The Millennial Reign of Christ Jesus /Michael of Nebadon.

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    Trump did something amazing this morning.. maybe on the first rally.. not sure.. I had not been up long. He said something to the effect that Putin and XI were great good guys... and there were 40 others on the planet.. I assume directors and sub directors etc. <3:!:

    If anyone wants to search.. it was on Fox... I have only gone to Fox online so far.

    Note also that Trump said sometime recently.. NO more democratic party.. he is riding this country of the party system. Hopefully the COVID 19/Perfect storm in my own country will convince people how bad this is.

  • Sorry<3

    Only now did I take the time to read it all

    I have a big and difficult question

    What will happen to the people who will not have countries like Israel?

    Where we can eat, sleep, everything ....

    What money will we have?

    Where will we live?

    In spaceships?

    In underground cities?

    Telos etc ... we will probably not live there, why would they want us next to them

    In Denver at the facilities there?

    As I understand it, Israel goes to sleep underwater

    Or will we have the option to choose where to be?

    This is an important and interesting question alike

    You can expand on that, please<3

    my first job....I AM a Serial stinging nettles fresh hugging 8| ....In the winter you will see me picking herbs in the kibbutz

    I invented a smoothie in honor of CM and his universe.....4 ripe bananas, a mJehol date and 2 or 3 cups fresh stinging nettles

    my second job.....This is my mission in the world and life....Trying to connect people to the real truth and light, for almost 40 years.....And it usually doesn't work, they don't want to connect with the real truth ,and make a real change


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    Part 2.

    Putin has already freed Russia... it is now a Republic. I am not sure in detail what Xi of China is doing.. or rather how far that has progressed to date.. Many of you have leaders that are freeing your countries from the fascism by whatever label.. usually meaning control by business corporations.

    In the USA from the time of Korea and Vietnam.. I have watched OUR soldiers go to war.. to bring Fascism to the world. I have always cried... on this one..

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    Part one

    Ok... Christ Jesus said some time ago some place.. he was going to free the world. COVID is that.

    Now a little history for those of you in the United States... Most of you living here know the US is NOT a republic. In fact.. any of you who have researched the Civil War a bit... and the creation of Washington DC... in 1871 should know the USA is a business corporation and not a country at all..IT IS NOT A COUNTRY AT ALL.. let me repeat that. And it was decided that every state could be incorporated also by 1971... and this happened. All of them are business corporate subsidiaries of CORP USA.. I think this means we are under fascism... but we don't have to do there.

    The goal of the NWO was to make every country on the planet a corporate Business entity. Its mislabled Democracy.. what they are spreading around the world. In my own state of Colorado every city and every county is a corporation.

    Michael of Nebadon is freeing the world of CORPORATIONS and MAKING US COUNTRIES AGAIN.. Run by the people for the people. The world is being set free......<3

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    Continuing from around 10/15/2018

    Question was ask when free energy would become available.

    Soon enough yes. Basically most homes can be equipped easily with the stuff TESLA developed.... and so can the cars.. one at a time of course. Cars are really easy.. the generator can be run from the turning wheels with only small amount of storage necessary.. Homes will need the full dynamo set up... taking space of a small air conditioner box.

    It always was FREE energy... electrons are everywhere.. it was the misuse of bad technology to extract them and send them down wires. It never did require coal and steam and all that.

    Interesting.. when I started this project.. tesla's dynamo. was readily available as to HOW.. and its since been scrubbed from the net. Even images I put in material I wrote... are gone from the material I wrote.

    Russia is developing a new nuclear energy that uses the accumulated waste from nuclear plants that exist now..that will be useful for large conversions of big buildings and such.

    Back in the days when I was first hanging around.. a group in Europe had developed a device for homes.. and offered the installation at a reasonable cost in which folks could pay the same as their current bills for up to 8 years and then it would be paid for... this was being financed by a number of folks.. and a really important financier got murdered and that ended that.

    There is some of this going on in Africa.. particularly where there is central electric plant and many are on generators...

    As the planet gains in vibration.. there will be given technology appropriate to that.

    a lot of people will be out of work after 3DD... and can be moved into some very lucratrive technologies in the "free energy" development.

    There are places where devices are being construction in advance for some years now.. but I don't know HOW much this has progressed and we would never release WHERE.


