Trinity Teacher Uteah Messages

  • This post is not directly from Trinity Teacher Uteah, however it is very relevant to Uteah's teachings.

    The Beginning (5:52)

    Teacher: The Collective of Urantia Thought Adjusters

    Receiver: Chris Maurus on Jan 17, 2021

    This message is for all souls on Urantia that are willing—that they may understand the mystery of the Indwelling Presence of Universal Father living and working in their mind. We, the Thought Adjusters of Urantia, are making known to you—blessed souls—the meek, the kind, the loving, the beautiful, and the good, that by acknowledging this partnership (you + TA), you are to be the first group of souls to work in concert with your Thought Adjusters to develop and make use of the Enhanced Circuits now available at the discretion of your Thought Adjuster.

    This enhancement to the TA circuit is non-exclusive, but requires (in this early phase) the conscious awareness that you are Indwelled by the Presence of the Universal Father—the Creator of all. In the later phases, all souls shall come to know that they are the sons and daughters of this loving Creator Father. It is a requirement for an elect planet of Light and Life, that all souls thereon fundamentally understand this divine fact and that they have a choice to accept or reject the fact of sonship. This acknowledgment first takes place at the soul level, then at the sub-conscious level, and then, finally, at the conscious level of awareness. The Enhanced Circuits work on all three levels.

    What is the “Enhanced Circuit?” It is a macro improvement in the quality of consciousness that all minds at the planetary level may attune too according to the planet’s evolutionary status. It is made available to the Thought Adjusters from the Universe Sovereign—Christ Michael. This improvement in the quality of Christ Michael’s Light Knowledge means that your TA may make use of a new tool set for contacting human mind at all three levels of awareness. The cognizance of these improvements will be subtle at first, followed by more clarity as the stain of rebellion subsides and is removed from your world.

    As a first indicator, your Thought Adjuster will use a time prompt as the evidence of the third level of conscious contact. The primary prompt shall be 5:52, with secondary prompts at X:52. Some of you are familiar with the 11:11 time prompt first used by the Midwayers to contact human mind. The X:52 prompt is a targeted reminder used exclusively by the Thought Adjuster to become aware of the TA presence—that you are receiving third-level contact. We kindly ask that you pause in this moment, when prompted, and that you acknowledge your partnership with the TA with an exchange of thoughts.

    Some of you may feel a warm loving vibration in your body as a receipt for this loving exchange of thoughts. Insights shall come to you at times when your mind is free from outer world activity and we kindly ask that you pause and expand the thoughts you are feeling from these insights. It will take some work on your part to distinguish and acknowledge these insights as originating from the TA. The more willing you are to explore and expand this contact, the more can your TA provide.

    The greater purpose of this third-level contact is to spiritually and energetically establish a Light and Life anchor in the mass consciousness of humanity—to permeate and seed higher vibrations into the strata of consciousness. You, dear ones, are a part of the expanding foundation of this first phase of Distributive Awareness.

    Take solace in your sonship,

    We are that you are

    Receiver’s Note:  The use of this time prompt is like a bridge for human mind to cross over from “virtual understanding” to “experiential understanding.” Many of you virtually understand that you are Indwelled by the Spirit of the Father, but have not actually had experience at the conscious level that this relationship is an existential reality—a first step in conscious awareness of deity presence.

    I AM Joyful - I AM Peaceful - I AM Humble - I AM Respectful - I AM Kind

  • Actuate your Budding Potentials

    Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

    Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA

    Receiver: Chris Maurus on August 23, 2020…e-your-budding-potentials

    My Dear Students,

    Many of you are enthusiastic about working directly with your Thought Adjuster (TA)—to attune and to consecrate your will that you may advance and progress in your spiritual understanding of the Divine Gift. This is a needful attitude—to hold the constancy of the Indwelling Spirit of the Universal Father living and working in your mind—leading you to discover the untapped potentials as a future Finalitor destined to stand before the Universal Father on Paradise. Holding this long-range view is essential, but to actuate your budding potentials, here and now, requires you to experience the co-ordinate and co-creative aspects of a spirit-led life.

