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    Yes, is obvious that it is BS. Specially knowing Enki is an Ascended Master. And how someone going to infiltrate the Federation? Are they that incompetent to be infiltrated?

    Enki has exactly NO ABILITY to infiltrate the galactic federation.. it is too big and he has no power to do that... if you are finding stuff about enki of this sort its garbage... he is the simple son on Anu from Nibiru and Nibiru cannot infiltrate the galactic federation... This explains the difficulty I am having in Chat on GLP with anti enki folks.. pure llies. I really like both Enki and Enlil....

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    AI will be controlled under those 1000 years... so it is not harmful and used right. There are civilizations where it can get out of control. But on this planet in which CM will Rule so to speak... it will not get out of control.. the planet is entering her enternity... and out of control AI happens on planets which have not entered their eternity.. :)

  • While “Dr. Feelgood” Ismael Perez is telling us nice stories about HOW CLOSE we are to the finish line, about Putin, The Tartarian civilization, Jesus, Inner Earth etc, Nicholas Veniamin is beginning to show signs of acute stress disorder….


    First published at 16:47 UTC on October 19th, 2022

    Ismael Perez Discusses Putin Ending the Deep State with Nicholas Veniamin
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  • Thanks Janet, that was a very comprehensive research you did there....

  • I may not have gotten back to the Ishmael thread...he initially intrigued and even impressed me, but I watched about 6 hours of him and while he had a lot of good/valid info, there was a lot of crap mixed in. And notice how he was SUDDENLY all over the Internet...and I think he is a plant to misdirect people and keep them occupied. All his Enki stuff sounds like total BS to me, as KD said, and it's clearly designed to sound good. Most people don't know anything about Enki, Enlil or Anu unless they studied Zacharia Sitchen's books (which I did in the early 2000's and attended a weekend seminar as well). As I recall, Sitchen didn't paint the same picture Ismael is.

    And all this about Earth being "the most important planet in the Universe" and humans being "most important race in the multiverse, we are superpowered, we just don't know it yet." and that when more strands of DNA are activated (or attached, did he say?) that these powers will simply appear...it's like he's trying to flatter or lure us into thinking we're so great and special...we are going to save the Universe. I do hesitate because he says 1000 years, and that's also how long we've been told Esu will be here on Earth...but again, good disinformation always contains 60-80% truth.

    Also, Ismael's theory about AI taking over - and being the real enemy - I think there is some truth to that. It's the basis of The Matrix, it is a real threat that is already happening to some degree, but if it were to happen, it would take much less than 1000 years, IMHO and uneducated opinion. Look how much our technology has developed just in the last 100 years - 50 years - 20 years, 5 years! It's cumulative.

    I found a very interesting video about Ismael from a woman that seems pretty legit to me, actually. She meditated and asked about him and what she saw/heard makes a lot of sense. The man spouts all his ideas so fast, it's like he has memorized the equivalent of a set of encyclopedias, even people with photographic minds (and I know a few) don't spit out that much detailed info that fast.

    This lady's video is worth watching. I've been meaning to do so again, it's from last August. It starts out very slow, as she has just come out of a remote viewing meditation on him, but she gets more animated as it goes on. He claims to be a "super soldier" with a mixture of all kinds of alien DNA...she saw him as highly augmented with LOTS of AI implants and other stuff. That he is emitting frequencies that attract and hypnotize people...She said it was Draco/Reptilian energies, and they were gathering data from people through him. Then later she posted a short video with a title thanking him but I haven't watched it yet.

    OMG - I just went to where I saved the link to share it with you, and the video is removed.

    What's the truth behind ISMAEL PEREZ?(info received thru remote viewing) - YouTube

    This leads me to believe she was telling the truth and they got to her and shut her up. I think her channel may be gone, cause I subscribed and it's not in my subscriptions. She had a foreign (not American) accent, and her videos were very low res and shot in her kitchen. But for English as a second language she was very, very fluent. I didn't write down her name and now can't find her channel. But if you put his name in YouTube SO MANY videos come up - it's crazy. It's like some very big, powerful and wealthy folks are backing him.

    I wonder if anyone has ever seen him in person. It's always video interviews, and it looks like they squished his face in some of them. He likes to use a background of the cosmos that's been a desktop picture staple on Macs for many years.

    One more point: just the very fact that he's telling all this stuff would be the thing that prevents it from happening! Giving people plenty of warning and notice to change it. Duh. But all the people who interview him (including Janine) seem to just hang on to his every word, and do not question anything he says with critical thinking. In the ones I've watched, at least.

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