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    Seraphin Message 493:


    Through Rosie, 26th May 2022

    Balance should always be your focus, Beloveds, as you look at the world around you – a world which is rapidly descending into pits of immorality, deceit and destruction. To prevent this, so many changes must take place on so many levels, the most important level being that of HUMAN BEHAVIOUR.

    How have your arrived at this extreme situation, Beloveds, in which everything seems to be heading for absolute disaster?

    As always, you can stand there helplessly, berating those who you think have caused this to happen, or you can pull yourselves together and contemplate how your actions - however small and seemingly insignificant - have contributed to this present situation. We ask you to consider not only your behaviour in this current life, but to also include the very real possibility that you have already had many other incarnations on this planet which similarly have led to the present situation. Without your specific knowledge of the details of your past lives, there is no possibility of rectifying past mistakes directly, BUT KNOW THAT YOUR PRESENT INCARNATION IS YOUR CHOSEN RESPONSE TO THOSE MISTAKES, AND THAT YOUR PRESENT LIFE IS A CHOICE TO DO BETTER THIS TIME AROUND.

    In this sense, this life is a culmination of experience so far, and in this case it is also a choice to face the ultimate test – to survive or not to survive – in a scenario in which every individual plays an essential part, if they step up. This is a big “if”, and many will fail to do so, but do not let that discourage you, but spur you on even more to carry out corrective measures in these, the last days before a new era.

    If you look around you, you will see one thing missing. This is BALANCE. There is no balance between rich and poor, between the altruistic and the greedy, between the powerless and the powerful, between man and woman, between different races or between different nations. Lack of balance results in conflict and war on all levels, and will result in complete annihilation if not kept in check.

    Balance is lost if your focus on “the many” is lost, and if the focus rests solely with yourselves or your group or your nation. Your compassion must extend to others, irrespective of differences. You must pierce all propaganda and strategies which have been cemented into place by those who wish to divide you.

    Balance means that all parties are equal in a way which “holds the peace”. Balance means that no one is exploited, that all enjoy resources equally, and that no one enjoys privileges to the detriment of others.

    A significant “other”, which often fails to enter your focus, is the earth, whose resources have been ruthlessly exploited. As a result, she is extremely “out of balance”, and without celestial intervention (by which we mean the powerful and technologically superior visitors to your planet who derive from other more spiritually aware races) she would already have capitulated. Your behaviour affects her. This we say to reinforce the idea that you have a great say in the matter of life and death, and that you are not the helpless beings that you hitherto suppose.

    As we have already said, a lack of balance results from a lack of regard for others. To redress the balance, you must allow them all into your view, whether this means “lost” or “ostracised” family members on a personal level, or whether this means “hostile” or forgotten nations on another level.

    Balance is retained through GOOD RELATIONSHIPS.

    How good is your relationship with your neighbour?

    How good is your relationship with parents?

    How good is your relationship with your DIVINE PARENT?

    (and yes, we can assure you that you have one).

    The “final relationship” which is referred to in the title of this piece is in fact this relationship with the divine. And in the end, it overrides and outlasts all others. It also affects all others in a very positive way, because the divine inner advisor, which can be contacted “online” at any time through moments of mediations, will always offer advice which is in accordance with cosmic law. The cosmic law of one is paramount. The cosmic law of one means that everyone is included in the ONE, and that everyone and everything should be held in our focus and treated benevolently. If so, everything is in balance.

    We hope that you can see where this is trying to lead you in your thoughts, inhabitants of earth. It means that you are not only inhabitants of earth but also – in accordance with the law of one – inhabitants of the universe and beyond. Once you and your planet are again in complete balance, you will be allowed to make contact with these other worlds, exchanging experiences for mutual BENEFIT AND BALANCE.

    We hope that our words may be instrumental in offering you a helping hand on the way to this complete state of balance. Seraphin

    THE COMPLETE SERAPHIN MESSAGES (6 volumes) will help all readers to navigate these difficult times, easing their passage when old structures / world views / beliefs fall, and when new priorities ensue.

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    Seraphin Message 492:


    Through Rosie, 20th May 2022

    Many of you, dear Inhabitants of Earth, will be well aware of board meetings and how they function. They may be regular occurrences to direct or correct certain trends or set certain agendas. This may happen on a smaller or greater scale.

    Can you imagine, Beloveds, that there is presently an emergency global board meeting going on which is presented with the very difficult and strenuous task of determining which path earth will take next?

    We do not refer to a meeting on the planet itself, though they are also many which are in a way “offshoots” of the original. We are referring to a board meeting of very high-ranking dignitaries of whom you are completely unaware – ignorant as you are of other planets and systems beyond the perimeter of your tiny globe.

    We refer instead to a meeting which is off-planet, and we would also like to indicate that this is not just a handful of people taking part, but that a vast number are involved. This would make your zoom calls look like a walk in the park. Technology is greatly advanced among spiritually advanced beings, and it is possible to survey everything happening on your planet and to simultaneously discuss this with thousands upon thousands of highly intelligent and benevolent onlookers. It is also possible to spread this information around, and to broadcast such an event, in all detail, indicating all repercussions of any one decision, to the rest of the universe via “galactic internet”.

    Meanwhile on earth, you are still letting small differences such as vaccination status or colour or nationality separate you and divide you into militant factions. We watch in amazement as you deliberately fan these fires which lead – inevitably – to your own destruction.

    We can see, as we said, all scenarios and can play them all out to the bitter end. During such simulations, all spectators are moved to tears – so horrific are the developments on your globe, so violent are the actions of her inhabitants, so callous you have become.

    We are referring here to the majority. Those reading such material as this will probably belong to a completely different “class” of beings, and here we in no way refer to the different levels or classes which you have invented in your own earthly caste systems. You are here for the purpose of watching the demise, realising how it came about, stemming against it with your own actions if possible, and after everything has played out, to stand up and create a new and better world. This is your task, and it is coming ever nearer.

    We ask you to seriously consider how you can make the very best contribution, taking into account that most people who remain on earth will have no idea of what has been going on, and that they will be largely traumatised. Yet they will have the stamina to continue, if encouraged by you.

    The present off-planet board meeting is determining when and how to STOP YOUR VIOLENCE, CORRUPTION AND ABUSE OF SELVES AND OTHERS. The path to self-destruction is very obvious. The emergency board meeting has great responsibility: it is an uneasy balance between letting the situation worsen for all so that more awaken to “reality”, and protecting the earth from more abuse. As we have said before, she is on her “last legs”, so this cannot be put off indefinitely. A sudden stop may be necessary to preserve her sanity and health.

    For those who have been waiting for this for what seems like forever; you too will be shocked at the pace at which collapse cumulates. It will take your breath away, if you are prepared for it or not. You may panic at the sight of this rapid descent into chaos, longing for the days when things were perhaps not really that bad.

    You will not be driven to insanity by it, due to prior knowledge, yet do not underestimate that you too will be mightily affected. Try to remain calm. Try to help others. All else is in our capable hands. You can rest assured that this is the culmination of an extremely carefully controlled and excellently implemented operation.

    We leave you with these thoughts, surrounding you with our love so that you are “well-padded” and shielded against the events to follow. Seraphin.

    THE COMPLETE SERAPHIN MESSAGES (6 volumes) will help all readers to navigate these difficult times, easing their passage when old structures / world views / beliefs fall, and when new priorities ensue.

    Volume 6: THE COMPLETE SERAPHIN MESSAGES: Ten years of telepathic conversation with an angel
    Volume 6: THE COMPLETE SERAPHIN MESSAGES: Ten years of telepathic conversation with an angel

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