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    "Let all of us here of AH receive "Light", "Love" & energy from Paradise, entering along our crown, passing through our hearts and forwarding it to the core of Mother Gaia!"


    "I asked CM for advice on what to do..

    and he replied for AH to combine their power of where two or more are gathered in my Name..

    there I AM and pour more energy into Mother.." -KD

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    From: RE: Thought Adjuster's Messages


    By Christ Michael

    Received by Anyas


    ABOUT SERVICE | The Inner Sherpa

    Christ Michael: “Dear child, you can connect with Me and Mother Nebadonia in Service. The Father has so conceived His universes as to make them places of continued service. No being is self-existing. Everything which exists is being sustained by other organisms or beings. Your own body could not survive without air and food, among other things. A baby is born as a small organism which is still completely dependent on his mother. Birth does not mean separation; it means expansion, expansion of potentialities. ‘

    “The more you connect to others in service, the more you will connect to us. Service is what truly fertilizes the soul and helps it expand, as it truly expands the heart. Service is becoming love. It is integrating love in your being, in your life. It is infusing love in what you do and whom you are sharing time with. Service can happen behind the scene, but nevertheless, it is much needed.

    “God is continually serving all His creation behind the veil of anonymity. Eventually, each being will come to realize that there is no separation. We too, dear one, are constantly connected with you and your siblings through SERVICE, through COSMIC SERVICE. Our joy and our bliss are continuously upheld through our loving service. Service is the most powerful and sincere expression of Love. There is no true love without service. Love without service is only lip service. It is not transformative, while love expressed through service truly touches other hearts and inspire them to jump into action as well.

    “This is what is most needed at this time on this planet. A true realization of what Love is, Love beyond any artificial man-erected boundaries. Love is meant to be like a free flowing stream, not like a dammed river. Practice this type of Love. Undiscriminating love is truly an expression of our Love and it purifies your whole being. It is a powerful key which unlocks your own hearts as well as other hearts."

    "Live and Love!”


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