Examples of Serving Others

  • Arizona Man Goes to Texas to Repair Water-Damaged Homes

    An Arizona man inspired to do good went to Texas, which has been storm-ravaged in recent days, to repair water-damaged homes.

    Jordan Orta, who owns Tru Grit Restoration, says he called a Texas property management company to see if they needed any help after the treacherous winter storm.

    When the company said yes, Orta began his 16-hour drive to Dallas, Texas, without hesitation, KSAZ reported.

    Orta said he could not stand by and do nothing after he heard about the storm’s impact on Texas and how people were being displaced from their homes.

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  • Man Builds, Donates Nearly 40 Desks to Kids Learning Remotely: ‘I Love What I’m Doing’

    A man in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, is using his talent for carpentry to help children doing their schoolwork at home.

    When Justin Foley heard a few months ago that students in his neighborhood needed somewhere to sit and learn online this year, he came up with an idea, according to NJ.com.

    “Just after talking with parents in the area, I know there are families that are in desperate need of desks, because right now kids are working on couches, beds. You’re sitting in an uncomfortable position for hours on end,” he told the outlet.

    Foley’s own children, who are 10 and 14, are also learning remotely with the Cherry Hill School District.

    The 44-year-old got to work after he found directions on how to build the desks online.

    Read more https://www.breitbart.com/loca…ely-i-love-what-im-doing/

    Justin Foley

  • Electrician Raises over $90K to Repair Senior’s Home for Free

    An elderly woman’s home in Woburn, Massachusetts, is getting some much needed repairs thanks to a kindhearted electrician.

    When John Kinney arrived at 72-year-old Gloria Scott’s house to fix a broken ceiling light in August, he quickly realized that was just one of her problems, according to CBS News.

    “No lights, running water. I think I seen her on a Friday and it stuck with me over the weekend and I said, ‘I got to go back there,'” he recalled.

    A few days later, he went back and started repairing her house at no charge and also created a Facebook page called “Nice old lady needs help” to raise money for the project and encourage other tradesmen to join his mission.

    Once word got out, it became a massive community effort to renovate Scott’s entire home.

    “This could be anybody’s mother, anybody’s grandmother,” said Kinney’s brother, Dan.

    Read more https://www.breitbart.com/heal…repair-seniors-home-free/

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  • https://rtd.rt.com/films/joyability/ - 17' Documentary


    Adults with learning difficulties make Simple Things at workshops in Saint Petersburg

    It’s no ordinary business and the workers aren’t ordinary either. At Simple Things, Saint Petersburg’s workshops, the potters, woodworkers, designers, and waiters have learning difficulties. In spite of their difference, they make beautiful things in a happy atmosphere.

    Masha, the founder, volunteers and trainers share how they identify newcomers’ gifts and what they themselves receive from supporting those for whom a regular workplace is too harsh an environment.

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