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  •…uang-city-of-the-phoenix/ - 27' Documentary - 8 Feb. 2021

    City of The Phoenix.

    A great day out in China’s prettiest old town in Yunnan province


    Some call it the prettiest town in China. The old quarter, known as Fenghuang Ancient Town, or Phoenix City, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a favorite for tourists. Nestled among the gentle hills of Hunnan on the bank of the Tuojiang River, its old stone houses with traditional upturned Chinese roofs and picturesque bridges, exude an unhurried charm.

    RTD takes a leisurely day trip around its cobbled streets and meets the founder of a coffee shop blending Chinese tradition with hipster tastes, one of the few remaining practitioners of Chinese Batik craftsmanship, and a venerable silver wedding jewellery-maker preserving the traditional skills of the Miao people.

  • 22' Documentary

    Tyva: The sounds of nature

    Tuvan throat singing lures foreigners to stark Siberian idyll

    Tuvan throat singing produces eery, otherworldly harmonies. For foreign musicians like Sean Quirk and Elizabeth Gordon, it is the gateway drug to the enchanted land of Tuva and its people.

    Tuva or Tyva lies in Southeastern Siberia, on the border with Mongolia. Once an independent People’s Republic, it was the last entity to be incorporated into the USSR in 1944. Inhabited for thirty thousand years, its population currently stands at around 320,000.Tyva’s nomadic people have a similar culture to their Mongolian neighbours and some still live in yurts.

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  • - 27' Documentary

    Moiseyev Ballet

    Captivated by Genius

    The Moiseyev Ballet is a world-known and loved folk dance ensemble, which has played an important role in establishing Russia’s international cultural ties since its inception in 1943. Its dancers are under constant pressure to do justice to the legacy of its visionary founder, Igor Moiseyev, and to keep proving the Ballet’s leadership among folk dance groups of the world. They undergo gruelling rehearsals and have to accept the inevitability of injuries and health problems – all in the name of art. Yet they are always trying to reach perfection, no matter the cost. They give the dance their all and, unlike in classic ballet, are prepared to share fame with each other, rather than stand out as lead dancers.

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  •…son-forever-the-enduring/ - 52' Film documentary

    From Russia with Art

    Passionate ambassadors on a mission to promote Russia’s cultural heritage

    Diaghilev’s Les Saisons Russes started a fascination with Russian culture that continues to this day. An RTD documentary examines the work of Russian cultural outposts – a classical ballet school in the Netherlands, an art gallery in Denmark, and a winery in France – all popularising the Russian artistic legacy. Boris Eifman, Valeriy Gergiev, Mikhail Shemyakin and Vladimir Spivakov share their thoughts on why Russian and Soviet artists, composers and choreographers continue to be relevant and loved around the world.

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