BBLU_ ,I need your help , please

  • Hi Lucia/BBLU_

    Or anyone who can help me with that

    Or understands the chemistry of metals

    I need your help

    I'm going to buy myself titanium rods

    And I wanted to know what grade of titanium are your rods?

    Except that it's 99,999 pure

    When I do a search I get to what degree I want my titanium

    I saw that there are grades 2 to 5

    And I do not understand it at all,

    So if you can give me some tip or information, it will help me a lot

    I've been preparing for myself for a few months now

    Silver Colloidal

    And it goes great and makes me great, every day more

    I'm now going to buy myself titanium / magnesium and copper rods

    I'm just very new to it, in silver bars I'm already an expert

    But in the rest I am not, Suri


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