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  • 33 A.D. What If You Saw Jesus In The Temple…What Would You Have Thought?

    So often, we have not discussed real issues because people don’t like to hear things that go against what they believe to be true. Not hearing or discussing an issue will not make the issue go away. What it does is allow the issue to grow unchallenged and in many cases get bigger and bigger. The question is what issues are we allowing to get bigger and what issues are we allowing to diminish in not discussing them?

    So far by not discussing the real issues, lawlessness is growing bigger and bigger and bigger and God’s truth has taken the back seat on public transportation (don’t talk about it) and in some cases is not even allowed on the bus.

    Watch and read more https://themarshallreport.word…t-would-you-have-thought/


    "Pursue The Divine with an Unquenchable Ardor and See what Happens."
    By Les Visible
    Jul 12, 2020 - 4:58:11 AM…h-unquenchable-ardor.html

    July 11th 2020

    Dog Poet Transmitting.......

    And a deep and heartfelt greeting to you one and all.

    Since I have been engaging in a disciplined lifestyle for going on two years now, it has been sometimes difficult not to regret some of my previous, outrageous behavior, now and again. It doesn't last very long, however, because I am usually reminded, internally, that there was nothing I could have done about it. For reasons that have yet to be made clear to me, I... apparently, have yet to understand what The Purpose of Demonstration means on a personal level. I mention it often and am coming to understand that much of what I write is as much for myself as for anyone else. To say that my eyes have been opened in this stretch of time would be an understatement. To even attempt to express my Gratitude, over the way my life is now, is far beyond my ability ...and I am good with words.

    I realize... and am reminded of it every time I go out into public, that not everyone is magnetically drawn to the possibility of an ever-expanding love for one's creator. I AM and... it is my great pleasure to share it with kindred souls at every opportunity. NOTHING on this Earth comes anywhere near the sheer enjoyment level of communicating with the divine and experiencing the reality of God's presence in every moment. Ah... my, my... the words fail so often of late that I fear I may soon grow quiet, due to a severe lack of capability to express the joy and comfort that comes to one who has made friendship with The Divine their singular and all compelling pursuit.

    I was sitting down to a rare meal earlier. I don't eat often anymore but I enjoy it when I do. I try to enjoy everything I do OR I DON'T DO IT. Capiche? I have come to understand Tantra in the way... I think, in the way it was meant to be understood and not in the limited, pedestrian fashion that sees the Kama Sutra as its operating manual. Even though it is about having sex, it is not sex per se but a mindset of having elegant sex with everyone and everything at all times. Everything is sex, one way or another. It is something you practice when you eat. It is something you practice when you breathe, drawing in the air as if it were liquid silk that caresses your lungs as it comes and goes. It is something you practice with your eyes and ears, loving everything, as you see past the coarseness, depravity, and selfishness that is the hallmark of what passes for civilization these days because you see it is all God playing. It is hard for people to get their heads around events like war, famine and the direct and collateral damage; the violations of children, the brutish natures and... of course, I could go on and on here BUT... whether you understand it or not... all of life is God's sporting as everything in everything.



    I am spending a portion of each day recording songs and am committed to completing at least one a day. On some days I get two and they are all at the site where today's song is posted. I recorded today's song yesterday. They are all being done lickety-split- in one take- and I have to say that I am surprised at the results. I hope you are too.

    Today's Song is=

    ♫ Time is Flying ♫

  • This is a Sadhguru video on Growing Spiritually . It is excellent. There are a lot of people in new age and religions who think they are "spiritual" and they are not. They are stuck in the routine of manufactured fake.

    This is the age of coming into 5d consciousness where God will be KNOWN inside and this video is how its done.. what spiritual life is...

    For the transcript for people who absorb well from reading...…ery-moment-second-and-day

    The video.

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