• I have an idea, an image in my mind, of who I Am. It does not necessarily match the person I see in the mirror.

    The person in the mirror, is tired and worn out.

    Deprived of joy and happiness for so long, she can’t remember what it feels like.

    It almost feels guilty trying to imagine those aspects being a part of me again.

    I Am a confident, caring and compassionate daughter of God.

    I long to embrace the feminine that is hidden within me.

    I have had to be the warrior for so long, that she had put herself into stasis.

    She had to, in order to survive in a hard world and home life.

    So long she was silent and waiting, suffering with me.

    Now the situation has changed some. I am still in a position to be the warrior, but not to the extent that I was.

    Things have calmed. If only my mind would follow in kind.

    Letting go is a challenge for mind, body and soul.

    Who I Am and who I long to be, who I Am. A confusing statement. Like running in circles and getting dizzy.

    The real I Am is starting to come out of her shelter. Slowly, letting me get used to letting my guard down.

    The danger is past. The fog is retreating and I Am starting to shine.

    It is amazingly difficult to become who you are when you have denied it for so long.

    Feels wrong to release and drop shields even when it is your fondest wish to do so.

    I look forward to the day when we are one again.

    When I truly Am who I Am. Standing in my own feminine power and strength.

    Being the leader, teacher, and mother I know I Am.

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