• "It's the STD-Ridden Glamour Groupies who Fellate The Auto Tune Rappers from The Basilica of Howling Incoherence."
    God Poet Transmitting....... I had an interesting exchange this morning with a fellow who believes The Earth is flat... that it's a Frisb...

    Thursday, May 23, 2024

    "It's the STD-Ridden Glamour Groupies who Fellate The Auto Tune Rappers from The Basilica of Howling Incoherence."

    God Poet Transmitting.......

    I had an interesting exchange this morning with a fellow who believes The Earth is flat... that it's a Frisbee. Sometimes... I sit back and muse about God picking it up and whirling it through space. Then God says something like Fetch Sirius! And The Dog Star goes loping through space after it.

    I'm guessing it is a religion with this guy... because when I made a disrespectful statement about The Earth being flat, and The Sun... 30 kilometers away... in yesterday's posting, he decided to go after Sufism, which... for some reason... he thinks is my religion. I don't have a religion, and as I told him, I have no sacred cows of any kind; Go ahead... say something about my mother. it doesn't matter to me. My Mother can take care of herself, believe me; given that my mother is The Divine Mother.

    If I have a religion then it involves The Sun... as a vehicle for a sun too bright to see, but it's not really a religion, with set-into-stone rituals and inflexible dogmas... written in small print and interpreted by lawyers dressed in priestly garb. It's a casual thing... as much as it is a sacred thing, BUT... it's a lot like two friends getting together, and who know they will be... and are... together for eternity, so... it's a little more relaxed than it is with people who need religions because they are unsure of the outcome.

    I don't believe in temporal governments either.

    Then... the other day, a fellow objected to my mention of Jones... Adams... Kirk and others as being in it for the money. They are making huge sums. I mean... they are making big money, but... when it comes to Israel, they're like Carl Sandberg's fog... going on little cat's feet... somewhere around Chicago. They turn into circus poodles when it comes to Israel. This fellow pointed out that these people do a lot of good. He hoped not to offend me because he knew... he said... that I didn't like to be contradicted.

    That puzzled me for a little while. I didn't know what he was talking about. People often confuse me when it comes to the difference between being contradicted... and being misinterpreted. Still... something was flying on little batwings about that... in the nether regions of my mind, and then... then it came to me. I hadn't heard from this particular person in ten years or more. I was a very different person ten years ago.

    I forget that people see each other as always being the same... not really subject to change. If I could not change, and... change dramatically, I would die. In fact... that is EXACTLY what happens to you when you cannot change or... refuse to change. You die. If you could be in a state of constant transition... after a fashion... Death would not come for you, and there are people walking around on The Earth who have been corporate... in the body... for hundreds... even thousands of years. This I know... first hand... to be true.

    I don't mind that these... allegedly conservative speakers... are making the big bucks. I have nothing against people being rich. It does concern me that their integrity can be on the line at any time if... their possession of, and... access to... money... is interfered with. People tend to toe the line around money, and... it's a fact that a certain demographic can definitely mess with your money... if you get out of line.

    See... from my perspective... all these talking heads... on the left, and on the right, are simply dashboard bobbleheads... that go in one direction or another... to counter those who are bobbling in the other direction. Nothing changes in The World because of them... regardless of what any of these people say. The World is moved behind the scenes... first by those who control The Money... then by the discorporate one who controls those who control The Money, and then by The (ineffable) One who controls everything... all the time... without respite.

    I wasn't trying to say these people were bad people. They operate in character, and that character conceals the animal who lives behind the mask, and who will come out of his den... or leap from the foliage... if you scratch the mask. Bill Maher is a really important player in the game of Constant Deception. He's in the news... at various large news sites... nearly every single day. If he removes his mask you see flaming snake eyes.

