Repost of Esu message from 2015

  • I recently had the urge to look back at what Esu last relayed to me in 2015. This message from then still seems remarkably current, given what is happening.


    Esu, do you have comments? This feels like we are suspended before we go in an unknown direction. Speak on where we are and how we should prepare for what is coming.

    Jess, let’s talk. This time is weighted with potential. Many cultural streams are drying up, and man’s behavior is becoming more erratic that ever before. He has lost a sense of rightness in many cases, and his responsible rationality is given over to emotional reactions based on what others tell him. The mainstream media is totally useless, presenting no sense of objectivity or unbiased commentary. The political arena where candidates attack each other and vie for attention has little resemblance to an insightful discussion of problems facing your nation. The search for the spotlight and for funders with pockets deep enough to purchase personal support is all that is concerning them.

    Your country is divided into antagonistic groups unwilling to look for racial similarities and unable to consider finding ways to work together. Fear of the loss of individual identity and the removal of assured lifestyles are preying on a culture losing its spiritual and economic bedrock. Man is afraid of what may come, and he feels increasingly angry and threatened as each day goes by. He blames other races or different religious ideologies for his losing a sense of control, when, in fact, his problem is a loss of awareness of his responsibility for his actions. Man was created to think individually and then work with others to achieve his Creator’s vision—not turn his back on his problems or launch an attack on those he assumes are taking away his rights.

    Will what is to come change that, you ask?

    Man’s rush to destruction can’t be stopped at this point by those few who see a problem. An overwhelming sense of helplessness is too ingrained in man’s attitudes. Man’s behavior is fixed on unthinking reactions. His self-interest blocks him from having compassion for others. His drive to produce at all costs is the result of his need to maintain control with a show of power at the expense of the community or the environment.

    Earth has always allowed man to deplete her resources to do this, but man now turns around and ignores his agreement with Earth to respect his sources. Earth cannot and will not let this go further. Since man cannot stop, the Earth will stop for him, and this will end everything else as a result. That kind of celestial event is easy enough to achieve, but the ramifications of what it entails for Earth’s inhabitants are beyond anything man can imagine. The resulting chaos will disrupt man’s accustomed existence and lead to the removal of all that is not in alignment with the Creator’s plan.

    As near as these events are, the schedule for when Earth takes this final step is uncertain. Earth is in a symbiotic relationship with her inhabitants and the balance between them is precarious. The final event that forces these changes to start in full could be anytime. The sense of delay man experiences is deceptive.

    I tell you that man must prepare for this upheaval by cultivating an awareness of his inner self. As he strengthens his self-awareness, he begins to understand ways to make decisions in alignment with a universal vision of truth. He can easily listen to his internal voices and hear guidance and approval. He will know he acts more in balance with his Creator when he achieves greater clarity on the messages of his feelings.

    How must man do this, you ask?

    He begins by questioning what he has learned, and what he is being taught. Does an explanation of the reality of his situation match his own perceptions of his circumstances based on his actual experiences? Do the causes listed by others match his own sense of how actions are started and maintained? Traditions may be comfortable explanations that cushion future decisions, but man must determine if they offer him proof or unexamined dogma. Man has to learn to examine what he believes.

    Familiar cultural situations Man has known all his life are beginning to feel off-balance. Former assumptions no longer seem valid. Expected reactions no longer have assured outcomes. Man finds that previously automatic decisions must now consider additional parameters that invalidate traditional choices.

    These new situations require a different method of thinking. Man has to realize he must take responsibility for himself and analyze his surroundings in an effort to determine the most aligned thought process. This additional spiritual component will be seen as absolutely necessary as man becomes aware of his role in an unfolding creation. His Creator has given him a purpose, and each individual must find what his role is.

    Without knowing the true nature of who he is, Man is nevertheless becoming aware that his purpose is at odds with the actions occurring around him. He finds he is more detached from events the general public initiates. He starts to wonder why their decisions are so irrational and inconsiderate as he experiences them. His days pass with uncertainty and frustration. Man’s existence has become frantic and senseless.

    Mass ideologies influence cultural reactions. Fanatical belief systems sanction extreme suffering in the name of religion. Myopia all across the political spectrum generates nothing but selfish attacks on other candidates. There is little attempt to agree on solutions for the insurmountable problems facing the electorate. Liberals and conservatives are unable to temper their rigid viewpoints long enough to consider that opposite points of view may have equally good ideas. Political parties are different in name only, and their focus is on denigration rather than inspiration.

    I see no purpose in telling you what may come to place. Global disaster is developing economically, politically, and spiritually across all continents. All broadcast pronouncements of cultural insight are flawed by nature. Society is unraveling. If you are not actively part of the destruction, you watch the chaos unfold around you.

    Be aware, however, that you can mitigate some of the disaster by finding your own sense of personal balance and using your personal strength to maintain responsibility and discretion. Your sense of self-awareness monitors your choice of actions with others. This, in turn, tempers the way others react to you. This method of compassionate interaction is mandatory and is in alignment with the Creator.

    Man truly cannot live on Earth without understanding his place on it. He must also realize how he should function as part of a universal whole. All is connected and man has a responsibility to honor this connection. Man is a part of God. He must act that way.


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