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    I am sure this Assets is part of the Collateral Accounts. I cannot ask anymore any person who is directly connected to ITC. Can you please check this Kan Daek.


    I have no contact with Crayford so I have no way to know.. but certainly it seems possible.. but 20 billions is a pitance for ITC.

  • I cannot imagine with people like David Sale who has some people with him like special forces had been murdered. It is very heartbreaking for me. They are selfless people with honest intentions and really love them. Even my father and my mother is also sad of what happened. I cannot imagine why and it makes me sick to think about it. Why is it that the good people are dying while those dark is still living? I am hoping that Magnetic Reversal will be tomorrow to wipe oit those dark shits. ;(;(;(

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    I have to await official announcement IF it comes on details... I hope Crayford himself will post something when its time.. I am told now is NOT a good time yet... <3

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