The Great Culling/Choices

  • And which Joe Biden... there are 4.. one real and loosing his mind and 3 doubles. The election could be invalidated for that reason alone.

    Christ Jesus said when he walked this earth...


  • Rhodes: ‘Foreign Leaders Already Having Phone Calls with Joe Biden,’ Same Act for Which Michael Flynn Was Investigated

    Ben Rhodes, former deputy national security adviser during the Obama administration, claimed on Monday that “foreign leaders are already having phone calls with Joe Biden.”

    Gen. Mike Flynn, the first national security adviser for President Donald Trump, was investigated under an arcane law called the Logan Act for having precisely such communications with foreign leaders before Trump was sworn in.

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  • There is a Trap in Victoria, Australia || Para Kas-Vetter

    Sunday, September 27, 2020

    Operation Disclosure | By Para Kas-Vetter, Contributing Writer September 27, 2020 Victoria, Australia There is a TRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fo...

    Operation Disclosure | By Para Kas-Vetter, Contributing Writer

    September 27, 2020

    Victoria, Australia There is a TRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Focus on what IS Important right now. What matters. What is for the best of your paths and your future. This is a test to see if you are going to go back to old ways. This is a trap to prove that you are not capable. That you are senseless wasters. Not animals because animals are seen more intelligent. Victoria is an experiment. To prove also how easy it is to control you and how useless and incapable you are of knowing what is right or wrong, let alone to do the good.

    It is said that lifting of curfews, opening every abattoirs and daring to have wild killings of the young animals, being dared to go wild to reboot the economy in Victoria is not going to work. To go senseless in opening everything and going mindless to catch up with the economy, making profit at the expense of children, consumers being the commodity, opening every business under the sun to make money again to catch up with the bills, going insane beyond words………………………..stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a trap. It is not going to work. Going back to normal is not going to happen. There are plans of what will be unfolding. Stop. Focus. Get your thoughts together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [They] have expectations of Victorians to go desperately wild and harm and do crazy things. It is a TRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are right now very desperate lost souls out there hungry for children, for animal experiments and lust for money. Let’s not forget the planet. The planet Earth will survive but you will become extinct. Its not worth it.

    Come together. Regroup. Focus. Make those who are the problem accountable. Stand in your Truth. BUT do not lose yourselves right now. We have a few weeks that are immensely critical to the whole. Make very wise decisions right now. Get your thoughts together and unite with clearer minds about your future. This is no longer about rebooting the economy. That is a huge trap. Get yourselves refocused !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And start seeing clearly what is trully going on.

    God Bless your Souls.


  • - 13' Documentary

    Sniper in the sand

    A story of a German sniper who joined Kurdish YPG in Syria

    Robin is a German sniper who went to fight Islamic State alongside the Kurdish militia known as the People’s Protection Units (YPG). In the 2017 documentary, The Road to Raqqa, he told us why he came to Rojava to fight for a foreign cause and what he was most afraid of.

    What happened to Robin after Raqqa was liberated?

    Where did he go?

    Why can’t he return to Germany?

    Director Anastasia Trofimova catches up with Robin in 2020.

  • Only today have I learned about this "money-making machine" that has attracted and attracts a shocking amount of young girls all over the world. From the site I read that there are 25 million registered users. I am talking about the website OnlyFans launched in 2016. Read and look and search on your comments are completely superfluous.

  • My opinion is that madness, absurdity, stupidity have reached a point of no return...<X<X<X

    A student union leader in Britain said black, transgender, gay, disabled, and poor people should be allowed to return to class, while straight, able-bodied white people who are not poor should stay home, out of fear of creating a so-called “second wave” of Chinese coronavirus infections.

    Larissa Kennedy warned that British universities could become “the care homes of the second wave”, saying that students have been lied to by the government that “going back to [university as] normal is possible, viable, safe”.

    In comments reported by the Mail on Sunday, Kennedy suggested that some students will be safer on campus and therefore should be allowed to return to school, claiming that non-white students should receive special treatment because “we know that students of colour are disproportionately [living] in crowded households and disproportionately hold caring responsibilities.”

    The union president said that LGBT people may “find themselves in [family] environments that are homophobic or transphobic, and need to leave those,” and that disabled people might need “equipment, support, other reasonable adjustments” not available at home.

    She also said that working-class students may need to be allowed back on campus, as their homes may not “have all the facilities including technology and broadband to study remotely.”

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