the Vaccine material and Bill Gates material circulating on the web.

  • NO Life Insurance policy will pay out if death is vaccine related. It is in the fine print.

  • You Refuse to Get Vaccinated, But Are You Ready to be an Outcast?

    People need to hear both sides of the story, in fact, that's the only way they can make an informed decision about how they wish to proceed.


    The "TRUTH" doesn't know an expiration date! (-CL) -- I Am that I Am --

    Heed me, little ones, your Father calls to you gently. It is time now. Do you understand? Yes, I think you do. Will you come to me?

    I Love you tenderly and oh so dearly. Take my hand. Do it right now. This is urgent, ok? -- Christ Michael Aton --


  • I was sorry to hear that <3

    Hope you are feeling better now :)

    I've been telling people for years not to get vaccinated, flu or pneumonia .... they are not listening to me ... too bad

    Here in Israel, more than 5 million people are already vaccinated, so we are free in Israel ... and in the meantime, we do not force ourselves to get vaccinated, even though there are places we are not allowed to enter, but it is not terrible at all ... hope this madness is over soon

    And there shall be no Ebola (Corona) 2

    Hugs and a lovely night <3<3

  • I'm sorry to hear about your bad experiences with "vaccines". I teach in a public school, and almost ALL the staff and teachers in my school (except me) have been vaccinated. No one has asked me anything about it. However, I have tried to talk to other friends and family members about the risks of taking this "vaccine". Some have listened and they believe me, and others don't. I guess I have to respect their choice ...

  • The "Vaccine" is coming now to my community.. I did not sign up for it.. King Soopers is providing it. I am starting to get asked more often if I am out.. if I signed up. I say no and I explain why.

    1. there is NO covid.. its all flu and colds... so why should I take a vaccine for a fake disease?

    2. I educate them that two "vaccines" I took in the past destroyed my health ... my MS caused by the old swine flu vaccine.. there was no swine flu. Lots of people got MS.. RA.. and Lupus..

    3. My diabetes was caused by a "booster" shot of pneumonia "vaccine" I took 10 years after the first one. My diabetes started in less than a month. And you see that first "pneumonia" shot was for but only one BACTERIA pneumonia. :cursing:

    4. I am not going to risk a 3rd major illness to further complicate my life. Especially since there is no covid.

    I will not make the same error again .... Back then I didn't know.. now I do.

    Christ Jesus said when he walked this earth...


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