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    Seraphin Message 569:

    Through Rosie, 12th July 2024

    Dear inhabitants on Earth: you are all in for a “hot air balloon” experience, by which we mean that you are to rise slowly and silently, leaving your immediate and familiar surroundings behind to climb to a completely different level, from which you will survey the surface from an entirely different view.

    You will see the “patterns” created by all movement. You might be able to see the cars and people moving around on the ground. You may not always know or see what they are doing individually. You may not know their specific aim (at least not while you are still in the air), but you will recognize where they are going and what they are creating COLLECTIVELY, and it is this aspect which is of paramount importance, since the conditions on your planet are not primarily the result of individual policies but of COLLECTIVE BEHAVIOUR.

    Similarly, you will see “patterns of power” – how the “shakers and movers” with power at their fingertips have coerced the movements of the rest. If you are observant, you will also see how these power centres are presently crumbling.

    From your position on high, you will be able to perceive the pitfalls into which so many have fallen, as well as the mountain summits which have been climbed. The past – as well as the possible future – will be mapped out before you in a way you never thought possible, and with a clarity unprecedented, including “patterns” never before perceived or recognized by those on the ground, and though you may have suspected some of these, you will still not have conceived of the depths or heights to which this civilization (and previous civilisations) have risen and fallen.

    There are of course those who will never “take off”, who will never step into the hot air balloon to go on this voyage of discovery. Typically, they will feel threatened by anything which is radically different or which challenges their world view. They prefer to remain “grounded” and limited in knowledge, never daring to imagine there may be so much more to their lives, and never realizing that they have so much potential.

    Then again there will be those who board but who will be “blinded” by the clarity of what is shown to them. Even at this stage, they may shield their eyes and beg to descend …

    The opposite of descending is ascending: “ascension” is a word which has been used vastly and misleadingly on your world to suggest a state of enlightenment which is suddenly reached. We would like to reiterate that YOU WILL WORK TOWARDS YOUR OWN “ASCENSION”, and that there is nothing sudden about it: it is a continuous process - not something you “move into”. It is – roughly speaking – the point at which the spiritual aspect of your life surmounts the physical and material aspects, when you apply wisdom gained in your daily life, when you are in alignment with cosmic law rather than dictated by personal desires. And this spiritual growth is NOT A STATIC STATE: you cannot “reach enlightenment” and then sit on your laurels. The very nature of a spiritual life is that spirituality always increases and that you are continuously on a learning journey.

    Thus can your journey in the “hot air balloon” be part of an astonishing learning process, and one which is necessary to preserve your earth. For on high you will see her wounds, the blemishes on her skin, the areas of devastation, death and destruction. All this will you feel personally, and thus will you know that your personal choices either benefit or destroy her.

    We wish you good travels and a piercing eye to determine the “lay of the land”, discovering what is your next optimal move. We support you during these perilous times, Seraphin.

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    Seraphin Message 568:

    Through Rosie, 2nd July 2024

    When you hear or read the word “mission”, this may well be associated in your minds with the word “impossible”, yet we assure you that not only are you on a mission, but you are also on a mission which BREAKS ALL BOUNDARIES OF YOUR PRESENT COMPREHENSION and which – once you set of with dedication, determination and trust in that direction - IS MORE THAN POSSIBLE.

    You have for the most part received educations which have impressed upon you your lack of knowledge (hence the pressure to gain knowledge). We would also like to emphasise the word “received”, for you have remained mostly in a passive stance (unless your teachers have been truly exceptional and revolutionary and have conduced you into thinking, reflecting and creating content yourself, pushing you to recognize that the source of truth is WITHIN YOURSELF, only waiting to be consulted).

    The fact that your active participation and independence has not been encouraged has led to the tendency to “receive” - without question - anything which comes along, including propaganda and false information. Yet no delay is in vain, and no detour can put you off the track permanently if you are open to learning from your experiences and if you frequently contact your inner voice.

    You will soon learn that you and many other inhabitants on this planet have taken an ENORMOUS DETOUR from your original mission. The proof of this is that your mission is largely not clear to you, and you have not actively searched for that what is truth, or for that which elates you, or for that which simultaneously gives your life and the lives of others more meaning and quality.

    To cower in a chair and kowtow to superiors without asserting your own opinion or offering contributions to the development of the process, the firm or the organization, is to remain firmly centred in the role of polite but ineffective “employee”. Some of you will discover that you have played this role to the hilt, neglecting your skills and potential.


    A number of you who read this will be aware of the vastness of their mission, of the fact that they are an essential cog in a mass movement to free and better your earth. Your importance, and also the knowledge of your importance, cannot be underestimated at this crucial time when so many things are in the balance, AND IT IS UP TO EACH ONE OF YOU TO DETERMINE WHICH WAY THE SCALES WILL TIP.

    We would like to thank all those who have held out so far, despite all odds, despite multiple incarnations throughout many prior civilisations – all of which have managed to destroy themselves due to lack of spiritual development. But this time, you will see the results of your efforts, and after a temporary “collapse”, you will be in an excellent position to excel, to flourish, and ultimately to enjoy and also to provide “happiness” and qualities much lacking on the planet at the moment due to all sorts of oppression.

    As for our mission, which is to guide you on yours, we would say that THE EAGLE HAS LANDED and that this particular mission of ours is drawing to a close, though we will attend you to the end. We wish you strong nerves and great presence of mind during this final stage. Seraphin.

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