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    Italy's Constitutional Court, after hearing the opinions of dozens of lawyers, has not rejected the mandatory Covid vaccine requirement introduced by the Draghi government in 2021 for the over-50s and certain professional categories.

    Therefore, from today, December 1, 2022, fines for the over-50s and workers in certain professional categories who have not been vaccinated will start.

    For those over 50, the fine is 100 euros.

    I suppose it is the same for other categories, but I am not sure.

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    Neighbors in Humble, Texas, showed up in a big way this week after a woman asked for help in bringing customers to her father’s food truck business.

    Elias Aviles was ready to cook for hungry customers on Saturday, but his Taqueria El Torito food truck only earned $6 after being open all day, according to KHOU.

    When his daughter Giselle learned what happened, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

    “I wouldn’t normally do this, but my dad’s taco truck business is struggling, he only sold $6 today,” she wrote on Twitter, according to CNN.

    “If you could retweet, I would appreciate you so much!!” she continued.

    Like many small businesses, Aviles’ food truck suffered due to the pandemic and would sometimes earn just $60, $40, or $20 after being open for hours at a time.

    “When he said $6, it was kind of like are you kidding me?” Giselle recalled. “So, I just said well we have nothing to lose and I decided to make the tweet that day.”

    Thanks to his daughter, the post garnered 2,000 tweets by Sunday night and when Elias arrived at his truck Monday morning, a line of customers were waiting to buy his delicious tacos.

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    Tensions are rising aboard the Italian ship Azzurra used to quarantine migrants for cases of coronavirus, as reports of protests and small revolts on the vessel have emerged.

    The situation on the ship has become much more tense in recent days as more migrants have arrived, many testing positive for the Wuhan virus.

    The ship took over from the Moby Zaza ferry as a quarantine vessel earlier this month. 350 migrants were transferred to the vessel from Lampedusa, 12 of which have tested positive for the virus, Il Giornale reports.


    The quarantine of the migrants aboard the vessels, which began in May, is estimated to be costing around 4,000 euros per migrant per month.


    Despite the pandemic and the various lockdown measures put in place by the Italian government, the country has seen a surge in new migrant arrivals in the last several weeks, to the point that many areas, such as Lampedusa, are completely full.

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    ITALY__"Holiday bonus" mentioned here is part of the post-Covid recovery package.

    A group of migrants who used a government “holiday bonus” to travel to the beach in the town of Alassio were arrested after robbing tourists.

    The seven migrants, all aged from 18 to 22 and originally from North Africa and the Ivory Coast, are said to have targetted children. They stole mobile phones, money, and credit cards. The gang is said to live in Turin and came to the seaside town using money provided to them by the government.

    According to police, many of the migrants already had criminal histories involving assaults and robberies. Investigators say the gang assaulted their victims by kneeing them in the stomach before beating and robbing them. Police had found stolen goods in the migrants’ hotel rooms, Il Giornale reports.

    According to the newspaper, at least four of the victims had to seek hospital treatment for their injuries. Local police described the incidents as being reminiscent of the film A Clockwork Orange.

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