    What exactly does this mean? Many of you are unsure how to approach a relationship with the Thought Adjuster because you don’t have a clear understanding of the application. This is understandable because your world is largely ignorant of the knowledge and framework of universe cosmology and deity expression; universe destiny; and soul evolution. You students are fortunate that you have discovered the Urantia Papers and have detailed knowledge of the purpose and ministry of the Thought Adjusters. Yet knowledge alone cannot mature the personality and bring you into attunement, or ascertain your Psychic Circles assuring your survival and passage to the shores of mansion world life. Only living experience can transcend the virtual destinies you see in the constructs of your mind and build the Morontia reality of a surviving soul.

    Example: A medical student can only spend a limited amount of time in study, and must, at some point, demonstrate what he has learned and apply that knowledge on the healing of patients. It is through the transcending experience of application and interaction with real people and their needs that experience turns into wisdom. The decisions along the way that lead to progress in good medical practice become the basis for future decision making in diverse problem solving. A “good doctor” is someone who “practices” and becomes wise in the diagnosis of disease because of diverse experience and the decisions made that led to successful outcomes in past applications.

    In the spiritual sense, the application of soul building and personality maturity requires you to “practice” the application of peace, love, and understanding as you live, work, and play with your fellows. The thought processes and the decisions made along the way is where the relationship with the Thought Adjuster can be more clearly understood. This is where the TA inserts divine application. It requires you to “think” not react. Thoughts come before decisions and actions. The TA “adjusts” your thoughts, so it must be that before you decide or act, you must think. To have a relationship with your TA requires you to be conscious of the presence of the Divine Indwelling, then to bring the TA into the process of thinking before decisions and actions.

    You may not audibly hear your TA speak, but as you think and weigh all the options, your TA may insert subtle guidance using feelings, ideas, and imagery that leads to an outcome of higher good. The practice of inner dialog with the TA while in deep thought shall produce greater and greater results as you learn to trust in these co-creative thoughts; subtle feelings; and imaginings—this is divine leading!

    Go now into that place where the TA speaks—into deep thought—asking questions—seeking answers—contemplating your future growth—your hopes and dreams—your next creation!

    Revealing the not-so-obvious,

    I AM Uteah


    I AM Joyful - I AM Peaceful - I AM Humble - I AM Respectful - I AM Kind

  • Meet Me at the Well

    Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

    Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA

    Receiver: Chris Maurus on Aug. 16, 2020

    My Dear Students,

    It should be no surprise to you that an enlightened age requires more and more of its citizens to understand the higher knowledge that is available to them through the Thought Adjuster (TA) circuit via the soul-mind/super-conscious mind. The enhanced circuits that carry Christ Michael’s Light Knowledge are now accessible to your Thought Adjuster and with your conscious intention, you may work with your TA and Destiny Guardians to attune your consciousness to receive this higher knowledge through insights, feelings, co-creative ideas, and visualizations. The potentials for spiritual growth are pregnant with possibilities, and you students have the support of your guidance teams to bring you to new levels of service and growth if you are so willing to reach for it?

    Now is the time to take an inventory of your conscious waking moments and think about how you pass time each day? If you had access to a magic well and you could simply go there and draw up the water and drink giving you prosperity; higher knowledge; healing and vitality; creativity; and a magnetism for attracting loving relationships—would you take the time to go there each day? Most of you would answer, “Yes!” This is where humanity is in their thinking—they would go and do those things in the outer world to obtain the virtues of life without having to apply mental effort to experience growth of the inner life where these things truly exist and are available to all.

    I say this not as a condemnation, but as a matter of fact—that your world has been conditioned to think this way. Further more, if there was a magic well, many on your world would keep it secret and not share—not because of selfishness, but because of fear that others would take it from them. The rebellion mindset wants “something for nothing”--to receive without giving or to gain advantage over others out of cunning or rivalry.

    To bring a world to an enlightened age first requires a healing of human consciousness—to understand the rebellion mindset and its conditioning, then to apply therapies—to do the inner-work necessary to receive the healing. This is where your world is now—it is seeing the destructive nature of the rebellion mindset and finding it no longer satisfies the longings of the soul. There is a well of healing and prosperity and it lives within each of you—and it does not require that you go into a cave for years of meditation to find it—you only need the faith and trust to know that if you reach up, there is a hand there to support and guide you. Once you discover this supporting hand, you will find that you have another hand that is idle and can be used to reach down to pull others up. This is the way of progress.

