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  • Yesterday when entering the topic about Russia and Putin in GLP I was able to read the telepathic message, the amount of information provided and confirmed in it is fascinating since it is related to the nuclear event that you have covered before.

    It is quite pathetic the position in which the Khazars/Deep State and their G7 puppets find themselves because they still believe they can beat Russia. It's the opposite since the Russians are going to end the war in a matter of hours and the NWO will not know who hit them.

    Again, thank you very much KAN DAEK for keeping us informed. <3 :thumbup:

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    from someone close to me and part of AH who does not want to be identified.. so I am posting with permission. this will perhaps help some of you in distress. :)

    7th September, 2021


    Please speak to me Christ Michael...Please speak to me..

    Christ Michael:

    I know at your ‘lower self identification’... you are in despair ..as you see that things are hurtling to an unimaginable crisis..one which has not befallen your civilization in its most recent existence in history…

    It is truly unprecedented in scope and magnitude..yet for what its worth these scenarios which are before the ‘court of public opinion’ have been the most illustrative for anyone who cares to understand any part of society and its illusions...

    Your awareness of what is happening before your very eyes is part of the unveiling..the unveiling of how control operates within your human societies...how it is designed to enslave...

    and how such enslavement is so profound and deeply rooted within societies that describe themselves as democratic and free.

    You are wondering..how truly deep.. this ‘rabbit hole goes?’..but I tell you the depth of ‘the rabbit hole’ is unfathomable ...however before the ‘tip of the iceberg’ can be revealed…. the ‘vibrations of awareness’ ..amongst the advancing populations...or rather...those who are destined to go further along... either with the planet...or elsewhere...have to be activated in ways that would allow many things to be exposed and provide those of you... who need to do the necessary work..the wherewithal to operate... without becoming overly sensitive to issues …

    Otherwise..unprepared minds will not be able to handle more contentious and foreboding information..

    Simply put ...before you can contemplate deep philosophical treatises and mathematical equations...you have to know your “ABC’s and 123’s”...

    Similarly, before you can bear witness to the many perverted and destructive influences...which have...guided and controlled the thoughts and behaviours of human beings ....you will have to experience..in one way or another the ‘Control Apparatus’ and its many layered and all encompassing institutions and methodologies...

    There is a saying in your world that goes like this ... ‘Man plans while God laughs’.. which is succinctly very true. Apply that saying to your current worldwide situation.

    Nefarious plans are in train to subjugate the planet and its lifeforms..These plans have been tweaked and reworked for longer than you care to know.

    This is not the first attempt that has been made to unleash these plans on the populations of the world but it is..by far..the most organized and multi-pronged attempt... to force conditions on the planetary populations.

    Make no mistake this is not only about the ‘people populations’ but also the animal and mineral kingdoms…

    For some of you..this is not new information but for quite a large majority this is...and for even a larger part of the population, this cannot be understood nor recognised.

    You see..what is happening before your eyes, is being allowed...in order to maximize understanding of the nature of the societies to which you belong. Once your eyes are opened..you then begin to see how you have been manipulated into surrendering your sovereignty.

    Do not believe that for one moment it is only your governments and political leaders that are at fault here...All the institutions that you considered imperial to the function of a ‘good ...just and advanced’ society, are equally part of the facade that has ultimately enslaved you.

    I tell you, there is more justice and fairness in societies that you consider ‘primitive’...and if you were not led to be fooled by the status oriented trappings of a false society, you would have built your community and societal growth utilizing basic principles which inform fair and just practices of simple human societies even if they appeared to be lacking in sophistication as you see it.

    The attraction of glitz and glamour have de-sensitized many with only a few now recognizing that they were bought and paid for with ‘Fool’s Gold’…

    Yet...many ...still cannot ‘see’…and allow themselves to be traded willy-nilly even to the point of having no compunction to allow the same for their loved ones.

    I tell you..these moments are most revelatory .. for these situational times are exposing so many and so much..yet they are preparatory for what is to come..You are being ‘spoon fed’ and at the same time ‘toughened up’ to be able to stand your ground..as you will need ‘toughness’ and sovereignty to forge ahead..

    For not only would you see the very fabric of your society... rending at the seams... but you will also see ‘the masks’ of many who you respected one way or another..fall away before your very eyes.

    As you look..haven’t you seen how many of your erstwhile and current ‘leaders’..be they political..religious...spiritual...judicial..medical..philosophical... etc.. flip flopping on critical issues relative to the worldwide situation at hand.

    Haven’t you seen how these ‘persons’ can take one position on an issue in one instance and the complete opposite on the same issue..at the ‘drop of a hat’.

