THE REAL PAINTING of " Esu Immanuel Sananda Kumara " -- Jesus

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    This painting was done by a great soul and person of wonderful artistic skills, know as Nanette Crist Johnson.

    "I appeared to her in 1986, 3 days before Easter."

    See post HERE:

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    Heed me, little ones, your Father calls to you gently. It is time now. Do you understand? Yes, I think you do. Will you come to me?

    I Love you tenderly and oh so dearly. Take my hand. Do it right now. This is urgent, ok? -- Christ Michael Aton --


  • I came across this picture of Esu's face on the Shroud of Turin, it was morphed to look like the picture of Esu that used to be on the front site of AH's home page! Anyway, I thought it was pretty mesmerizing, I love the depth of his eyes! IMG_2568.gif

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    Rare and authentic photograph of Jesus (quote of link below). Not any apostle thadadeus.../Jude. Jude was another of his brothers. that is JAMES is brother in the phtoto.. by the time this gets circulated more.. how much more will the stories change? As each claims his special whatever. The pic was taken by a woman.. not a man... she was given the image on her camera by some Pleiadien ET/s... and it in 1967... and it was not by any wailing wall.. it was near the Sea of Galilee and Jesus was making his decision to return to Jerusalem.... I need to upload my copy from this computer which contains the truth. the concern about this is reflected in the faces of James and Joseph of A.

    as to the video linked below... the jerk in it claimed to have made the picture.... how many more jerks will claim they did it?

    Never mind i see Christ L has uploaded it while I was making this post.

  • Yes, right.. not astral but akashic record. I appreciate that I could get chance to correct and remind about this amazing photo.

    and I search for some links of the stories which is concerned with this photo.

    Rare and authentic photograph of Jesus

    "There is a detail on this picture which no cheater or painter could have possibly imagined. Jesus wears a kind of strap at the back of his head… This is not a headband because it does not go round the head. Actually, it is some kind of metallic diadem surrounded by a small leather cord which Master Jesus used to wear at the back of his head when it was windy. Finding this detail on this photograph is really amazing."

    Time Traveler Claims He Captured This Photo Of Jesus

    "Time traveler claims he captured this photo of Jesus. We take a look at an alleged photo of Jesus captured by a time traveler.

    Father Pellegrino Ernetti greeted Father Francois Brune one afternoon in the early 1960's. The two men had just met for the first time the day before during a ferry ride across Venice's Grand Canal. During their short conversation, Father Ernetti had said something that stuck in Father Brune's mind. The two, who were both experts on ancient languages, were talking about scriptural interpretation when Father Ernetti remarked that there existed a machine that could easily answer all their questions."


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    I believe that this photo is real image which is taken by astral quantum(?) machine camera!

    Esu Immanuel is looks like walking with peter and another diciples near galili lake.

    by kodak black and white but of course they don't take astral images.. so there was assistance to putting the image on b and w film.

    He is walking on his left of the image with Joseph of A. ... the one on the other side is younger brother James.. and then there is Simon Peter barely shown on the right after James. Simon Peter has a walking stick...

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