Towards Eliminating Poverty

  • This is a post I made on GLP in my money thread there this morning.. the first part of a portion of a LONG message I did with Esu in 2006. It was number 3 in fact of my first published telepathic works.

    New Earth by Candace Frieze & Sananda Immanuel: page. 20

    As to the Social Security game being played, in fact as the Earth comes into her Ascension, there will be less need for it in the near future. In due time, none at all. You will not die in your new or remodelled bodies, You will not age, will not chose retirement, neither will you work to the bone to exist. The game being played will enrich them more than it will enrich you, since the money is planned to go into their investment schemes.

    A number of years down the road, twenty maximum and maybe sooner, you will no longer use money. Everyone will be provided for and all will work many less hours a week than you do now to just exist. You will have oodles of time on your hands to grow in Godly ways. Bartering is the preferred method of exchanging goods.

    The folks living in the Inner Earth work varying times according to where they are. In Telos, the city under Mt. Shasta for example, folks only work about 20 hours per week to provide for the needs of all, and they choose the work of their desires, so all work is most pleasant indeed.

    The rest of the time is for family and personal pursuits, travel, including in space. Inner earth has space ports. Amongst the choices in personal pursuits include advancing your education in your chosen field of endeavor. Many of you now have both parents in a family needing to work just to have rather basic surroundings, leaving little time for other interests.

    This denies time that children need with parents. Some of course, chose to works lots and don't want to raise the children they chose to have. They want the money. In the New Earth, you will live (in time, it will take some time for you to make all the changes needed) in financial abundance without having to spend all your waking hours creating it.

    For more: "Iraq Election, New Earth" Candace 01

    Link: http://library.abundanthope.or…tm_files/Candace%20-1.pdf

    KD (Candace)... Once the magnetic reversal is accomplished.. I think afterwards.. the possibility of being off money could still happen.. in a few years. depends...

    We will not barter for every detail and I used to teach a lot of that long ago.. as I had people trying to concept this and even one of my group then thought it meant if you wanted a new house built.. you could barter in organic veggies for a whole new house... She did not think there had to be lumber... plumbing stuff... tools of construction and MANY people to build the house.

    We had a great discussion this week with my leadership folks on money and all that.

    I have had people tell me they will not work without money.. because they want to be PAID for it.

    Well when we go off Money beloveds... your pay will be your house you did not have to buy or rent.... there will be no insurance on that house. You will not pay for your transportation... you will not pay for your food and clothing and everything else.. like utility bills and such. That is YOUR REWARD or pay.

    As to housing some will choose houses with yards for kids.. some will choose apartment life without yards and students in college will still live in dorms perhaps too. And speaking of rewards for your work... you won't be paying college tuition either.

    We will thus be moving into a state where every one has what is needed... and this is because everyone will still work at something needed by their society.. Some still have a terrible time concepting this...

    Hey.. those of you going to "heaven'.. on one of the higher custom built planets...will still be working.. going to school.. living in housing and consuming nutrition.You won't have toilets there though.. because the food is fully absorbed.

    You will NOT be enjoying Pizza with Jesus on clouds or layers of space (from new age BS)... for trillions of years. Your minds would NOT GROW... ok.. done with that for now.

    there is not anybody in the whole of the creation in the life eternal.. whether of angelic origin or human origin who does not work. Period.. You just don't get a paycheck of worthless dollars for it. That is slavery.

    as societies on evolutionary worlds of humans like this one grow up ... with new technologies and such. the hours spent in work by each declines.. the work being production for what society needs. On very advanced worlds that "work" that supports ALL will eventually be as little as 2 hours a week obligation.

    All lower worlds use "money" because some will not choose to earn or do anything of merit.. and the work ethic must be built and all enter a global economy at some point... all part of the growing ... Life in the CREATION IS about unity.

    And just let me throw in a little new age bs here... You and we are not going to some place in space called the 5th Dimension... Dimension is a level of consciousness and not a place. As people learn and FEEL that inner connection of the Sons of the FATHER.. is the beginning of an individuals 5d consciousness. 6d is when one actually can HEAR the Father and angels et all... and choose to do the will of the father within.

    so look at yourselves.. because you might be able to figure if you are in 5d or more.. Memorizing bible statements is NOT listening within to your FATHER. enough on that one.

    PS... there will be some exchange of bartering. artists will barter for their artwork for example.. The neighborhood kid could barter with you for something you can provide.. for mowing your lawn.. maybe you will teach the kid something in exchange... This is a type of balanced exchange.

    I currently barter for some help I need now and then with a neighbor.. and he gets to park his truck he has no room for in my driveway for example.

    Christ Jesus said when he walked this earth...


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  •…series/culinary-delights/ - 27' Film documentary

    Culinary Delights.

    How local cuisine lifting Chinese people out of poverty

    One of the primary goals declared by Xi Jinping, the eradication of poverty is well underway in China. In this instalment of “Hello, China”, Anna Nedelko visits yet another part of Fujian province, where she sees first hand that having the least agricultural land per capita doesn't have to be an obstacle. With more than a thousand species of fish, algae and molluscs, Quanzhou's small fishing villages can offer an unforgettable gourmet experience, while the Yuntai mountain dwellers can make a good living by harvesting precious bamboo shoots and cultivating pomelo.

  •…r-working-in-partnership/ - 26' Film documentary

    The Strong Help The Weak.

    The great potential of partnerships between rich and poor regions of China

    With a population of more than 1.5 billion people, China is determined to eradicate poverty across the nation. One measure that has ensured huge advances towards that goal is a program of cooperation between prosperous and less developed towns. Russian journalist, Anna Nedelko travelled to the remote province of Fujian to crack the secret of China's economic miracle that has pulled hundreds of millions of people out of abject poverty through state investment and private sector initiatives.

  • I have not finished watching this yet working off and on..... but.. but it will be food for thought.

    YES...There's a lot to think about. But now I would also like to draw attention to this sentence at the end of the video:

    "Because of difficult conditions in poverty-stricken areas, over 770 poverty alleviation commissioners have died by June 2019"

    These 770+ should also be given a few moments of reflection and our thanks.

  • I have not finished watching this yet working off and on..... but.. but it will be food for thought.

    China has vowed to eradicate extreme poverty nationwide by the end of this year. The path to prosperity for all has been long and arduous and China is on the final stretch of the journey. But the last mile is always the hardest - so the government is forging new ways to reach its goal, including sending officials to live and work in the last pockets of poverty dotting the country. Who are they? What exactly do they do? And how do they go about the mammoth task of helping others climb out of poverty? Stay tuned to CGTN for the answers.

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    Christ Jesus said when he walked this earth...


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