    Now... all the news sites are working 24-7 about The Horrors of Hamas... concerning The Perils of Pauline; Pauline Iceberg... who is one of these October 7th hostages. She was matriculated through Sandy Hook, and then she was dressed up as Joan of Kiev. Now she's a professional hostage.. who is booked through, and employed by the LA branch of Crisis Actors LLD. The things they have these Ghamaz guys saying are ridiculous. These have got to be the same writers who work on Bridgerton and other historical revisionist series.

    So... I'm thinking about this guy... who wanted me to know about the good work being done by This... That... and The Other Guy, and... the guy who thinks Planet Earth is a Frisbee, and it occurred to me, well... it has been occurring to me for some time now, BUT... it never got completely through the fog those little cat's feet were moving through in my head... that what's going on these days, and what's been coming for decades now... are the new religious cults of Personality... and of Celebrity. We live in a time of revolving personality cults.

    All of these personalities are elders, deacons, altar boys, and whatever they're calling them... in some particular Church of Celebrity. Taylor Swift is the high priestess at The First Unreformed Church of Babylonian Hair-Flipping. Beyonce is the high priestess of The First Church of Babylon Twerking.

    All these celebrities are the temporary hydra heads... from the firm of Flavor of The Passing Trends of The Moment Incorporated. Bill Maher is the high priest of The Church of Unctuous Smarm and Sophistry. Georgie-Boy Soros is the head of The Temple of Three Card Monte where The Sun Don't Shine. Joe Biden is the head of The Shrine of Where The Fuck Am I?

    Every one of these people... coming and going in this prelude to The Advent of The Avatar, who is The Supreme Personality of God, as he presents in any particular age, are what you are left with when the infrastructure of a passing age begins to collapse. That's what the whole Anti-Christ thing is about, and... given the billions who are milling about here... mindlessly texting one another like crackheads on the digital pipe... this version of The Anti-Christ is going to be Legion... personifying as a pandemic of possessions... the splintered personality to end all split personalities.

    Now... I intend no offense to the fellow who tried to tell me about the good these people are doing. He was deft and diplomatic about it. It's just that my thinking about these things has led to what you are reading now.

    The television is the altar of the times, and the faces keep coming and going... trying to keep your attention... until someone else comes along, and shoves them out of the way, and what you get are tens of thousands of Afghan hounds... toy poodles and peacocks... all shrieking and howling to stay on a stage that was not built for that many people. Thank God, they are all empty-headed, and that part of their anatomy doesn't weigh anything, but it's still too much weight everywhere else, and the stage is going to buckle... any time now.

    So... The Tabernacle of The Flat Earth Faithful, and... the we're gonna fix this world social reformer gremlins, and The Raelians, and The Scientologists... with The Volcano God, and the STD-Ridden Glamour Groupies... who fellate The Auto Tune Rappers... from The Basilica of Incoherence, and the politicians from The Pagoda of Hypocrites Bent over a Barrel, and The Chapel of Buggered Cruise Line Twinks... next to The Cathedral of Diversity is Perversity... that is a front for The Bleeding Martyr's Sanctuary of Insane Transsexuals... are all talking at once and no one can understand a single word of it.

    It is the swirling chaos... of the latest iteration of The Tower of Babel. A certain demonic demographic is working overtime to bring The New Weimar Republic back to the same location it was in the first time, BUT this time... to the rest of The World as well. Germany wants the age of consent lowered to 12. They just legalized kiddie porn. You see... once they get something into law THEN... they can enforce it. It's like Holocaust Denial. It doesn't matter if you can prove that it didn't happen, it's against the law to say it didn't happen... even if it didn't happen.

    They're trying to lock the whole thing down BEFORE The Light breaks upon The Darkness. It's not a question of who is behind all this. That's visibly evident. It's not a question of who's behind them. That is invisibly evident. What all of the panicking rats... from the ship they chewed holes in are missing... is... who is behind that? Well... they'll be finding out soon enough. Some are finding it out right now, and some are scheduled to find out... at different times... as the various hours sound out on The Celestial Cuckoo Clock.

