what is habbening here in ISRAEL 2

  • I know that there are Israelis who are totally brainwashed against Germany, everything that is produced and comes from Germany or is related to Germany including people.... There is no doubt that there are many people like this here, obviously there are

    Here, too, there is tremendous brainwashing about the holocaust.... 6 million dead.... gas showers.... hunger and more.... Holocaust survivors are Israel's holy cow, no matter that many of them have no money to buy food and live in extreme poverty .... I'm not sure there are many people at all, but there are some for sure

    But I'm sure there are people like me in Israel, so there is hope for the world

    You are welcome to Israel, as long as you know how to get along on the road, you will be able to get along anywhere in Israel..... Israelis are a warm, charming people, they always help everyone, hug everyone.... until you annoy them... then they have a short, very short fuse ... don't piss them off on the road... or at all......extremely dangerous

    But as I say there are other people like me in Israel, who behave differently.... You are welcome, just bring a lot of money because they really say it is very expensive here and I say more expensive here than in Northern Europe


  • exactly so Harald. to misquote B clinton "It's the brainwashing , stupid. "

    and of course the various tribes all over the world have hated one another on account of very real historical crimes.

    I was told that the german's had killed my ancestors. ... not with any particular vigor or hatred though. actually I was taught to treat everyone with respect. and I found that people of san fran of other colors were quite willing to hate me even as I treated them well.

    I finally met a german fellow in college and he was the sweetest man...

    and of course it is people and people are kinda random. actually growing up in SF is a great education in how people interact, and how to get along with people who are very different from you. and you see lots of cross racial friends here. ... and racism. ... and gay people and drug addicts etc.

  • Well, it’s all about brainwashing…. A significant proportion of Germans - if not the majority - have a totally disturbed relationship to Israel or the "Jews". This is due to the destructive feelings of guilt and inferiority that have been inculcated into the collective minds of Germans for over 7 decades at all levels of society through the incessant indoctrination of a false narrative of history. Whoever questions the truth of this narrative or even the actions of the Israeli government runs the risk of not only being ostracised, called a "Nazi" or "anti-Semite", but also thrown into prison for the crime of "sedition", “hate speech” and the like.

    So the relationship of the "Germans" to Israel and the "Jews" is characterised by a deeply rooted guilt complex, mixed with a latent fear of saying something wrong, for of course there is also this infamous very powerful "Central Council of Jews" (comparable to the ADL), who closely monitor everything and add their two cents at every opportunity.

    While the lies of the false history narrative to this day have been exposed multiple times by many courageous researchers (some of whom are still rotting in prison), it is interesting to note that it has been JEWS in particular who made significant contributions to exposing the lies and bringing the truth to a wider “inofficial” public: David Cole with his two films “David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper In Auschwitz” / “David Cole In Auschwitz Full Documentary” and Gerard Menuhin (Yehudi Menuhin’s son) with his book “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil”.

    If “the Israelis” are just as brainwashed with the corresponding (reverse) narrative as the Germans (which I assume), I can't imagine that they particularly love "the Germans"....

  • I live on the Lebanon border, two spits from Lebanon, that's how it's called here in Israel

    I don't remember hearing about bombs landing in Israel near us, there was some Mazlat/Drone that infiltrated from Syria and that's all.... but it was shot down immediately


    Not so soon Binyamin will go to war with Hezbollah, he is not stupid and he is working with the people of the light now, like Donald, Voldimir.... and if he does something, it is with the approval of the side of the light

    We have other problems in the country to start a war with Hezbollah in the north

    The one on the website "from Timbuktu = fake" is advertised, I wouldn't listen to websites like that

    But, but if something happens, it will most likely be short-lived, they won't let a war flare up here, because it could really set the whole world on fire

    The darkness that is Hezbollah and Hamas and the darkness in Israel and the world want war but the light won't let them....that's it

    A lovely night from Israel


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    Christ Jesus said when he walked this earth...


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