Things In Christianity I cannot do.

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    This is a thread I started today.. on the Good Friday I cannot do on glp... its on its 5th page there... I hope some of them understand why I am what I am... got lots of posts from Christians and I spent a lot of time.. some 4 hours of telling them I cannot do this that and the other in Christianity. Interesting enough and I only remember deleting 2 posts from it.. some sort of LOW record... A lot of Christians think I have no experience and now they should under stand I do.. but I didn't include it all... I mentioned I AM ordained and I AM... and got told to get back to Jesus of course... My point is I chose to not create a parish and minister it because I cannot reproduce the lies... And I pointed out a bit.. that ministers have to stay with the script.. There were a lot of church burnings in the days of Martin Luther King and much later if Pastors decided to carry political truth too.. Anyway.. I you can and post there if you wish and I will keep the thread going some over this Easter weekend because I can't teach lies to a parish about easter either... :)<3

    free to express yourself after reading on GLP.

    Christ Jesus said when he walked this earth...


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