    You know... on an ordinary Cuckoo Clock, a cuckoo comes out. Then there are the more elaborate Cuckoo Clocks that have various degrees of sophistication in the presentation. When The Celestial Cuckoo Clock goes off, a choir of warrior angels... appear in mid-air... in front of the newly opened portal, and... they begin to sing, and you hear that music... whose specific tones... in a specific order... actually transform material existence in real-time. Wait for it... cause it is absolutely... fer sure... going to happen.

    End Transmission.......

  • "There's Only One Source of Power in The Entire Universe, and that is His Celestial Majesty. Everyone Works for Him."
    God Poet Transmitting....... I was talking about a slow-walking tsunami yesterday. The kind of thing that you see way off in the distance...

    Wednesday, May 22, 2024

    "There's Only One Source of Power in The Entire Universe, and that is His Celestial Majesty. Everyone Works for Him."

    God Poet Transmitting.......

    I was talking about a slow-walking tsunami yesterday. The kind of thing that you see way off in the distance. It's taking forever to get where you are... so... you kinda forget it's there. Every now and then... you look up and you see it's gotten incrementally closer, BUT... it's still way off on the far horizon. You've learned to live with it. Maybe it won't ever show up.

    Maybe The Earth is flat and the tsunami is on another planetary body, like The Sun... which any card-carrying retard will tell you is only 30 kilometers away... off in the land where pigs fly and politicians don't lie, and Drano's a good chaser... for a double shot of Monsanto... straight up. If you want to order that in a bar, you ask for a Last Roundup; “I'll have a Last Roundup and one for the little lady at the end down there”

    Okay... maybe I got a little sidetracked there. This is Origami, not Petri Dish, and the good news is that the tsunami is only marginally closer. I'm not sure what marginal means here, but I suspect it's no real distance. That's the good news. The bad news is that the tsunami is an optical illusion, and it could close whatever the apparent distance is in a heartbeat. I could even say it's all in your mind, and... I'd be right. It is all in your mind, and so is everything else. Really.

    The tsunami is in your mind too. The tsunami is the total aggregate of all the nasty stuff that The Deep State, and their agents... have been getting up to since they started getting up to it. The Deep State is the enforcement arm of His Satanic Majesty who... happens to work for His Celestial Majesty, but... most people are unaware of this relationship, and their being clueless about this long-standing dynamic is a big part of what messes their lives up.

    There's only one source of power in the entire universe, and that is His Celestial Majesty. Everyone works for him... whether they know it or not, and... the illusion that there is a supreme good guy who is opposed by a supreme bad guy... is a big steaming load of horseshit. The truth is that the entire drama of life... exists for no other purpose... than as entertainment for His Celestial Majesty. The seeming duality... is for him to get the chance... to see what you are going to do... in the mix. Will you go looking for him or... will you handle life on your own?

    That's how it goes down for everyone... one way or another. Every life you see... every life you occupy... is measured in terms of one's compliance with The Life Power or one's resistance to The Life Power.

    It seems that just about no one can get their heads around The Fact that this whole production... let's call it Existence... is simply an entertainment platform for The Main Player... who shows up in all kinds of people and never lets them know he's there, but usually it is to demonstrate excellence at something. He's having fun. He wants you to have fun too. He especially wants you to have fun with Him/Her. We see The Divine through the lens of our own being, though... in essence... He/She is neither. That's why I call him (grin) The Ineffable.

    God wants to hang out with you more than anything. At least this is what he tells me. He knows it might take a long time to convince some of you, BUT... he's got forever. He's like the kid who doesn't get picked when they are choosing sides for a game. He's the odd man out because he's never actually in; not the same way that everyone else is. He's The Invisible Friend that so many children have. That relationship seldom survives into adulthood. I thank... with great gratitude... whoever it was... that that... did not go away from me.

