Building Peace

  • I was reminded of the QAnon phrase, WWG1WGA ("where we go one, we go all') when thinking about peace.

    Why? Because here we all live on the same planet, and what affect one part of the world, affects every other part. We need to realize this, and world wide peace makes sense just on the reality that we have one home, which we should take care of and humans. Hence, this means that we are all connected; Earth is our mother and we are her children.

    Peace can only comes when we recognize what connects us, not what divides us. Is easy to see with your eyes, when we look around, the separation between something from the other; as we look at things we objectivity; however, we have to look at what is behind the thing to really see. It is to our benefit as a whole to come to an understandibg that what connects us more deeply is what is not seen with the naked eyes, but what is behind all; which is more important.

    What we are is more than what we see. It is self evident that we are all equal in the eyes of our creator, but also unique ( the only begotten son/daughter of God); there is no other like you. Therefore, the difference between all of us is also what unite us. We can all agree that we are different, unique, but at the same time humans. We may have different skin pigments, different views, but we also bleed red. So we can say that what divides us, also unites us.

    "Be Perfect Even as I Am Perfect. "

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