    Now I provided a basic statement above about money. Now the question is.. during the relatively short period of chaos that could ensue because many people will be out of jobs... besides have missing people close to them..

    What is to be done for the unemployed and what about all the debts owed by people now removed from the planet?

    What is to be done about the changing to true money with what people have already in storage of the fake money?

    I am asking all of you with interest in this thread and the potentials to imagine what the potentials are.... We can't come in with our magic wands and make everything instantly better. There are new agers and Christians who believe hugely in the magic wands of God and Christ..and a world suddenly perfect. Ascension suddenly into a perfect sphere is COMMON in "New Age".. in fact.


    So assume 1/2 the population is not here suddenly... AT least that many leaving... what ARE the ISSUES BELOVEDS.. better to think on this BEFORE HAND and some of you HERE are those who need to be involved and have ideas. You are servers of the divine and intentional "left behinds"..

    What might be the early plan for all those without jobs? And during periods of perhaps uncertain supply of food to stores? There is a plan.. think on it.


    Words from a friend.

    In due time, the GREAT ESCAPE will be made possible. That day will be on the tip of your tongues for many centuries hence, for that day will mark the beginning of an era in which all contribute to building a NEW UNCAGED EARTH on which humanity lives as one. This day is not long in coming. We ask you to OPEN YOUR MINDS and go through your days regarding all you see as scenes from some antiquated film from the past, while at the same time carrying the seeds which will manifest a revolutionary future in which all will prosper. We thank you for utilizing your powers of imagination in this way. Seraphin

    This is the whole point in a sense of the Correcting time .. under the 1000 year reign of Christ Jesus.. it will not be magic wanded to earth.. it will be built under guidance BY THOSE ON THIS WORLD.

    The Millennial Reign CORRECTING TIME is to fairly rapidly catch this world up to PAST where it SHOULD BE NOW under "normal conditions.

    don't let the enslavement of your minds prevent you from ideas to talk about here.


    My response to question asked about who will stay here during the 1000 year reign.

    All Those able to grow with this planet essentially. a Mix of star seeds in service to get it all done plus the more advanced of the earth souls who have been growing here...and I suspect some of the Lucifer Rebels who GREW UP and have now some GREAT EXPERIENCE. I know of some in fact.

    This is also a training ward for celestials and others NEEDING EXPERIENCE OF THIS sort.. so a variety .. Some of us will stay the 1000 years. I will be.

    On the body for such a long time.. some of you who are younger and came in with some already pretty fine DNA.. just some upgrading might be all that is necessary.

    Those of us older ones who have also vaccine damage and such get new cloned bodies. I have actually seen mine...I looks about 55 years in age.. I am thats an improvement... my mind is backed up every couple days or so in preparation for that. But I will have even leg length.. no arthritis or other stuff.. disease free. These bodies can be periodicly "de aged" and some day that will be widely available on this planet...

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    I am bringing some posts and teaching I did some time ago on God Like Productions.. Our Main site here is not suited to these many posts and teachings. It started this thread in Oct 2018. This is the linky but I won't be moving everything in it here. The first posts in the thread are not relevant here.. I was moving posts from another thread... around the 3 days of darkness.... and right now.. I will probably be just one day... as a warning of going into the magnetic reversal. Lots of questions were posted by members of GLP. And I did lots of UB type teaching.. The Millennial reign actually began on Feb 5... 2019 on the State of the Union Address by Donald Trump. You may well benefit from reading the first posts in the thread. The thread is now 10 pages long with xxxxx reads.

    This is the first post on page 2. These below are around 10/15/2018

    Ok I am going to begin as I see fit and based perhaps on actual questions asked.

    First.. MONEY. There is a lot of TV material and forum stuff about the new global money system.. IT SHALL NOT BE at this time under the beginning of the Millennial Rule.

    No all digital monies or cryptocurrency or Phoenix whatevers. You may not argue with me about what I am revealing here.. for its the PLAN.. over a lot of years into the future.. mankind will wean off money but the spiritual readiness is not there yet.

    The FED will be GONE... it never was Federal as some of you know but global and full of associated private and central banks.

    Thus the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE will be gone as well as all other "notes" of hot air.

    Each country will have its own unique currency.. and all of these will be back by precious metals which will be in place at the time this starts.

    Each country will have its own central bank..