    The relationship has to mean more than anything else... or it doesn't work. Most of the time... The Divine sets up a protracted length of hard highway for those he wants to hang out with so that they will see the value of this relationship. At least that's how it went for me. Now it's smooth skating like a moonbeam gliding over a frozen lake.

    Saying something like that is usually followed by the speaker tapping his knuckles on a table and saying, “Knock on wood.” I don't do that. I don't have to. I don't believe in luck... or coincidence... or happenstance. I believe in flexible fate. Usually... fate is hardwired if you are. If you are taking it light; who knows?

    Three Israelis walk into a gay zombie bar, and one of them says to the other two; “I feel like I've been here before.” The guy next to him says, “Anytime now.” Don't get it? It's a Zen thing. It's like wearing Chinese handcuffs in your mind. You're actually a closed circuit that way. When the handcuffs are removed the circuit is broken. We all live in the mindset we have convinced ourselves of. Sooner or later it plays out according to the images you keep producing in your mind.

    Most people are handcuffed in their minds and don't even know it. They are trapped in a simulated reality that bears no resemblance to reality. It's the thinking that does it because... as The Man said some time ago... you think and so you are. That is why all the big operations that want to rule The World first set about ruling the way you think. The very first time I took LSD, it all appeared crystal clear to me, and I was set free... for a while anyway. You get sent back until you've been worn thin with suffering and made clean in the fire of God's Love.

    What if you paid no mind to anything passing through your mind... realizing that that is just how one performs the yoga of detachment? Instead... you send out a homing signal like The Om. Sooner or later someone shows up and says, “You rang?” From that point on... it's a fait accompli if... if you can resist the compelling desire to interfere; you know... like for some inexplicable reason... you became possessed by the delusion that you know what's going on. That is the state of The World at any time.

    Of course... most people don't have someone showing up and saying; “you rang?” If you don't get proactive... someone... or something... will get proactive for you. Stand on the corner in certain neighborhoods and someone will ask you... probably sooner rather than later... what you are doing there. It's THE SAME THING inside your mind... if you hang around in a certain location there.

    Think of your mind as being like a crowded bar... department store... national park, and... you announce that it's closing time. It's your bar or whatever, so... You can do this. You tell the bouncer to clear the room. The bouncer is The Will. Once the room is empty... you sit and wait.

    You can't defeat Evil except in yourself. Then it won't come around you anyway. You can't overcome The World, but you can overcome yourself. The whole point of being here is self-mastery so that you can share that state with others. Otherwise... there is everything else Out There, AND... you are welcome to it. You are either liberating people or you are binding them.

    We are all searching in The World for completion. There is someone else out there who is going to complete us. This is what we think... because this is what we are told, but there is no one out there. That completion is within you... between your soul and The Originator. I see everyone I encounter as my significant other for that moment of exchange. We are all making love to everyone we meet, but most of the time we are doing it badly... and when The Desire Body gets involved... yikes! ♫ I put a spell on you ♫

    We are mirrors. The mirror is dirty and casts a distorted image OR it is clean. In Times of Material Darkness... most mirrors are cloudy, except in children, and THEY are seeing to that too. Don't worry about it... everything is under control.

    So what do you do? What do you do in a world where there is a seeming war between good and evil? You recognize that no such dynamic exists. If you're not pinging off of it, it won't be pinging off of you, and... for blocking no one's way... no one blames him. Liberate others without making a point of it. Do it without seeming to be doing it. You simply see them as being free, AND... that sets the process in motion.

    Once you have attained to lasting freedom by mastering the force of wanting... you get a magic wand that you can tap people with. It's magic cause it does what it's supposed to do, and because no one can see it. It's not that kind of wand; it's channeled sexual energy raised to a higher level of application. It is no longer violating others. It is healing them without having to announce the fact OR engage in tedious rituals because ALL healing comes from The Divine.

    All praise and glory goes to The Divine because The Divine accomplishes everything. We are given the illusion of free will... so that we can choose to serve Heaven or our own appetites. That's all there is to free will. If you are not in the service of The Authority Within, you will be under the rule of The Authority Without.

