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    The Village of Living Water - Harie

    An amazing village in Japan, living a full, happy, and peaceful life.

    The way of life in the village is especially enchanting to me

    The rippling of the water, the cleanliness of the water and the environment, the graceful and peaceful quiet of the people who live in it

    A dream that there is still such a magical place in the world <3

    We can learn from this village how to handle drinking water

    The Village of Living Water - Harie

    Many buildings in this Harie district have a kabata, which residents use to draw water for everyday tasks.

    We went to see for ourselves the unique, intimate relationship between the lives of the area’s residents and their water.

    For over 300 years, the village of Harie (針江) in Japan has thrived on its interconnected system of mountains, canals, streams, rice fields, spring water, and kabata, small separate rooms that are used as a kitchen spaces for each household.

    There, residents wash their dishes in pools of crystal-clear spring water.

    As the foods wash off the plates, large koi and other fish eat the scraps, keeping the cold flowing water clean.

    there are multiple pools in the kabata including a motoike for drinking and cooking, a tsuboike for washing and cooling tofu and vegetables, and a koi-filled hataike for washing dishes and pots.

    Everyone in the community is mindful of how they use the water so that the ancient, balanced system isn’t polluted, including using eco-friendly soaps and cleansers. And even in Japan, the ‘village of living water’ is unique

    Koi are unusual kitchen helpers in the kabata of Harie




    Not too far from the beautiful torii of Shirahige Shrine, you will find the small village of Harie and its unique feature: free water! Thanks to its several rather easily accessible water springs Harie, also know in Japanese as “Shozu-No-Sato” or The Village of Pure Water” offers access to free and delicious water directly from the homes on pretty much every street of Harie.

    People living in Harie are very proud of their spring water. They use it daily to not only drink but also wash their vegetables and even keep Koi Carp as personal pets. Limiting Harie to its gorgeous spring water will not be fair, as Harie is a magnificent little village frozen in time ideal to do away with your stress and worries.




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