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    Live for it

    You have often heard the expression "I will die for you" or "I will die for my cause". But ask yourself first "Why?" Why indeed? The dead are useless.

    Rather say "I will live for you" or "I will live for my cause". Only the living can make a difference. Live for it.

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    Childlike Innocence

    Innocence is freedom of corruption. It is to be childlike but not childish, which is to be foolish, immature and unwise.

    A return to innocence and childlikeness is possible. Like everything it's about choice. You can choose it. You can choose to purge corruption from mind and spirit without sacrificing truth, wisdom and maturity.

    You can choose to become pure and innocent once again. Choose to be childlike but not childish.

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    Translation of Manuel:

    WONDERFUL .. Good. I have accumulated a lot of experience in this final phase, hard, complicated, and unpleasant, for me, but, I give FAITH and walk with witnesses, THAT GOD KNOWS, that, when I lost the support of the Family, I found THE FRIENDS ... Thank you to this wonderful friendship, even today, I can even write to you and share a little of my life

    .. I IDENTIFY myself in my personal experience, with this SHORT, THOUGHT, DIVINE.


    Muchísimas gracias. Estoy muy contento de que hayas encontrado un lugar al que sientes que perteneces. Aquí ciertamente estás entre amigos.

    Thank you very much. I am greatly pleased that you found a place where you feel you belong. Here you certainly are among friends.

  • ¡¡¡¡MARAVILLOSO¡¡¡¡ .. Bueno. he acumulado mucha experiencia en esta fase final, dura, complicada, y desagradable, para mi, pero, doy FE y camino con testigos, QUE DIOS SABE, que, cuando perdi el apoyo de la Familia, encontré a LOS AMIGOS ... Gracias a esta maravillosa amistad, aun, hoy, puedo, siquiera, escribirles, y compartir un poco de mi vida .. Me IDENTIFICO en mi experiencia personal, con este BREVE, PENSAMIENTO, DIVINO.

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    When all else fails

    When all else fails, what will you do? When all else fails, when everything around you falls down and pulls apart at the seams, what will you do? Who will you turn to? Will you turn to family? What if they fail? How about friends? What if they desert you? The police? Emergency services? The government? What if the numbers don't work? What if nobody is on the other side?

    If all else fails and you stand alone with nobody to call on, nobody to help you? If all else fails and you need courage, where will you find it? How will you conquer your fear? What if you are pushed beyond limits where even your body and mind feels it can't go on and is screaming for release?

    When all else fails, where can you turn too?

    When all else fails, you descend. You descend into Silence. You close your eyes, even if for only a moment or two, and you descend. You descend inwards toward your center.

    When all else fails you descend into God. You descend inwards into the God within you. You go deep inside and you embrace the power you carry. You go deep inside and you embrace the Silence of the center of God which you are deep inside. For that one moment you embrace that silence and bring that power out. You bring that power out in full force. You bring out the power of God within.

    When all else fails you bring out the power of God within. You bring out the peace. You bring out the courage. You bring out the knowledge and wisdom that is part of you as God is part of you. When all else fails you bring out God.

    You bring out God and you see that when all else fails...that you do not...that you cannot...that it is impossible for you to fail.

    When all else fails and you bring out God within and embrace that alliance which is closer than your rushing discover that you are invincible. You discover that you not only have God within but also the power and peace of that God within. You discover that you are God as God is you. You discover the power of the Silence and then you discover the power of the Word. The Word of God within. The Word of God which you are.

    When all else fails you then stand up. You lose your fear. You go beyond. You find your true courage and power. You take a step forward...and another...and another...and you begin to walk as God on earth. You become the invincible Spirit you are, for when you walk as God nothing can ever fail and when all else outside fails nothing inside will.

    This call is sent out to all who may find themselves alone in the midst of chaos and fear where ever and whenever it may occur during the coming times. Know that when all else fails but you embrace the Silent Power of God within that you will never fail. The power is only a thought away. God is only a thought way. Let it lift you and guide you. Listen to the Silence speak.

    When all else fails...take the step...and let God take the rest with you. You are never alone and never will be...even when all else fails.

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    Desire and Control

    Those that keep their wants and desires modest and controlled are free for they cannot be controlled by any who desire power over them by using their own desires against them.

    Do not let your desires rule you and you shall be a slave to no one and no thing.

    If you should have an overwhelming desire for something then let that desire be for your own ascension into the Light of Godhood. Do not place the fulfillment of that desire in another's hands however. Fulfill it yourself as only your Self can do it without leading you astray.

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