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    my first job....I AM a Serial stinging nettles fresh hugging 8| ....In the winter you will see me picking herbs in the kibbutz

    I invented a smoothie in honor of CM and his universe.....4 ripe bananas, a mJehol date and 2 or 3 cups fresh stinging nettles

    my second job.....This is my mission in the world and life....Trying to connect people to the real truth and light, for almost 40 years.....And it usually doesn't work, they don't want to connect with the real truth ,and make a real change


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    You have always "bounced back", dear Jorge, which in itself is amazing ... looking forward to the book of your experiences, and especially the last chapter with your conclusions, LOL! Love and safe travels, Rosie

  • The experience you had Jorge may have started out in dark but, you being you, transmuted it to LOVE! I have a feeling your cleanse purged that darkness from within you, and those dark inner voices left and only the LIGHT ones remained. Since the dark may have started it, when you turned the experience to Light, they left so why you haven't heard their voices in your head. Ask CM, He or His Angels will answer you.


  • Oh boy Jorge, you do meet some hard-core challenges! Congrats on the Love & Light feelie outcome, welll done :*

    I wish you many soft beds, clean sheets, nourishing food, loving company, and lots of Blessings on your Path <3

  • If the outcome was love, you won the challenge.

    I think Light lets the devil do its tricks so we can learn from the experience.

    Like you, I have also been harassed by evil many times.

    The statements below were given by the Father ( I assume) when I asked for explanations:

    - I don´t give you more than you can handle.

    - Evil has the strength I (you) allow it to have.

    - Evil will always be a little less strong than faith. The danger is that evil never wavers.

  • If the final outcome from this experience was LOVE, I would say it was a Light Call.

    I wish that feeling guides you from now on...🌷

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