Do Social responsibilities include supported mass events created by the dark shits?

  • Indeed I agree with everyone

    This is exactly what people need to see and experience in the world

    Its time for people to wake up and now

    I never support bad things or bad people

    If someone does bad and dark things, I do not cooperate with it

    That includes everything

    No smoking, no drinking alcohol, no stealing .... etc ....

    That's why I'm always alone in life, since 1998, it started for me

    Everyone left me and didn't want to be with me, because I'm not like everyone else


  • I agree..

    I think that Trump is wise to let people see the problem before he fixes it.

    he has waited to activate the military. if he did not wait , he would be called racist or some such... dictator etc. now he can do what must be done and still look reasonable..

    people now see that there is something wrong.. too much violence... they see that police are less of a problem than thugs pretending to be "social justiice warriors" ...

    so although trump has the right to put this insurrection down quickly, I agree with his careful approach. let them hang themselves with their own violence in the court of public opinion. and let trump once again gracefully demonstrate the power of true leadership.

  • when there is a protest... the minute dark weaponized folks show up.. even if just throwing BRICKS and bottles of water.. its time for those NOT part of that to LEAVE. Go elsewhere.. but do NOT be with the tyranny... you support it then... knowing that or not.

    I left one long ago in downtown Denver... when some violence started.. I don't remember what it was about. and for two reasons.. to not support the violence and not to be a victim of it in terms of risking arrest or getting injured.

    The violence in DC around the White House.. it was known it would happen.. and the minute the violent ones knocked down the barriers.. they became enemy who knocked down the " gate" and there should have been military standing by ARMED to stop it.

    These enemies of the GATE have been there for a long time ago. I don't know what Trumps advice was in this... but it should have been stopped the minute the barriers were broken. Lots of Secret Service folks were injured and while specially trained they are NOT military. I watched the "gates" set up as a barrier fall way to easily in fact.. they were POORLY made... mostly bicycles racks and such tied together... some of them with handcuffs. Where WAS THE MILITARY? They should be have been there already... in preparation.. and as soon as military needed.. vehicles to haul off everyone caught doing violence. Period. It wouldn't have happened on additional nights.

    In my humble opinion.. not knowing all the details.. I think Trump and team made a mistake.. you do NOT attack the White House grounds or any buildings in the Capital CITY that are part of capital government.

    And last night they burned a church on the permater... often used by government members.

    I don't care if ones are against Washington rule.. it is the head quarters of our government. Especially the WHITE HOUSE where the President resides. I should have been defended from the start by US military and NOT just the Secret Service. I was appalled the first night.. I didn't watch too much of last night.. but that church was on fire before I went to bed.

    Christ Jesus said when he walked this earth...


  • this is a violent world. the dark have used violence to cow the opposition to whatever they do. those who wish for a better world, cannot simply wish. if the people of this world had ever been willing to stand up as one and fight evil, this world could have been freed from evil... to pretend that this could have been done non violently is to fall into a trap that was laid for us by the dark.

    of course if victory could have been attained non violently that would be better.

    I also disagree with the idea that there is nothing to protest about police violence. of course as soon as one realizes that the protest has been co opted by cabalist forces , one should stop protesting. nevertheless, the new israeli trained police forces of america are creating this problem. people have the right to demand that police do not murder with impunity. police have the right to defend themselves, but the police are using unnecessary force in today's america.

    in this case tho, with antifa and actors, false flags, a lying press, one must take the side of the law with it's flaws. america's cities are far too dangerous. this is a situation created by the cabal on purpose, with the cia and others creating drug/gang war situations over decades. america needs well trained multiracial police forces who are well armed and use restraint.

    america's deliberately created racial ghettos are also part of the problem that goes back for many years. the cabal have been working at creating this civil war/take over by force as well as stealth for over 100 years. (the stealth being the infiltration of our government starting 100 years ago)

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    Christ Jesus said when he walked this earth...


  • We are watching for nearly a week now... demonstrations infiltrated by dark shits after the so called murder of a person. When you see these CONTRIVED situations.. why would you feel mad at the cops for example and go attend things that are destructive... is this social responsibility? Most cops are decent people in decent countries anyway. I have been around quite a few who would never do such a thing. Man can err yes.. and blow something off accidently. This event was staged.. thus all the cameras ON IT... so ones can be manipulated to go destroy their governments.

    You do that in part by destroying the police and the national guards and such. This is an attempt at civil war within this country in which I live... I have not one iota of sympathy in this case.. because it was staged and I would not go protest even if not.. because shit happens... in the every day workings of LIFE..:) It would be to me socially irresponsible to be part of such a thing. <3

    I'm glad you posted this as I was wondering where to put a message that came to me initially the other day when I read a post on TIU, but then more came through later that day. It didn't seem right to post it in the thread that triggered the message.

    How does being “ready to die for freedom” help anyone? If you die for your cause, and the people around you are also “ready to die” and do, and the others who see or hear about it are the same, and they die… then who is left? If everyone is ready to die for a cause, and they all die… there is no cause left. You should not be prepared to die for your cause, but be prepared to live for your cause.

    To suggest that you are ready to die for your cause is to also suggest that you are ready for the associated violence that would lead to your death. Look at the situation unfolding now due to the murder' of George Floyd. Is it right to engage in such violence? Is it right to vent your anger about a situation to the detriment of others when those others are themselves struggling? Is it right to loot establishments that have nothing to do with the crime in question? What will these actions lead to? What will the forces that you oppose do? When seeking to be activists for your cause, be at peace and do not allow anger to control your emotions. A loving activist who is alive can do more than an angry activist who is dead.

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