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  • We are a little closer to production start. We have people in place now and we have people who are ready to be placed. We are working on relocation programs, manufacturing training, training in the operation of the technology, security issues so the criminals can't interfere, etc.

    We should have about 300 employees. We are going to encourage creativity on the job so it won't be a boring routine for the employees and this will probably result in more job satisfaction , higher quality and efficiency.

    We already know that employees will derive great satisfaction knowing that the end product will improve - even save - millions of lives in a natural way.

    Just think, we will deliver the new celestial and replicator technology using new anti-gravity technology and be able to communicat with anyone using the new light wave technology with a universal translator.

    (When Jared said this I got a huge jolt because I have been having this EXACT dream for years now. In some of the dreams the first CC I delivered was to KD because we have to get KD back to perfect health. I was instructing her in its use. Now there is a switch, eh?).

    We need 5G for the new civilization but some of this technology that the elite have installed is very damaging. Like microwaves this low grade radiation can cook us from the inside out. But we have a frequency that will counteract this. In nature there is always a frequency that nullifies another frequency to balance things out. We can fuse the sender and receiver of the damaging radiation in about 20 minutes with no collateral damage. We can do this from the upper atmosphere. And that is the end of that.

    Its unbelievable that the Archons can enslave eight billion people and make them believe a pack of lies as normal - when it is far from normal. Some are so comfortable in the lie that they refuse to leave. But it isn't just the Archons, many off-worlders , races, have come off and on our planet at will and conducted their experiments and DNA manipulations. Alien abduction is not only true, it has been going on for centuries. Some people are affected for decades and even through generations. There is a prime directive but it has been blown to smithereens in this sector. Well, enough of us are awake now to say, "We live here. This is our planet and you are not going to do this anymore!"

    One use of the new holographic interactive technology is creating a house in less that a day. It would be totally self contained with no wires or plumbing etc. You can walk into it, open doors, just like a real house. It would also contain furniture or anything else you wanted. You can change any part of it at any time.

    If you wish to move you just 'de-atomize' the house down to the size of a matchbox and take it to the new location. You would place the house where you wanted it and stand back, then re-atomize the house. And there it is fully self contained and ready to use.

    Now this may sound a little far fetched to some but it is nothing compared to some of the other technology we have and especially the new technology we are going to have.

    Wealth is a lot of different things, not just money.

    If you are asleep in the body you will still be asleep when you leave the body. That is why we have ghosts.

    We continue to grow and experience until we have enough knowledge to create universes for consciousness to enjoy. This is spectacular.

    (Jared has so much good stuff Its impossible to fit it in to a short post)

  • Do continue, if you wish, to present us with material which "speaks" to you!

  • Rosie, it is very difficult to present the spirit of Jared's work by jotting down a few notes. He spends one or two hours a day speaking to someone higher up in the food chain . He doesn't specify who.

    Each of his discussions is well thought out and carefully constructed and fits in perfectly with his previous messages.

    When taking notes I know I miss things and I pray I get things right.

    Jared is here to assist in the frequency shift. He does daily guided meditation calls. His phone software has registered over 96 million callers which counts actual calls and phone replays but not audio recordings on the net. Talk about taking two or more in my name to a new level. He says the meditation calls are having a huge impact on the acceleration of the frequency shift. I would say he is doing fine.

    He has done about eleven hours of discussion per week for twenty seven months now. He has never said a single thing that runs counter to KD - or any one else on the forum.

  • You are right about 'D' density and 'd' dimension. I knew that too but just misused the term.

    And yes I mis-spelled Archons.

    All Jared said about the Archons was that they were a race of people who took over this sector of the universe just because they could. And they plunder us just because they could

    I googled Archon and came up with this:

    In On the Origin of the World, the archons impregnate the Biblical Eve, an idea probably deriving from the Sons of God in Genesis 6:1–4 or the Book of Enoch. In accordance with the depictions of fallen angels in the Enochian writings, the archons incite passions to humans.

    He said that we are well into the frequency shift which is accelerating. We are in 5d but many of us still have one foot in the cow pies of 3d. And we slip back and forth. He said to take care because we can slip back into 3d permanently

  • I see that here is more about the "Arkons". It is the members of the Lucifer rebellion who have continuously employed their "negative" methods on this planet. I would not say that "a lot of us are awake". I would say that a very small percentage of the global population have the slightest inkling.

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