• I know, I've seen some of them freak out

    Daniel, Evelyn, I didn't know about Kibo and the rest, I thought they remained loyal to the organization

    They were also very distressing to me, my mistake that I was nice to them and did not demand them to go

    I thought if I showed them a nice way then maybe they would learn ... Well, I was naive

    One time they threw a ball of energy towards my head and it made me vertigo and vomiting for a few hours, lucky the angels came immediately and treated me and helped me through it

    Since then, I couldn't stand it coming tonight and it was getting dark

    I was so scared that I was sad and unbalanced and eating unbalanced

    Until I took myself in the summer of 2013 and started taking care of me physically

    And I cut off contact with everyone, everything, angels, friends from above

    I have not yet returned to being in contact with them

    It scares me to go through it again and be disturbed by the darkness again

    I'm more than happy to be back in contact with them, they are my friends<3

    And if I could help you, I would help

    But it also happens to me when I tell the truth

    It has been happening to me for 30 years, I tell the truth and no one listens

    No one believes me, who I am just one of the kibbutz, I am nothing

    I understand you very much, hugs from me<3 and I listen to you

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    In doing a little research on current stuff on it... its all over the place.. suggesting coverup. Some articles like the one I post say the ozone hole is all fixed.. closed. others suggest other wise. that its in fact thinning all over the planet and holes did NOT recover because the thinner ozone over all did not wander to the holes as it usually does.. Go figure... I will post something in due time because I must make a collection I think of links and such.... it was an early channeling for sure... I started that work in 2005...

    I want to be accurate because I have to take so much garbage for the followers on almost any thing I post about the planet. My just saying so doesn't work on GLP for examine and neither for that matter do links pointing to truth.. like on 5G and the "vaccines"... around Bill Gates.. there is so much mind control people can't look another direction. and so many shills making sure the mind control stays in place.

    So give me so time to rehearse with CM and also research for the little hints of change. While you were gone MIA.. we had some serious troubles to some of our main members healthwise.. in an effort to shut us up.. and I don't want to risk them again right now.. Ok???;(

  • I am going to have to ask on this because I realize I mixed up the HOLE in the ozone with the ozone...

    Thank you

    I remember reading the communications or things you wrote

    That they cleaned the ozone layer so that the radiation goes into the Earth

    It was channeling it seems to me from 2005/6

    My question was, is there the ozone layer? Or have we cleaned it?

    And all the talking about the hole in the ozone, it's just another invention of the dark?

  • I don't know if it is related to the ozone, but I haven't gotten sunburn for several years now, although I have always been very sensitive to it. And so have some others. Something has changed.

    I just thought of that...

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