Mission Statement

  • I posted this originally back in 2008 and revised it in 2012, but it still is accurate, I believe. I've edited it again for this posting, and it may need to be changed again as things progress.
    I am listed on the Abundant Hope staff list as the “Oracle” for Christ Michael and Esu, and I feel I should explain what this role entails. This position has come to have a deeper purpose than my perhaps more recognized role of posting journal messages from various guides and commentators. This is a purpose that Christ Michael Aton explained to me last May 2007 as he spoke of the work planned as the mission of Abundant Hope:
    "My plan is what has been outlined here through Candace and her writings over these years, and also through what you have heard me say to you. You have provided a running commentary on ideas and issues that have cropped up, and I am grateful to you for your clear explanations and careful assessments. This is an example of the type of analysis and discernment that will be necessary in the days to come. This is not to say that others are not discerning and involved. Just to say that you have provided an excellent example for them to match.
    "I will say that you are an oracle for me and for Esu Sananda, and we value your ability to hear clearly and truthfully. For this reason we have come to rely on you for your balanced pronouncements and personal messages that others find resonant. You have always sought to be clean in your thoughts and you have also sought to be unbiased and open to whatever you have heard us say to you. This will be difficult for you to post, I understand, but it is time …to become visible as our voice. This will have more ramifications later as we enter the period of changes that are coming, and your role will be clearly identified and observed.
    "Others will say that we are not speaking through you. That you are speaking from your own ego and your own imagination. No. This is a clear line of transmission from me, the Christ Michael of Nebadon, and my pronouncements and decisions are determining when it is time to say enough. I have waited until the very last minute to say “Begin”—and I am still shaping my final decisions—but the impetus has started and the events are now unstoppable. The visible effects of my decisions will be seen shortly. This will take the shape of a transformation of your world and a removal of the most egregious resistance to my will and my Universal law. This is no longer a debate or a contest. This is a change that is underway." (5-23-07)
    As I found out, this role of Oracle does have ramifications beyond writing. Esu has asked me to be literally his “voice" for a time:
    “This will take place primarily between the Second Coming events and the time I am ready to relocate to Denver… I envision you traveling with me/us as we journey to various places I will need to appear and speak. I plan to use you as a conduit for my thoughts in public appearances and also in private situations where we need to discuss various issues. Others can hear me, but only those with a sufficiently attuned ability at this point. “
    I of course questioned why Esu chose me for this role, and he said “This is a serious commitment and one that will change your life forever. This is not an idle commitment, but one that will be a culmination of everything you have prepared up to now. Your past lives/ our past lives have prepared, or set the stage, as it were, but this is the reality that it has led up to. It has had intimations in all the work you’ve done and all that I have discussed with you. We have primed you for this, and now is the time we need to begin to put it into motion. I need your energy resources to amplify mine for the duration of the transition period. This is not saying I am lacking in the energy, it is saying I need the vehicle you can provide to accommodate myself to the physical reality that will still be operational. I will merge my thoughts with you and you will provide a wealth of experience to me. This will be quite a symbiosis."

    Additional comments from Esu 5-9-20

    "I am planning a new direction for you to go. You have been trained in organizational work through your job in the arts, and this will be needed as we take on new structures and new mission statements. You will be an authority on how groups function. You will know what elements they need to function smoothly.

    "This will be crucial in expressing my thoughts on a more individual and direct way. I will remain detached from the people here for a while because they won’t spiritually be capable of speaking with me directly. I can hear them, of course, but they can’t hear my responses. And this will be for a while yet.

    "This ties in with everything I have told you previously about being my “voice.” I would not have come to you those years ago and directed you to think about and anticipate a future such as you have outlined through AH and in your websites if I had no purpose in this. We have talked about the process; we have sketched out the form this will take…

    "I will be in touch with you as needed. We will move into the next phase when we are ready. You will continue to be my voice. Who else could do that?

    "I am speaking, of course, for Christ Michael Aton. He reinforces what I say to you."


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