    You are just so sure that He or She... Out There... is The One! I will admit there are some beautiful moments, BUT... all of that is part of God's game of Hide and Seek. What you are really looking for is within you, and has been there all the time. Once you find it... The World loses all its charm. It loses its hold over you. The spell is broken. Your suffering is at an end, except for your sharing in and commiserating with the sorrow of all, just as you share in the joy of all.


  • "Lose The Personal Shit to See The True Details... Otherwise It All Ends Up as a Projection, AND YOU DECEIVE YOURSELF!"

    Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    "Lose The Personal Shit to See The True Details... Otherwise It All Ends Up as a Projection, AND YOU DECEIVE YOURSELF!"

    God Poet Transmitting.......

    We have long maintained here that the whole spectacle concerning Trump has been orchestrated to put the magic momentum into his tailwind... to sweep him into office through a populist fever dream. You probably notice that though the parties... switch their ownership of The White House on a regular basis... the same vested interests are continuously promoted. There is the appearance given that there is a struggle between one side and the other. The truth is that every single one of them services the bankers or The Bankers kill or discredit them.

    Of course.... all of what is going on... looks one way to the clueless, and another way to those who see some of the magician's tricks... cause they are paying attention more than the clueless are capable of doing, and then... it looks even more radically different... for those who can see through the magician... to the intelligence that is operating him. The puppet strings are not hidden from those who can see the invisible lines of force. They are a little like the forces that shape a person's expression.

    Most people just see a person's expressions... which can tell you a great deal... depending on how much attention you are paying, BUT few people can see what it is that is shaping the expressions. I am trying to convey a state of consciousness that is available to everyone, but that very few people are able to access because their minds are filled with personal details. One has to lose the personal shit to see certain details... otherwise, it all ends up as a projection, AND... YOU DECEIVE YOURSELF!

    Most people do not realize that they are in a magic show. They just proceed along the conveyor belt between birth and death... over and over again. In Times of Awakening... a certain percentage of the public begins to wake up and see what's been being practiced on them. This is one of the ways that The World is changed. It happens spontaneously... as if that were a kind of magic too, and... it... is.

    Let's say there is a tsunami coming over the horizon, but it is coming in slow motion. People might see it but they tell themselves it's a long way off, and... maybe it will turn to one side or the other, and maybe it will run out of steam. Many of them forget about it because they have more immediate concerns, and then there are all those coming attractions... that play in their heads through the day, while they are working... when they are in school... while they are driving from one to the other, and back home... and back out... dreaming... imagining.

    Some people who are more awake... than those acting like herded livestock... milling all around them... know what the tsunami is all about, and what it portends, BUT... what can they say? No one is listening. There is so much background noise that it is harder by the day for people to hear what anyone is saying, and not a moment to spare before someone else is saying something else. It never stops. It's like New York City... the city that never sleeps... in their heads.

    Have you ever wondered why people remain in a location that war is coming to? Why do people stay in neighborhoods that become more and more dangerous? Why do they allow their children to attend schools where they are taught to be promiscuous and accepting of every perversity that a sick mind can imagine? Why do people vote for people who hold them beneath contempt? What are these strange mindsets that dominate their consciousness, and LITERALLY tell them where to go and what to do?

    Kingdoms and nations rise and fall. Land masses emerge from the sea and sink beneath it again. People just dream on... living and dying... coming and going, and coming back again, and again, and again.

    I know I mention these things again, and again, and again. I am just a small... animated... microdot of a being... whose tiny island of knowledge is surrounded by a vast ocean of what he does not know. Every day I sit before the altar of The Sun... several times a day, and I am told certain things over, and over, and over again, by someone whose knowledge... dwarfs mine... like The Sun dwarfs a streetlamp.