    When such contradictions are occurring..one must ask the obvious questions such as who or what has been in control of such persons…and why?...

    Then there are those who continue to postulate that a society’s interests would be best served by any given political party or particular religious body..or...or...or..but I tell you..with the exception of maybe two or three...certainly not more that 5 …ALL political and religious organisations..or...or...or are compromised.

    It is especially obvious in politics where government and opposition groups... in 99 percent of countries are ‘on the same page’ where current issues and mandates are concerned..

    Clearly..that should tell you that ‘the forces’ that control and dictate policy in the affairs of Man..do so through their surrogates..in Government..opposition and otherwise.

    Valuable lessons which are quite necessary for those who tend to be hard of learning...are being accommodated in these most difficult of times..

    Valuable lessons for me too..because work can only be done through the many of us who are on and around the planet and if there are those who are entrusted with responsibilities for facilitation of the new way forward, but have become compromised or weakened one way or another..then those of us who have to ensure integrity and credibility in the process of planetary reclamation will make changes in accordance with the Highest Good.

    Fortunately, this scenario, unparalleled in recent history has presented many opportunities especially amongst those who have ‘risen to the occasion’.despite their lack of knowing of who and what they really are..

    In Spite of their fear..they have stood steadfast and inspired others to know and understand their sovereignty..as best they could..

    Man Plans and God Laughs..

    This is the time of the sorting and it is ironic..after all... that the conditions that were being developed by those forces ‘hell’ bent (pun intended) to ‘disengage’ me from my presence on the planet, have fallen into a trap..a waste basket trap…

    They along with their minions throughout societies in whatever countries... have..by their own devices..entrapped themselves..in ways in which they cannot escape or deftly explain away.

    As they pile on their edicts Day after Day...their culpability is reinforced to the extent that cements their guilt in ways that would not and cannot be expunged from the records of the ‘Universal Laws of Justice’..By their continued deliberate actions they have sealed their fates in ways they cannot fathom..

    For those in leadership positions who should have known better but allowed themselves to be compromised out of fear for the loss of perceived stature or for tokens of greed or those or who supported positions based on personal preferences instead of basing such decisions on integrity and the like ..such leadership positions would be revoked as the planet moves forward..

    Understandably such shortcomings cannot be overlooked as the planet charts a new way onward..

    Of course..the ‘hell’ bent ones have a date with destiny far removed from this planet.

    Man Plans and God Laughs..

    As the time of overwhelming change is more or less upon us… it behooves me to reiterate once more... that while to all and sundry... the present situation is fraught with elements that engender feelings of fear and hopelessness..it is a test for those of you, who are so inclined….to rise and feel your innate power...so that you may take your places..in accordance with whatever plans that you came unto the planet..to fulfill.

    It will require you to ‘see’ beyond what you perceive as obvious and realise that what is playing out is consistent with the sounding of the ‘death knell’ for those who have derailed the planetary project and attempted to hijack it off its course...a course which was always destined towards Cosmic sanctity and brotherhood..

    This enactment has played out for eons with every opportunity being given for analysis..understanding and resolution...alas the time has come to ‘turn the page’ on this...The remnants who have chosen to ignore these opportunities have sealed their fate as previously stated.

    For..in their delirium to somehow alter destiny..they have unleashed a plan that not only creates the conditions for their own demise but also allows for the ‘playing out’ of many revelations hitherto unknown to most people.

    For truly..’What in darkness is coming to light’ and..as such... there is exposure of the manner in which control has been exerted... Much is being revealed in ways that must surely make any ‘thinking’ person wonder at the depravity of it all…. and...after much pondering…. the question must be asked...whilst in deep thought... how can one ‘unplug’ from it all?.

    This wanting to ‘unplug’ provides the perfect conditions for the exploration of better and more life sustaining initiatives consistent with the planetary objectives...thereby creating less challenges for the Celestial ‘caregivers’ who are here to provide assistance under the changing circumstances.

    So verily I say unto you..that God has had a ‘hand’ in their plans..unknownst ...and... despite the feelings of dismay ...it should be recognised that ideal conditions for revelations, awakening, re-alignment with higher purposes, spiritual strengthening, purging of unworthy alliances and allegiances , re-cognition of the Sovereign Self and understanding of the alignment of the Sovereign Self with Divinity…are being provided..

    Such characteristics form ideal attributes for a Human Being who is shifting into higher vibrations consistent with existence in a higher frequency Earth environment.

    When all is said and done:

    Man Plans but God Laughs… Why?... because at the end of the Day... God Wins and I will have My Say!’

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