    And there will be a world wide system replacing SWIFT and others for monetary global exchange and such. There is a new system being put in to the surviving local banks attached to your debit cards for spending without having to use actually printed and coined currency but printed and coined currency will be available in every country.. just as now.. But none if printed currency will be debt notes.

    I can cover more later.. I want to see the questions that arise from your introspection. Since you all have accounts.. how about saving this thread in your choices available here. Of course I have it personal pinned from my reference.

    Please post questions and comments about what you think might been seen into this future...


    The "dollar" in the USA will be called the TRN.. TREASURY RESERVE NOTES.. but the word NOTE In it does not mean the same as FRN.. NOTE is used as representative of piece of paper representing actual value in precious metal. These will be exchangeable in previous metals...

    I have not inquired nor do I care right now.. what the other monies will be labeled.. but the EURO goes bye bye too. It is my understanding.. I may need to ask again.. if the European/Atrocity/Union will continue.. but each country in it will have unique currency. I suspect but I am not sure.. Britain will call theres the Pound still...


    (some body asked WHEN)

    I already answered your question.. I do not know but its the proverbial Soon...I don't think they want the government being put in place and those waiting.. to sit around for 10 years.

    Look at this planet.. and I will ask you for then your OPINION on what might be a good time frame?

    I get pretty regular updates on impending issues that could bring it on within hours of what might happen...

    I can say the Earth itself is no happy camper right now... in terms of both weather.. quakes.. and the effects of the massive hate in this world on the electromagnetics of the planet.

    Prior to 911 their computers as to a list of potentials didn't see any hope past our 2012, But things have changed and the plan remodels itself based on the various potentials... some of it computer guided.. there computers are living computer and show potentials before mind alone can see it all.

    The evacuation and massive axis shift is not needed now... 911 and other things pretty much began to eliminate that. Although we did cover that strong potential for the folks targeted by putting that possibility out.

    It is preferred to keep the evolution of the better folks on this world going than to empty it and let the planet heal for 3000 years and then letting only the Sons of God on the place.

    Planets have been evacuated but the adjustment to sudden NEW things is also very harsh on the evacuated... But until the evacuees are delivered to other worlds they can physically live on... they sure get some growing up about the nature of living on star craft really quick.

    Can you imagine the shock of that of people HERE on this world over all? Most would not board even.

    In the event of nuclear holocaust only ones chipped to the new jerusalem computers are evacuated.. which could be right off their toilets in such a emergency by beam me up scotty method.

    In a serious serious nuclear holocaust this planet would simply be destroyed into a plasma mass. end of that story. nuclear radiation thus prevented from spreading where it should not go.

    So we are here now where we can keep this place going for those worthy of it . as to the evolution to their minds. And a wondrous story it will eventually be.

    This planet cannot handle this population would empty the folks off itself... (with of course some evacuation assistance for the worthy so to speak).

    I want readers of this thread to strongly introspect the world as it is as near as one can assess it.

    There is the Georgia Guidestones.. good place to start. These are not what the evil dark shits plan.. which is put out on the net. This are the how it much become. Again the planet can handle 500 million not very civilized folks who will continue to war... or perhaps 1 billion spiritual humans at peace and with excellent technology.

    I hope for this fall but you know.. it will.. depends... there is serious stuff brewing.. but some of it has fortunately not happened.

    Ideally it would be wonderful to just remove the dark overlords and ther minions and slowly move the rest of the excess people to other worlds or onto the large evacuation craft or perhaps some to the inner earth which is presently evacuated already. Including the reptilian population down there under the surface.

    Even the Nebadon base under essentially NEPAL was evacuated... the one in Antarctica must be maintained.. its part of the heating and other stabilization of this world.

    Another thing with this population.. 50% or so are robotoids thus a bit artificial life. These do not usually evolve... but this world is so tuff actually 10% of them do become Father Indwelt.. they actually think.. the others do not and some of the idea of religion by the dark controllers was to control their over expanding robotoid servants.

    This is quite a world to study and learn on.. is it not? For all sorts of reasons.. quite a number of Paradise celestials are incarnate here both to serve and study the mess up close and personal. Yes we even have Michael Son not ready for their future roles incarnate here. This is the "Harvard" in a sense of Nebadon... Ok enough of the rambling post ...

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