Jennifer's Mission Original

  • Thank You for sharing Jennifer. Good to have you here!!

    "Be Perfect Even as I Am Perfect. "

  • Plans for Community Involvement

    Fix-it cafe: A place for those who know how can help those who can’t. Can be in one location or different rotations. Healthy snacks provided.(pot luck style) Could include help with electronics, appliances, mending, etc.

    Make it yourself classes: Learn how to knit, cook, garden, sew, woodwork, herbal remedies, etc. For all ages and levels. Possible one location or many different for different classes. May include animal husbandry projects for self sustainability.

    Schooling Co-Ops: New form of schools. Taught by people who are experienced in the subject, not necessarily a professional teacher. Different locations for ages and levels? Group classes with mixed students. Perhaps in teen years most classes should be divided into male/female for better education not socialization.

    Pot Luck Dinners: Bi-Monthly events. Held at different locations or same places depending. Focus on vegetarian and healthy dishes. Getting people to try new and healthy items.

    Kids and Adult Art Classes: Taught by those who are talented in the subject. Separate levels and venues. Held twice a month at least.

    I have found some of these around the area I live in. Most are usually well attended. There are a few times, though that my 2 daughters and I were the only ones attending. That is a shame.

  • Here is my Updated version:

    WOW, 8 years have passed since I wrote that mission statement. So much has changed! I have not read that post in ages and to see it now, I can see where I have improved my idea of my mission.

    I will still be working with children. But I will be doing so with my mate, whom I have yet to meet in this lifetime. He is there and we will meet during the magnetic reversal. I see our mission as a type of mini Adam and Eve mission. We will be caretakers of foster children. Those who are staying without parents and those who will be removed from homes after we are back from the cleansing time.

    We will also be community planners/organizers. I have a list that I will post of some ideas that I have seen implemented in communities on a small scale that I find excellent ideas. All to bring about togetherness and a feeling of belonging to your community.

    At the same time we will be doing spiritual counseling for all ages. Individual and group. I have posted before a bit on my less than ideal life I have had for 30 years. The only thing that helps me accept all that has happened is the knowing that now I can say that I have been there and done that and know why it is wrong. How destructive behaviors whether yours or someone else’s affect the whole. I lived in an extremely stressful situation on both emotional and mental levels. I can truly say that I have learned the wrong way to do things, or to allow them to be done. This will come in handy during counseling sessions.

    There is more of course, but most is still in the thought process. I do still feel that we will be somewhere in the state of Colorado when we come back, but I assume that can change also.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I have returned after taking some time off to do some self evaluation. I was pretty angry at a lot of things around the time the last forum went down.

    Like a lot of you, I have been with this group since the start so long ago. So much has changed and yet so much has stayed the same.

    I had to get over my anger before I decided to join up again I never lost faith, per se, but I did lose interest.

    I ranted, I raved,I cried and at time I got to the point that I did not care if I lived or died to fulfill my promise to stay on this planet as long as I was needed. I just wanted SOMETHING to happen to visibly change the reality that people were living and afraid to let go of. I have felt trapped in this life predicament for so long that it turned into apathy.

    I just wanted to get to my mission work in an environment that actually produced positive results. I began to go over my old mission statement and realized that I could not remember exactly what I had put down on the old forum. I know it had to do with teaching and counseling, as that is what I enjoy doing for others.

    At my current job, I teach young and old how to swim. I really like to see my students gain the skill and move on to improve it and advance to the next level. I also do some counseling of sorts with the older swimmers that I have befriended over the 10 years I have been at the pool. I see how much it helps to sometimes to just be able to tell someone your problems and share your pain. It is amazing how much a wicked sense of humor can help you feel better about the crap we have to go through in live and I love to share that humor with others.

    So began my internal searching as to what exactly I felt pulled to do to help my fellow humans.

    I began to feel drawn toward teaching young kids about spiritual truths as well as the basics of human functioning in life. (Connecting with nature, healthy cooking, consequences of actions, etc) Basically things that a parent should teach their young yet do not always succeed. I will point out here that I am basically a married single parent. My husband and I do NOT agree in a wide variety of areas and therefore our children are growing up confused and pulled into different areas not knowing what to believe.

    This has led me to the belief that children should only be brought into this world by parents who share the same ideas/beliefs to help facilitate the learning/remembering for that child. Ideally the world population would live in small groups in which the entire community would help to raise the child properly. Different people would instruct the children on whatever their specialty was This could be done in groups or individual for the child. I am still thinking that when the child reaches an older age, mid to late teens, that a special place could be set up to further educate our children. For example a farm or ranch setting for those who choose to live with t he land or a university setting for those that will choose to live as healers, teachers, etc.

    I can envision these things better than I can describe them. I feel myself involved with this process on different levels. I feel drawn to teaching the young and helping the older ones to follow the correct path for their lives.

    That would be where the counseling comes in. I also envision this on a single and group setting. I feel that setting up weekly meetings within a community to discuss the issues that come up is a must. Here the decisions for what is best for the community as a whole would be discussed and acted upon.

    I feel pulled to being a way shower for the setting up of this type of community. I have no desire or intention of doing this alone. I have tried to do things alone now and it does not work well, if at all.

    So in my mission to educate and counsel, I am but one member on a team that is working for the same goal. I have no desire to be an overall leader, although I know I am capable of being one. It seems that I am the one many people at work or at home come to for advice and decision making. I value input and assistance of others and sometimes it is nice if someone else makes a decision for themselves.

    That is my vision as I see it now. The education of the young and the setting up of communities that exist on the basic principles of coming together for the greater good of all. I realize this may sound vague, but it does involve a lot of small areas that create the whole.

    With 20/20 hindsight, I wish I would have gotten  involved with the making of foster farms/ranches for kids to live and grow up who are put into a system now that does nothing to foster their spiritual, emotional and mental needs. a place where they can connect with nature and the care of animals to help them to see their place on the planet as caretakers.

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