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    I like it.. plot was a bit shallow in places.. but it had spiritual value and we do have fish people in the oceans on this world. In fact that is how I found out above the movie because I schooling a friend in the fact that Humans refers to MIND and there are other types of humans on various worlds.. so I mentioned we had fish people on this world and she mentioned the movie.

  • I just watched an interesting movie called THE SHAPE of WATER... anyone seen it?

    Yes, I liked it very much.

    Trust in The Plan that we have been a part of creating for many thousands of years.8)

    Altea JoAnne Alhim

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    as to the Gamma Rays I have talked about.. and its had to explain to some.. somebody just made a wonderful computer example over on GLP in one of my threads. :)

    Solar and gamma ray charging is removing old residue out of our genetic programming to clear and reset, like de fragmenting a computer so it can run easier.

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