• Being a "white hat", I'm surprised that Alex Jones is still alive ..

  • well there you go. I try to stay neutral, but over the years I have definitely been impressed by tucker carlson, trump, alex jones, joe rogan. what impressed me about alex jones was how good he was at creating the image he wanted to create. he's completely immune to attack on stage as far as i can tell . he's super smart and he always has a good comeback. sometimes he goes on a bit of a rant and I get bored. but I agree that he is waking people up , big time.

  • Indeed Alex is special...thanks for sharing that story dear KD...awesome!

    It was 2003 when I was living in San Antonio, TX, and went to Austin to meet a professor at the University of Texas...we went out of the Campus to have lunch at a Food Truck when I saw many people walking kind of following a guy. Then I asked the professor: "Who is he?" He told me: "You do not know him? That´s Alex Jones, he has a very famous radio show"

    He was already some kind of celebrity in Austin, TX.

    WOW...time flies...that was 20 years ago and still following Alex Jones INFOWARS. IMO, he has been the person who has EDUCATED US MORE here in the Western Hemisphere. He is a TRUE MIND OPENER!

    Alex + Elon + Tucker will be EXPLOSIVE! Looking forward to a Great Full-Of-Chaos 2024!

  • I Like Alex Jones. He's fun.

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    I got to spend 3 days with Alex Jones in LA and the professor Steven??? From Brigham Young University on 911. It was outstanding. I helped Alex set up chairs the night before and had time with him..the professor and others who were there .including the 2 young men who made good 911 films. I sent time in the bar that LSO HAD FOOD. I SAT AT The TABLE WITH ALEX...WE TALKED. HE CRIED REAL TEARS BECAUSE DARK SHITS HAD A RETIRED MILITARY MAN THERE PLAYING GOOD GUY WHO WAS ANYTHING BIT. ALEX WAS NOT AVLE TO PREVENT THAT.

    ALEX HAD A GOLDEN AURA AROUND HIM AND I WILL NEVER EVER SHIT ON him. He is a high ranking man of the Father incarnate. I don't see golden auras often. HE IS AN AUTHENTIC WARRIOR. YOU SEE I KNOW..


    And separate for my own safety from THAT GROUP. Colorado 911 becaME CORRUPT AS ITS LEADER WAS DARK SHIT AND I SAW IT.

  • well the comment on this article is the reason for the post. the article is pretty dumb. I didn't copy the poster's name for his safety..

    ‘Most censored man’ in America set to return to X
    X owner Elon Musk is holding a poll on whether to reinstate the banned account of Infowars host Alex Jones

    No, I'm the most censored person in America. In fact I had to run for my life back to Canada. Alex Jones is a billionaire put up job to make anyone that did research on 911 as an inside job from a leftist perspective, look crazy. When the CIA finally killed my colleague Mike Ruppert, the man that blew the whistle on CIA/Contra drug dealing, they replaced him with Alex Jones and everyone fell for it. I did not. Ruppert, along with many others including myself brought a successful argument that 911 was an inside job. Tell me one big story that Alex Jones has ever broken that wasn't broken by me and others first, you can't because there isn't one. He steals the thunder from real journalists like myself. One of he biggest stories I broke was to prove that the genocide that Sec. Of State, Colin Powell said was happening in Darfur, was actually being conducted by the CIA because the largest natural gas find in Africa was discovered there. I also exposed that Bush Sr. had plans to build a tanker port in Mogadishu, Somalia which is why the US maintains Somalia as a basket case. This is why war is happening in the Sudan again, because the US is trying to break Darfur off of Sudan, again, like the CIA broke South Sudan off of Sudan, because that's where all the oil in Sudan is. Alex Jones is fraud and so to is Elon Musk. Both are the property of the Pentagon. Jones exposed himself as put up job when he reported an obvious false flag exactly the same way Fox and CNN did when a supposed Democrat shot a republican congressman while the congressman was playing baseball, with other Republicans. The FBI decimated the leftist 911 research community but Architects and Engineers, a group I belong too, was organized. I'm not an engineer but I can build you a skyscraper if you asked me to. People need to stop listening to Alex Jones and Elon Musk, they are fascists in disguise.

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