second. You should remember that this period of silence is a period of prayer, a period of conscious communion with God.

    Third. Interest in discovering the nature of God and what God wishes to reveal to you is the chief factor to be sought in keep­ing the attention fixed on your objective. Sometimes when difficulty is experienced in keeping the attention centered on the pres­ence of God, it is well to say aloud a few times this basic statement: "There is only one Presence and one Power in the universe, the presence and power of God." Then you might audibly declare, "Jehovah is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him."

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  • The practice of "The silence"


    The mere repetition of an affirmation car­ries only the power that is characteristic of the mental plane. A parrot might be taught to repeat the most intricate mathematical rule, but would it be possible for the parrot to speak with the authority and power of a mathematician who fully comprehended the meaning of the rule? This is the exact difference between "vain repetitions" and speaking from an inner conviction of Truth. Ideas expressed in the realization or under­standing that they are statements of absolute Truth, and that within the idea itself is a moving force which is spiritual, increase to a very great extent the power and author­ity of the affirmation. The most potent thought, however, is the one that comes forth as a conscious revelation from the Spirit within man, and its potency is re­tained just as long as the thought is allowed to function consciously as an expression of Divine Mind, unadulterated by the efforts, emphasis, or other characteristics of the purely personal mind.

    The Answer

    It is impossible to foretell just what your response from beyond the silence will be, or in what form it will come. It may come from within your own nature, or it may come through the word of a friend or through the printed pages of some book. However, it will be whatever is most needed in your spiritual development and it will come by any channel through which your conscious­ness can be reached.

    Your work is to prepare your entire con­sciousness so that you may be most receptive to the inspiration of Spirit. No response will come except that which is born of God, if you are faithful in your realization that there is "but one Presence and one Power in the universe." As your search for Truth continues, there will be built into your being more of the elements of God, and this will in­crease your ability to comprehend still more of God, just as every bit of developed mu­sical consciousness increases an individual's musical comprehension. "For who among men knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of the man, which is in him? even so the things of God none knoweth save the Spirit of God."

    You can more easily understand some of the things that will come to you in response to the practice of the silence if you will re­call your experience with the echo to which we have previously referred. If you were suf­ficiently interested to listen after the echo had entirely died away, you would first have become aware of a great calm or sense of stillness that would have seemed literally to settle down and to permeate the entire at­mosphere of your surroundings. Two planes of discovery may be opened to you out of or from beyond this stillness. First, you may record through your senses the sights and sounds that come through the keenness of mind that is possible only in moments of intense stillness. Again, you may record impulses of nature that are not discernible to the seeing eye or the hearing ear. But be­yond this is a still greater and more signifi­cant fact, for the silence itself is your direct revelation of the very first characteristic of the divine nature. God moves through His creation in absolute silence, and this is why it is difficult for some persons to believe in the presence and reality of God. As Dr. Frank Crane has said, "He never blusters, hence humbugs cannot understand how He exists." God does not reveal Himself to man through any sensational display of force, but through the quietness of His own nature.

    The moment it dawns on you that the first sense of stillness which you feel as you practice the silence is the actual presence of God, that moment you have passed into the realm "beyond the silence," for then there comes to you a conscious revelation of one of the outstanding characteristics of God Himself. But back of the silent nature of God lie all the numberless phases and de­grees of Him who is all. The silence then be­comes the locus for receiving the inspiration of the Almighty that gives understanding; the locus where the Spirit of truth becomes the only teacher, where man gains knowl­edge of the Infinite at first hand. Silence ceases to be mere stillness and becomes the unfolding presence of Divinity itself. At this moment you have literally touched the hem of His garment, and the complete recon­struction of your nature begins.

    As it begins to dawn on you that you have actual contact with God in this sense of stillness, you will no doubt feel some de­gree of exaltation or inspiration. You may be conscious of this as a quickening energy, filling your entire being. This exaltation in turn should be acknowledged as of God—as the very quickening power of His Spirit. It is the divine presence manifest as the vitaliz­ing life of Spirit, and the whole being should be relaxed and open to receive it as such. Again, great and inspiring ideas may come, and these in turn should be recognized as coming from the Father-Mind to enrich and enlighten the consciousness.

    Revelation is likely to come to you through whatever avenue of your mind is most open or receptive to Divine Mind. Some persons receive their revelations in symbols, or in mental pictures, or in symbolical dreams. To these is given the additional task of inter­preting the symbol and discovering the hid­den meaning. But many who receive these symbols are content merely to contemplate the mental picture or to recite the mere "story" part of a dream without regard to the meaning. If any practical value is to be gained from these visions or dreams, their meaning must be understood. "What is the meaning of these things?" is the question for such a person to ask of himself and of the infinite Mind from which all true knowledge comes. The interpretation follows easily if one recognizes that the symbols come from Spirit and if one then seeks in Spirit to find their meaning. Through seeking thus to un­derstand the direct meaning of all such ex­periences, one becomes more and more con­scious of the inspiration of Spirit, and sooner or later one's revelations will assume more direct form and the symbols become fewer and fewer.

    But very often someone will say that even though he has practiced the silence faith­fully, seeking an answer to some question, the answer is not forthcoming. The truth is that the answer has been present all the time. The very fact that the one all-knowing Mind interpenetrates your mind and being, just as light interpenetrates glass, involves the fur­ther fact that the answer to your question is in that mind and that the answer is there­fore in you, through you, and around you. Often we hinder the progress of the answer in its coming forth into our consciousness by denying it. We say, "The answer did not come," thereby closing the door of our con­sciousness so that the answer, awaiting us, cannot come in. The right attitude to assume is this: "Because God knows. I also know, for I am in God and God is in me." Ac­knowledging God in all our ways is the sur­est way of preparing the mind to receive blessings beyond our present ability to con­tain them.

    People sometimes ask, "How may we know that the response which comes to us in this way is spiritual?" To make sure that your response is spiritual, you must begin with the premise set down in the first lesson of this course: "There is but one Presence and one Power in the universe." If this truth becomes firmly established in consciousness, the mind is not open to receive impressions from any other source. It is only our belief in other forces and powers that makes them seem real to us. It is our faith in things that puts us in contact with them, and if we be­lieve only in God, only the Spirit of God can manifest itself in us. But the mind must become "stayed" on Him.

    One must learn that, first of all, the silence is a definite opening of the mind to the rev­elations of the Spirit of God. The silence is not the opening of the mind to anything that may choose to come along; neither is it a search into the subconscious mind to dis­cover things of the past, or the purported powers contained therein. It is a search into the superconscious mind to discover the ideas and ideals that function in the perfect Mind of God. This rule should be remembered continually and practiced very diligently.

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    I Love you tenderly and oh so dearly. Take my hand. Do it right now. This is urgent, ok? -- Christ Michael Aton --

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