    Repetition is a form of imprinting. How does one train a dog or any animal... for that matter? They do it through repetition and the associating of certain words and gestures with certain commands. I am less than a dog in comparison to my master, and he does the same with me, and... why is that? It is because the separated mind is a wily snake... always probing for a weakness, and any applied discipline works to build muscles/strength... in every location where it is applied. Discipline eventually builds habits that it becomes nearly impossible for the separated mind to break.

    Yoga is like that because yoga links you up with something of far greater power than your power to resist it.

    Until the separated mind is brought to a standstill and performs on command without resistance... the struggle continues. Sooner or later... the separated mind falls into line. It really depends on how strong that mind was to begin with. It may be harder to bring it into line if it is very strong, but... it also remains very strong afterward, and a weak mind? What do you do with a weak mind? It is resistance that makes us stronger.

    One thing that psychedelics do... can do... is open the door of the subconscious and you can be present while The Sun of The Superconscious shines down upon it... if you know how. It's not difficult. It involves getting out of the way and staying out of the way... while paying attention to what is taking place and allowing The Higher Mind to imprint on your Lower Mind. I am not promoting psychedelics. I am not... at the moment... or for some time... taking psychedelics. I am explaining something that can be accomplished with them, but the same thing can be accomplished with a variety of different disciplines.

    Today... I was asked if I knew why I kept hearing the same advice over, and over, and over again. I was told it was in order to circumvent the self-conscious mind... that resists the free flow of the divine through me... and to imprint this message over, and over, and over again... upon the subconscious... until it is written into the fabric of my being... so that the self-conscious mind... the self-identified persona... ceases to react to everything that happens. It stops stepping in the way of the divine... and playing God when it is not God.

    The Reactive Mind is the impulsive and undisciplined devil... the driven carnal force... that interposes itself between God and our areas of transformation. It takes the idea of attractive material forms, and substitutes them for the living... conscious... light of God.

    There is an old... a very old tale about a devotee following Krishna on a path, but Radha is walking between them, and her rolling... swaying form distracts the attention of the devotee. Of course... this is a natural thing. There is nothing wrong with it... for the purpose for which it exists... bringing together two opposite sides of a dynamic to produce a third. It is the dance of life. I am more interested in the possibilities of the supernatural aspect. I... and others like me... are in a conscious departure from the same old... same old act of... making more life that ends in death, BUT...

    ...once again... the deceivers who manipulated the doctrine of Ageless Wisdom... as it once existed in the unadulterated version of Christianity... left out some very important details. If the female aspect is responsible for the fall of man... through the medium of being misinformed... about the meaning of something, AND... by representing The Sensitive Life into which man falls...then yes... She plays a specific role in the process of bringing The World into being, BUT... it is ONLY through Her that man can rise again, in... every... sense... of... The... Word.

    I prefer to have the male and female aspects present and awakened... within me... in a particular relationship... that then transforms me into The Sphinx. It is probably why I was born on August 22... when Leo is passing into Virgo. We are here for the reasons that we are here for... UNTIL... we change the reason or the reason is changed for us. I want to be an acceptable hosting mechanism for The Divine. That means that everything unacceptable has to be transmuted or done away with. It's not my job to do this. It is my job not to interfere with it taking place.

    We are literally our own worst enemy, and life demonstrates this every day... near and far.

    I was told that the reason I keep hearing about The Divine being more present in me each day, but not as present as he will be tomorrow... he says... is because he comes with an entourage... like Salvador Dali... only in a much more expanded sense. He not only comes with a massive entourage, but he comes with all his powers and abilities, so... anything I think I am doing is a negative by comparison... with what he will be doing... if I get out of his way;

    When I tell you that certain things you are doing are not necessary, it is not a negative judgment on your doing these things. It is simply to tell you they are not necessary because I will accomplish all of them... when I am more fully arrived in you... and it will require no work on your part. It's good that you are so charged up about improving yourself, but... frankly... that's my job.” You could have knocked me over with a gentle breath of wind when I heard that.


