Esu comments on current situation 5-9-20

  • Thanks Jess I enjoyed reading
    And thanks to esu

    ( esu , I called him "Leyman" because he resembles two drops of water, to a man in my kibbutz) I'm sure he laughs with me about that

    So hugs to both of you

  • Thank you Jess and Thank you Esu,

    In my rough patch I've been away far too long. As Esu said, "People must see the situation they have allowed themselves to create." I have definitely been through that and am still struggling with my own situations but at least my vision is clearer about what I'm needing to do.

    I definitely look forward to pushing onward and upward!

  • 5-9-20

    Esu, I need an update. It’s been a while since we’ve talked about what will happen later. I’ve been sitting here for the last few years tending things and being somewhat of a father figure. This seemed the best direction. Messages haven’t been as necessary, it seems. Chats weren’t as regular with everything being juggled. It seems time now to connect again.

    Jess, the lines are open, as it were.

    I haven’t asked you to hear messages for a time now because it seemed that all we wanted to record and convey we had done so in the internet website. That has served its purpose, and as you know, it has outgrown its usefulness since the format has morphed and we’ve lost some initial functionality. It is still a repository, but not worth redesigning.

    I am planning a new direction for you to go. You have been trained in organizational work through your job in the arts, and this will be needed as we take on new structures and new mission statements. You will be an authority on how groups function. You will know what elements they need to function smoothly.

    This will be crucial in expressing my thoughts on a more individual and direct way. I will remain detached from the people here for a while because they won’t be spiritually capable of speaking with me directly. I can hear them, of course, but they can’t hear my responses. And this will be for a while yet.

    This ties in with everything I have told you previously about being my “voice.” I would not have come to you those years ago and directed you to think about and anticipate a future such as you have outlined through AH and in your websites if I had no purpose in this. We have talked about the process; we have sketched out the form this will take.

    The time frame is upon us now. We are moving into the next phase. You can see developments and are experiencing dramatic shifts. The news is more outrageous that ever, and the disclosures are just beginning. The economy is shifting radically, as you sense. You don’t know the specifics yet, but you see the turmoil and have the firm statement from the ITC that nothing is as perceived. Institutions are collapsing and falling apart.

    I want you to maintain your sense of equilibrium. You can always do more to shore up your physical vehicle, but I sense the shifts into more compassion and less judgement you are experiencing. Your situation has brought trials and obstacles, and you are finding ways to work around them. The through- line to the end result is strong and unwavering.

    I expect your life will resume some normality soon, but the world has changed. That was the purpose of this interruption. Social expectations have been necessarily re-thought. People have seen the pointlessness of much of their former mindless routine. Many will still go back to unthinking actions and reactions, but many others have also gained some perspective they had lost. More will think first now, and more and more will realize the need for this as their world becomes more chaotic and outrageous.

    This has to happen. People must see the situation they have allowed themselves to create. They have to see this for themselves. There is no other way to assess the enormity of the evil that has been created. Political convictions don’t have a role in this. Everyone has contributed to the end result, whatever their belief system or assumptions about their responsibility.

    I will be in touch with you as needed. We will move into the next phase when we are ready. You will continue to be my voice. Who else could do that? ...

    I am speaking, of course, for Aton Christ Michael. He reinforces what I say to you.


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