The self-destruction of the USA and the future of Germany

  • In principle, this below would contradict almost everything we have been told by the celestials over the years regarding the anticipated development globally. It doesn't sit well with me and personally I still prefer to listen to CM, Esu, KD and Seraphin.

  • The Downfall of the USA and the Value West

    The self-destruction of the USA and the future of Germany

    Egon Fischer, 15 hr ago

    Good day,

    from current cause I bring briefly a geopolítischen contribution. The contributions to the vibration increase still need some time.

    On 14.2.2023 I read in the FAZ about the terrible accident in the USA, Ohio, "Chemical train derailed in Ohio : Like a disaster movie become reality".

    When I read the information, I had a very strange feeling. I had the feeling that this was possibly related to the self-destruction of the USA.

    Then in the evening, when I was already lying in bed, suddenly a spiritual being appeared and said: They (the USA) do not have much time left. I was startled and irritated. This being felt as if it had no limits. I don't know that. I have had many encounters with purely spiritual beings, but I had not experienced anything like that. At the same time as the telepathic voice, a lot of information flowed into me.

    For me it was quite terrible that for a short time I came into a state, how probably the USA government, the elites of the USA and a part of the USA population will be, if all this manifests itself. I felt completely paralyzed. Maybe some of you know this: You're lying in bed, something wakes you up, and you can't move. No matter what you try, you are just paralyzed and completely helpless. I have experienced this several times. My mind tried to come up with a term for what was happening to the US. The first term: total self-empowerment. This means the USA is doing or deciding something that will lead to the complete disempowerment of itself. And this affects all areas of life in the long run. It affects the economy, the financial world, the political system, and also natural processes (weather, volcanoes, earthquakes) and energetic events ("random" accidents and other special events that cause great damage).

    The voice said, "The U.S. does not have much time left."

    This referred to the information I received earlier. At that time it was said that the USA must completely change its political orientation by September/October 2023, or it will completely perish a few years later. That has changed. The USA has only a few weeks (!!!) left to realign itself.

    I suspect that terrible plans have been drawn up and/or decisions are pending in the USA and possibly in the nearby states (especially Great Britain) (perhaps at the upcoming "Security Conference" to be held at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich from 17 to 19 February 2023).

    Regardless, for whatever reason, the U.S. is on the verge of total destruction from a spiritual perspective.

    When Nordstream was blown up last year, colleagues immediately said: That was a super disaster. Those responsible will be hit very hard.

    Now the question still arose in my mind, by what means the USA destroys itself and how.

    As already mentioned, the ostensible cause is the complete self-empowerment. This in turn, according to the spiritual world, is primarily caused by the history of the USA. The USA have shed not only with their continent settlement very much blood also, in the last decades they have sent millions humans into largest misery or into the death. And this energy now threatens to fall back materially on the USA. But this would not have been necessary. There would have been another way to dissolve this energy in peace and cooperation with other nations. But the USA or its elites and "leaders" have apparently the intention to implement again terrible things.

    The colleagues meant to the ominous voice only: One should take this very very seriously.

    And then the colleagues still meant: The USA stand before the abyss and have already raised the foot for the next step. If they complete the step, they will fall very deeply.

    I still wanted to know how this would happen in terms of time.

    The colleagues just said that if the US takes the next step, in the long run (2027) they will be quite helpless and weak and by 2032 they will be completely irrelevant politically, economically and militarily. No one will seek their opinion, no one will pay attention to them, and few states will want to have anything to do with them. It will take decades for the USA to be taken seriously again.

    A look at the future of Europe

    As far as Europe is concerned, the energy situation has not changed much.

    The United Kingdom on the island will dissolve in the long term, and England will become a pariah state. Norway must be careful not to follow the English. The prospects for Sweden are becoming increasingly gloomy. Poland is doomed unless they change very quickly, which is not expected. It is particularly interesting that from an energetic point of view there is a very strong, and unfortunately quite dark, connection between Poland and the Vatican. The DACH region will come away relatively unscathed in the next two years. From today's point of view, France will not be able to maintain itself in its current form in the long term, just like Italy. Only in France will things get a little rougher than in Italy. From today's perspective, all this will manifest itself by 2032. Some may occur a few years earlier.

    Which means that the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) will come out relatively unscathed in the next two years: no famine, no war, no economic total loss, people in the DACH region will be able to lead an almost normal daily life. There may be some restrictions in the summer, but daily life will not be threatened. Inflation will continue, starting in late summer and fall, inflation will probably increase.

    Of course, there will be some "disaster" announcements. But these disasters will not happen. Various catastrophe reports are only intended to frighten the population. As far as political events are concerned, there may still be a lot of rumbling in Germany this year, especially from late summer and fall. But that will have little effect on daily life.

    Germany is being plowed up

    Many years ago, colleagues already announced: Germany will be totally plowed up.

    I wanted to know now if this is still true. The answer of the colleagues was: YES, after the last events in Germany the plowing up will be even more intensive.

    What does plowed up mean: Very many people (perhaps even the majority) will change fundamentally, from the attitude and (mental) orientation and those who do not change will then be completely meaningless and without power, no matter what position or function they will then have.

    Between 2027 and probably 2032 (2035 at the latest) Germany will have changed so much that it will no longer be recognizable. Because ALL important systems have either changed totally, no longer exist or have been replaced by an alternative system.

    Important systems are: the political system, the health system, the education system, the economic system, the "central" state power will disappear and it will be regulated much only decentralized. Germany will become sovereign again and will no longer be an appendage of the USA, as will almost all European countries, with the possible exception of England/Wales. NATO will also cease to exist. The USA, on the other hand, will struggle for survival politically, socially and economically. The USA will be - if it doesn't change completely very quickly politically - an international dirty child with which nobody wants to have anything to do anymore.

    I once jokingly said to my colleagues: Germany is the 52nd state of the USA.

    The colleagues said: no, a federal state would have rights, Germany has no rights, from the point of view of the U.S. elites, Germany is a slave that can be punished, tortured or even destroyed at will. But this will change fundamentally in the next years.

    The self-destruction of the USA

    How the self-destruction of the USA will manifest itself exactly, cannot be said now yet.

    The colleagues always mean in addition: The energy looks for itself its form. The pent-up energy must discharge itself and it will discharge itself. These can be political, social or economic events, if necessary the energy will discharge in the form of natural disasters.

    The colleagues then said for comparison: During thunderstorms the atmosphere is partly so charged that your hair stands on end. Nevertheless, you cannot know where the next lightning will strike. It always depends on the electrical charge and its distribution. And this changes constantly.

    Finally, the colleagues said: "Not everything has been decided yet, people could still change so much. But it seems that people will first have to experience the greatest catastrophes until they realize that only they can save themselves. Relying on politics, the elites or a savior who suddenly appears means you are giving up on yourself and putting the future in hands that want nothing good for you. The spiritual world can only support. But the actors must be the people themselves.


    Egon Fischer alias eFisch

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