Blood banks = New Cannibalism

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  • Try again on the you tube.. it posted with double https.... and some times I can repair .. this time I could not.

    Oh boy. YouTube.... you are one hell of a GLORIOUS tool in finding the truth.

    Here’s a video that popped up today that discusses “ A New Cannibalism”

    Blood banks. Most importantly.... Plasma.
    Plasma is 90% water and 10% Protein:(:cursing:<X

    my first job....I AM a Serial stinging nettles fresh hugging 8| ....In the winter you will see me picking herbs in the kibbutz

    I invented a smoothie in honor of CM and his universe.....4 ripe bananas, a mJehol date and 2 or 3 cups fresh stinging nettles

    my second job.....This is my mission in the world and life....Trying to connect people to the real truth and light, for almost 40 years.....And it usually doesn't work, they don't want to connect with the real truth ,and make a real change