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    🔥𝗦𝗮𝗱𝗵𝗴𝘂𝗿𝘂🔥: Let me tell you a story. Many of you must have heard of Kaushika. He was a Brahmin sadhaka. For his sadhana, he found himself a place in the forest close to a particular village. There, he practiced sadhana to make himself more powerful and to gain siddhis. One day, while he was practicing, a bird's dropping fell on his shoulder. He got mad and he looked at the bird. The intensity of his look was such that the bird just burst into flames and the ashes fell. He was very happy that his sadhana had worked. “If I just look at somebody, they will burn." At lunch time, he went into the village to beg and eat. He went to a particular house where he said, "Bhikshandehi." That means he wants food. In India, when a spiritual person comes to your house, you never say no. Whatever you have, something you give. So, the house wife called from inside, Please wait, “I'm serving food to my husband." He waited for a few moments and then again said, "Bhikshandehi." She said, "Please wait, I'm coming." A few more minutes passed and he was getting angry and he shouted loudly, "Bhikshandehi." Then she came with food. He yelled, "Who do you think, I am that you can keep me waiting?" This morning's incident had suddenly made him feel very big. Then she said, “I know you are Kaushika, but please don't glare at me; I am not a bird that you can burn up." Kaushika was shocked.
    He asks, "What is this? How did you know that today I burnt up a bird? How do you know what happened in my life this morning? What sadhana are you doing?" She says, "My only sadhana is to serve my husband." Then he falls at her feet and asks her to take him as her disciple. She says, "No, I cannot take you as my disciple." She sees there is another problem with him which is adding to his inflated ego---his caste. He is a Brahmin. So she tells him to go meet another Master whose name is Dharmavada, who is a Shudra [Member of the menial labor caste in the Hindu caste system] by birth and a butcher by profession. She says, "You go to him, he's the best Master for you.” This Master lives in a faraway place, so Kaushika goes there. The story goes like this, but now what I'm asking you is, if this woman's only sadhana was cooking and serving her husband, how did she know of Dharmavada who was far away? He was not a well-known Master; he was a butcher. So how did she know of him?
    Now don't come to a stupid conclusion like thinking that women only have to serve their husbands and they will attain. Don't simply concoct the whole story to your own convenience. By serving her husband, a woman might attain to peace or to love. What the woman in the story said and what she did clearly shows that she was into some sadhana. She had her own sadhana in her life. She had been to a Master, she had learned and she was well versed in what she was doing. This intensity had come into her life not just out of doing simple acts. She could not have known about the spiritual masters---unknown spiritual masters of those times ---if she was not on the path. One reason why I immediately walked out of my business was just this: somehow I thought it was unfair of me to continue because the other man does not know what's going to happen next, and I know it. I can always outsmart him in many different ways; make a fool out of him.

    ~~Excerpted from Mystic Musings book~~

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