  • "It Doesn't Matter if You were Pure as The Driven Snow or... a Reprobate on The Outlaw Trail... Who Finally Saw The Light."
    God Poet Transmitting....... It is so very hard to see what is going on with the physical eye. It is certainly impossible to comprehend ...

    Monday, May 20, 2024

    "It Doesn't Matter if You were Pure as The Driven Snow or... a Reprobate on The Outlaw Trail... Who Finally Saw The Light."

    God Poet Transmitting.......

    It is so very hard to see what is going on with the physical eye. It is certainly impossible to comprehend any of it with the carnal mind... because the carnal mind does not concern itself with understanding anything... animal enjoyment is the single objective, and there is nothing beyond that. In Times of Material Darkness... The Carnal Mind attains its greatest power. Its influence is widespread. It is... so to speak... all over the map.

    Films... music... media... they all inflame the mind with the sensory attractions. Commercials are everywhere... the dancing LEDs... the relentless imagery... resemble a kind of demented Nutcracker Suite; get this! Get that, and... get out of town. Escape! Get away! Get away without ever leaving home! Escape in your head! Then the gates close and the cell door slams... because ALL material attraction builds a prison house for you; first in your mind, and then in the surrounding world that is a projection of the mind.

    There is a dial. It turns and moves through all of the form and color coordinations of Nature as she is, and as she is adapted to be through the impress of The Mind upon The Substance of Things Unseen. Then... a moment comes when The Dial hits that specific point, and... the... whole... world... changes... and The Mind is renewed. A new range of senses appear to interpret this world... that is so very unlike The World that existed only a moment before.

    Okay... that was brief and short, BUT ten thousand words would make it no more clear. One world is the domain of The Carnal Mind, and the other world is the domain of The Spiritual Eye. Nearly all of humanity lives and moves in some permutation of The Carnal Mind, and a few who have been liberated from hunger... from appetite... from wanting... live in both worlds at the same time. They don't get that catch in the throat. They don't get the paralytic freeze of fear in the heart.

    What appears as carnal to the rank and file in The Robot Brigade, AKA... The Marching Dead, AKA...The Manipulated and Mesmerized looks entirely different to The Spiritual Eye. For most... there is a pull that happens... between the desiring and the object of desire. For the few... that pull has been neutralized, and... one is set free.

    One no longer lives in a poverty zone of wanting... and wanting... and wanting. One is now in a state of having... of having everything... that one previously imagined to exist outside of themselves... on tap... at all times... from everlasting to everlasting. The point being that there is only one thing worth having, and EVERYTHING ELSE can only be fully enjoyed... or appreciated... when one has that one thing. Otherwise... disappointment and dissatisfaction are a certainty... sooner or later.

    That's the whole of it. You can read a hundred books... a thousand books. You can write a hundred books... a thousand books. You can follow one religion after the other... you can take this course and that course of self-betterment. You can travel The World around. See The Sights! Bright lights of the cities... take home a six-pack of dancing girls; do it every night... make a fortune... fly private... belong to the most exclusive clubs. It won't be there.

    It is the most elusive thing in The World because it is not in The World. It is shapeless and colorless. It's an acquired taste because you can't taste it unless those other senses are opened.

    It's been said that it is easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than to enter into Heaven. Let's extrapolate that into every other area of life. If all your enjoyment is here... here is all you'll get, and you will go on wanting, and wanting, and wanting, and... it will get worse, and worse, and worse.

    You won't be happy with the usual pleasures... that thrill will go away. You'll be driven to more and more exotic fare, and... as you go... something you were unaware of, but which was present all along, and watching you all along... is going to slowly come to life in you. It's going to become more and more present. It will be a small wheedling voice. It will grow more insistent. It will grow more demanding, and what are you going to do?

