Last Night's Dream

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  • In the dream I was in an underground facility, looked similar to a hospital without patients, but with very wide hallways. In the hallway Russian President Putin was standing alone, no body guards. He appeared to be casually waiting for something. Not many people in the facility, but they were carrying out their assignments. At this point, I felt like I better find something to do or someone may ask questions. The feeling I did not belong there (no kidding). Picture a large central room, square and a very wide hallway surrounding it and other rooms around that room, etc. I knew Putin was in the hallway on the opposite side when the lights began to flicker and the emergency lights kicked in. I ran to the side where Putin was and he was still alone. Then I realized nobody could see me.

    In an instant, Putin was on top of a rocky hilltop laying down in a card board box. Strong enough to support him, really wide, but it was not deep enough for them to close. I told the people with Putin this in English and then realized they could not understand what I was saying. They were Russians. I had the feeling they were attempting to kidnap Putin, who appeared to be unconscious. At this point, guys in jet packs, three of them appeared flying in the sky looking for Putin. I said to myself, either these guys (one woman and one man) will kill me or the guys in the jet pack. So I start waving my arms in the air and pointing down to Putin, yelling out Putina, with an A at the end. One jet pack guy came to us and opened fire on the other two, killing them and left me bullet free.

    The scene changes again. I was brought to an apartment in a limo with a elderly man and I in the back. In the limo ride we were talking, but I could not make out what he was saying and I do not know what I was saying. Once inside the apartment I felt safe. It also felt like Putin was safe.

    Scene changes again, same dream. I am back in the general area on a rocky hilltop on an electric scooter, really fast and advanced. When I looked down the hill there were smooth roads, street lights, very impressive and in the distance a large Russian city. It did not have the feel of Moscow. I was riding the scooter down the road and noticed a beautiful Russian lady and I was about to go back and talk to her, but woke up. End of dream.

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  • thanks everyone thanks Mia

    I was very sick then too. it was a storm in real life when I was having this dream. we have had some magnificent storms this winter. I think that mother earth is feeling the energies of this moment. I look forward with great anticipation to Aton's final masterpiece.

    such a strange juxtaposition, tragedy and idiocy, that will be eclipsed by a divine moment that we cannot really imagine.

    I don't have dreams like this very often either. so I figured you'd want to hear it. the vision was just me meditating on the dream a little bit.

    sometimes dreams are so vivid and powerful. (not this one in particular tho)

    this site doesn't work so well vis a vis unread threads. sometimes I don't get notified. I only found this by going back to the thread, to see if there were any responses to my dream..

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