Seraphin Messages relevant to the TRANSITION PERIOD

  • Nothing good will ever happen, we all know that by now. We are here to suffer. Keep learning 😄

    Thank you very much for the help CM and all 👍

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    Seraphin Message 545


    Through Rosie, 4th December 2023

    Those who are aware that there is something “unreal” and monumental going on in their world, and on their planet, will automatically thirst for more information. They will want to know, foremost, WHEN THIS MADNESS WILL END so that suffering generally – and their suffering individually – will cease.

    We hear you and respond to this lovingly with the following: as much as we would like to respond to this fervent desire to know more, we are not enabled to provide details, although we can see very clearly, from our viewpoint, the “domino pieces” which have been put in line, and which are destined to fall one after another. We can see the hardships that you in the “know” endure, and we gravely regret that we cannot provide you with a message of that nature, for this would set off processes which in the end would have negative responses or effects, to say nothing of the learning opportunities missed.

    Know that we are ever progressing towards our mutual goal, which is the denouement of all which is evil, to be fully laid out in front of your very eyes, to the winding down of this planetary phase on your earth, leading to future renewal. In this, many of you will play a major role.

    However, instead of a message with details and dates, we can provide you with a message of hope. Even in the depths of darkness and oblivion, there is always hope. You may not see any light whatsoever around you, BUT THERE IS ALWAYS A LIGHT INSIDE YOU, and this is independent of any incarnation you happen to be in, any planet you happen to be on, and any grave situation which threatens. It is radiating this light outwards which makes you a beacon of hope for others. Thus you can all work together in these dark times. Your light is inextinguishable, even through death, if you choose to align yourselves with godly purposes, and these are great in variety. Your dedication is so desperately needed on a sphere of darkness such as this.

    On the other hand, it is necessary to “retire” temporarily from the scene, if it is clear to you that nothing can be done. In this case, celestial hand will take over, for there is nothing it cannot achieve. Thus, you are never “lost”, Beloveds. You are simply on another path which has not yet turned the bend. You are simply not yet on the brow of the hill which will provide you with a new horizon. And this new horizon will also be provided by celestial hand.

    We hope that we have been able to give you some respite concerning your musings and your worry about how all this is going to end. There are so many people who say “This cant end well”, and in a way, they are completely correct. The other side of the coin is that the more a situation becomes absurd, and the more it becomes obvious that something does not add up, and the more the violence appears to be “senseless”, THE MORE PEOPLE COME TO THEIR SENSES, and this is a major aim in consideration of the work which has to be done next.

    We hold you in our arms and in our thoughts constantly on this final leg, Seraphin

  • This message from Seraphin gave me goose bumps of joy, it is exactly what we are witnessing right now on our planet, Gaia is showing us how uncomfortable she is at the moment and she is gearing up to shake the fleas off to use the most appropriate analogy, our sun is doing its part and Gaia is gathering the strength to shake & release.

    Regarding the human consciousness on the current worldwide events, the balance still inclined with the majority of the weight towards the dumb side, I do not engage with anyone anymore in trying to open their eyes, I just simply observe, at the end, it is my journey, my learning and my experience so it is for anyone else.

    Thank you, Rosie & Seraphin, hopefully we can have a celestial hug is due time. :* <3 :*

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