    Your TA and guidance team are waiting at the well, but it does require that you spend more of your waking moments in deep thought; in reflection; in asking questions; in listening for options; and then making decisions—not out if fear, but out of faith, hope, and trust, that your Heavenly Father knows what you need and wants you to experience life and have it more abundantly. Co-creation is the product of human desires with the expression of spiritual understanding.

    If you examine your desires from a spiritual perspective, you will see those things in your thinking that need more light. This is where your TA and guidance team can help you most. Christ Michael’s Light Knowledge is available to shine a light on those areas of your mind that need more light. Ask for it willingly—to shine a light on the remnants of the rebellion mindset that you may understand it and transcend it.

    Meet me at the well,

    I AM Uteah


    I AM Joyful - I AM Peaceful - I AM Humble - I AM Respectful - I AM Kind

  • Leverage the Potentials

    Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

    Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA

    Receiver: Chris Maurus on August 2, 2020…t/leverage-the-potentials

    My Dear Students,

    In my last message, I talked about the newly energized circuits that your Thought Adjusters use to guide you and how Christ Michael’s Light Knowledge provides the quality of that guidance in accordance with the dispensation of planetary needs. As I have indicated, this enhanced circuitry may be utilized at the discretion of the Thought Adjusters to help their human partners grow through greater awareness of the inner world. Much of this work in communication is taking place in the super-consciousness, the sub-conscious mind, and during the sleep life. Those that have a conscious relationship with their Thought Adjusters can work directly to leverage the potentials of these enhanced circuits.

    My students will note that all the teachings of the past that have been provided to help you understand and build a relationship with your Thought Adjuster (TA) were given that you may benefit from these newly enhanced circuits today. If you apply those teachings diligently and dedicate a moderate portion of your inner life to this Divine/human partnership, you will begin to notice insights coming to your mind with a greater intensity of “feelings” that you may understand at a level of consciousness that is beyond human language. Working together with your TA and these more intense feelings, you may work out the meanings of these insights and bring a better understanding to your conscious mind.

    Free will dominates your relationship with the TA and it is required of you to make space available for the inner life. Though you may be receiving these enhanced feelings and insights, if you do not “stop” and sit with these things, you may not understand the meanings and the guidance being made available to you. For some, it may take more time for the sub-consciousness to bring these feelings and insights forward, and in some cases there may be a need to release trapped emotions from the subtle fields to clear the discordant energies that are preventing you from understanding these insights.

    You are in partnership with a Fragment of the Universal Father and while there exists a great disparity of understanding between the human and divine mind, the common ground can be found in deep thoughts and the feelings that precede from those interactions of the mind. The greatest and most efficient way to understand the TA is to match the method of engagement. What do I mean by that? Since your TA is trying to reach you through thoughts, feelings, and insights, you may use this same method with your TA to interface in this form of communication. Instead of talking using human language, use emotions, feelings, and visualizations (imagination) to communicate.

    All these methods of approach that I have talked about in the past can be pulled together and put into practice—and you shall be astonished by the results. Light and Life is a state of consciousness—first in the inner world that shall precipitate outward and become the reality of the outer world. You may come to realize that higher consciousness is a direct result of human consecration of will to the expression of divine leading. The TA relationship is the vehicle of progress!

    Connecting the dots,

    I AM Uteah


    I AM Joyful - I AM Peaceful - I AM Humble - I AM Respectful - I AM Kind

  • Here is the latest from Chris received on July 26th.…he-circuits-are-energized

    The Circuits are Energized

    Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

    My Dear Students,

    I have a very important message on communication with your Indwelling Spirit of the Father—your Thought Adjuster (TA) that I would like for you to consider? During this time of correction on Urantia, there have been many changes in “policy” that affect the way consciousness operates. Given the current state of affairs on your world, there are now opportunities for these new policy changes to take hold and benefit humanity via changes to the TA circuits. The significance of these changes cannot be underestimated, and we see this “gift” of the Father as way to enable human consciousness to transcend its inherent limitations.

