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  • Jorge. Just hang in there..your signature here says everything...and imsorta mentally adopted's profound..MY IS THE stunning..

    I am hanging in there with everything I have left my dear finding my "Breaking Point" the whole idea??

    Love to you! <3 <3 <3

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    Jorge. Just hang in there..your signature here says everything...and imsorta mentally adopted's profound..MY IS THE stunning..

  • you do you Jorge.

    the body does follow the mind's instructions. it is reading your thoughts, feeling your emotions and expressing all of that physically . all of life is a type of mirror that way. unfortunately the body expresses both the negative and the positive.

    you should never eat when you are out of sorts,(angry etc) by the way.

    oh yes I seem to have his book(M. Aurelius) in my house... I guess it belonged to my father in law. he seems like a wise dude...

    it makes you wonder if we have evolved at all culturally, maybe we simply DEvolved.

    if you read things like that, and then you go to an forum like godlike, you would immediately conclude that it has been nothing but devolution.

    but the important thing is, that each individual , slowly but surely improves over time. that's how I like to look at it.

  • That´s OK for normal students of Dr. Joe Dispenza. Very difficult in my case having 4-5 mental disorders and suffering Multiple Sclerosis. My brain´s chemistry acts against my will.

    I also did not know anything about psychotic drugs...side effects are horrible at this point of my treatment, but I started reading A I do with all my issues. I talked with my doctor and I am feeling OK we decided for this medication because this medicine is pretty unique in ACTING AND BALANCING my brain´s chemistry, NOT restoring to normal disorders are genetic BUT BALANCING the chemistry reactions to be done in a balanced and rhythmical way rather than irregular-explosive way.

    The whole thing in the Brain is CHEMISTRY...that rules everything, including of course the way you think and act. By balancing the chemistry of my brain, my thoughts and actions will be much much better, consistent and congruent.

    I am reading Marcus Aurelio´s MEDITATIONS. Stoicism is MY WAY.

    Thank you! Always enjoy your opinions and advice. Have a great day!

    Today if 4th of July here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the ironic living in this Homeless Shelter surrounded by drug addicts and criminals...what a twisted world of mine. But yes...I will keep fighting! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

  • Best of luck Jorge. keep fighting!

    this is all I got. I suppose I've said it before....

    the trick is to change how you think , what you think, what you allow yourself to believe and then you will not feel the need to be ... anti social is a nice way of saying it.,

    i don't know much about anti psychotic drugs, but everything I've heard about them has been bad.

    as I've said , seth had by far the most useful and long winded advice about thinking and it's power and how to change your thinking,

    first rule is think about what you are thinking.... think about how to see yourself and everything in a better light. that is edit your thoughts to tweak them toward greater positivity.

    also check your emotions. when you feel bad, it's because you have been thinking negatively.

    we think all this random bs and then we begin to believe our bs, and then we become what we believe. but we can also just change the whole paradigm, because it is only ourselves who have made the whole thing up.

    but you can't lie to yourself.(a self cancelling paradox) you have to slowly move your thinking and actually embrace the more positive concepts. action helps. you always beelieve in what you DO. .. also mental repetition helps. i.e. you believe in what you repeat to yourself.

    that's the secret. but doing it .... I mean i read all of seth's books, but I didn't really do all the things he was explaining.(i could tell that he was right and that he knew what he was talking about though. _) (book one is Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts, and the books are in spanish too)

  • Back when I was living in Monterrey, Mexico; I was diagnosed with two different doctors with Narcissistic Disorder and Borderline Disorder. Later when I was living in the Yucatán Península, México; I was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS).

    Now here at the Shelter, I was diagnosed again with Narcissistic Disorder, Borderline Disorder, Schizophrenia Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. I started taking medicine for the last 3 (Narcissism Not included yet). Medicine´s side effects are terrible now also.

    Some Piece of Jewelry (POJ) I am, ehh?

    I hope at least I was the worst Son of a Bitch amongst the Rebellion Gang to deserve so much crap in just ONE Life!

    I can get Fentanyl for free here and end up my miserable life but I won't do it...I am not that fucking coward. I consider suicidal people as cowards...and I am NOT A QUITTER!

    I will show Dark and Light I can make it by myself, by being a good-successful HUMAN in this miserable piece of shit Planet I hate and I hope NEVER EVER come back!

    BTW, I updated my profile photo for the most recent one I have, just one day before I started my medication, 10 days ago.

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