    The evidence of these changes are already apparent to us (the celestial administration) and are beginning to surface sub-consciously in the minds of many as we witness the way humans are now searching for greater meaning in their lives. This phenomena is a reaction by the soul for what it does not yet fully understand. Many are confused and reactions are misdirected toward the outer world for a time until the “strata” of these enhanced circuits are stabilized and the TAs can begin working at a more conscious level with their human partners.

    When a TA invests itself within a human mind, the TA abides in the Light Knowledge of the Michael Son of that local universe—for you, what we call, “Christ Michael’s Light Knowledge.” This is the “quality” of consciousness as it pertains and operates at the various levels of reality throughout the local universe of Nebadon—planetary level; system level; constellation level; and so on up until you leave the local universe as a first stage spirit. This quality of consciousness is further qualified and distributed per the particular stage of planetary development as a way to see that evolution is guided without the usurping of free will.

    In the case of Urantia, having been isolated by rebellion for 200,000 years, your world has not been regulated to receive these “quality upgrades” as do more normal developing worlds in the local universe. The reason for this delay in TA circuit enhancement are many—the Lucifer Rebellion, the Adamic default, and the rebel presence in human consciousness. We have now come to a place where all efforts by the TAs and celestial guidance to elevate human consciousness have been exhausted and there are no further possibilities for natural expansion as a collective. You may understand this when you look at how human mind functions regardless of technological advancement—the same mindset has pervaded human behavior over the course of millennia.

    The TA circuits are now “energized” by Christ Michael’s Light Knowledge to operate at a greater quality and capacity at the Father Fragments discretion to provide what their human partners need to make inroads in progressive soul development. This “inner development” will naturally lead to the advancement of society in all aspects of human affairs. Just as the TAs provide the needed guidance for the advancement of the inner life, so too will humanity require guidance in the outer world to see that this great awakening of purpose is constructively directed toward the advancement and sustainability of all peoples and societies. This period of “inner guidance” precedes the next descendant visitation to lead humanity into an enlightened age.

    Here to prepare you,

    I AM Uteah

    Receiver’s note: Uteah will be teaching us how to make use of these enhanced circuits in future messages. As it is “ the TAs discretion...,” there are ways we (students) can work with the TA to leverage these energized circuits and receive this light knowledge for healing, teaching, and co-creating—working toward the Great Plan with greater purpose.

    I AM Joyful - I AM Peaceful - I AM Humble - I AM Respectful - I AM Kind

  • Here is the latest from Anyas received on May 2, 2020 ...



    Location: Oregon, US of A

    Date: Saturday, May 2, 2020

    Teacher(s): Trinity Teacher--Uteah

    “Personality is that cosmic endowment, that phase of universal reality, which can coexist with unlimited change and at the same time retain its identity in the very presence of such changes, and forever afterward.” [UB 130:4:6]

    Teacher Uteah: “The topic of Personality Endowment caught your attention, as personality is the one constant factor in your life—your identifiable designer fragrance. As well, it is what makes your living experience an original part of the script for which the prolific Divine Author holds the copyrights.

    If it were otherwise, you could never find your bearings, as you would suffer from acute, chronic psychological ‘vertigo.’ Your character defines YOU—your likes and dislikes, your propensities and disclinations, the handicaps to overcome to actualize all your talents.

    On the other hand, life is never static. “The meaning of life is its adaptability; the value of life is its progress-ability—even to the heights of God consciousness.” [UB 130:4:6] What would be the ‘purpose’ of life if it amounted to a dull sequence of dead-ended events? The fact that you wonder about your particular calling points at its intelligent causation.

    Your personality make-up is the one constant in an ever-changing scenery. By being ‘true to yourself,’ you progress in your self-discovery quest and grow in experiential knowledge and wisdom—two acquisitions that nudge you forward in your progression toward the unveiling of your God-likeness.

    Your personality retains its ‘identity’—its psychological markers—amid perpetual changes. Certainly, there are glitches to work out to polish some of the hand-me-down rough areas of your persona. Those are part of the Luciferian legacy and can be disavowed, as they are not ‘set in stone.’ Life will take care of eliminating them, thus bringing your personality to the full manifestation of its resplendence.”


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    I AM Joyful - I AM Peaceful - I AM Humble - I AM Respectful - I AM Kind

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