    You've already made arrangements and concessions, all... along... the... way, and... at each stop, a piece of you got sucked away. The time will come when you are taken over by another will, and... that will not be all she wrote. There is another way to go. It also involves another will... another presence... that has been present all along... and watching you all along. It is something that will come to life in you... becoming more and more present.

    It's hard for most people to even know what road they are on. One becomes persuaded that what one is seeing and feeling is something other than what it really is. The deception is masterful... because the one doing the deceiving... has been doing it for millions of years. You are involved... like it or not... in a battle for the ages. It seems never to end. It just keeps taking another shape... like Sauron The Shadow... moving from one place to the next. Every age has a new permutation, and...

    … you are here for only one of two reasons. Either your role in the drama is yet to be resolved OR... you're here to help. When I say unresolved... that could mean anything from being a submissive bondage freak... in harness to The Dark Lord of Painful Pleasures or... you are headed there, and at a particular stage of the journey OR... you are headed to that other place that includes more places than the mind can imagine. That actually applies to both places.

    Everything is a deception here because everything appears to be something other than what it is. Take pleasure for instance. Everything that offers pleasure here is only pain delayed. Sooner or later it's going to hurt. It might separate you from something meaningful. It might pay you a visit in the form of some malady. EVERYTHING comes at a cost. The Gita talks about that which seems to be nectar at first and then turns into poison, and that which seems like poison at first, and then turns into nectar. I understand it. It hurt like Hell for a really long time, BUT... I got the point.

    I should have gotten the point much earlier, but... I'm a little slow. Then I was told there was no getting around or over at any stage... there was only going through, so... there was no way I was going to get the point earlier. Everyone that takes this road has to go through certain things. It doesn't matter if you were pure as the driven snow or... a serious reprobate on The Outlaw Trail... who finally saw The Light, you got to walk through The Fire or burn.

    I don't know why they work it this way. Maybe it is so that when you come out the other side you won't be judging others as harshly... as might have been the case... if you had been a self-righteous prig who never got down into the murk. Perhaps one has to understand The Murk and its attractions before you can be free of it. You have to have that commonality of mind that understands that we are all sinners who have come short of the mark... short of The Glory of God.

    The mercy of The Divine... the forgiveness of The Divine... are far... far beyond the reach and understanding of The Mortal Mind. One must realize that every offense committed against anyone is an offense against The Divine... because The Divine is the whole of everything... is every part... is the whole, and is also that something else... that gestalt that is beyond the whole. Of course... in most cases... the parts do not recognize their connection to The Divine... that's what life is all about.

    It's a game of hide and seek between you... and The Divine, and... it is The Divine that redeems you. He comes personally to see to that... on a regular basis.

    There is ONLY you and The Divine. Everything else? You are imagining it. Meanwhile... you can run loose through The Jungle. You can do This... That... and The Other Thing. You can go on and on about it for millions of years, some do... some do.

    Then there is The Land of The Great Companions. You can't get there on your own. That is not possible, BUT... you can want it so bad. You can want it more than anything else, and... that intensity will attract a guide that will take you there. That's how it works. I am speaking firsthand on the matter. I suppose there are any number of ways to go about it, BUT... NO MATTER WHAT... you have to be taken there. You cannot get there on your own.

    There is this critical disconnect between The Separated Mind and the reality of existence. That mind... personified in every one of us... thinks of itself as a separate entity. There is only one mind. Then there is the sense of a self apart. Deal with that and you will have solved The Great Mystery. Until you do... Life will be a series of funhouse mirrors... reflecting distorted images... in a dream.


  • "Most People don't Know Dirty Harry from Debbie Harry... and They Can't Find Their Ass with A Google-View and A Compass."
    God Poet Transmitting....... “ Divine worship, he says, is the end for which all things are created, and therefore belongs to their orig...

    Friday, May 17, 2024

    "Most People don't Know Dirty Harry from Debbie Harry... and They Can't Find Their Ass with A Google-View and A Compass."

    God Poet Transmitting.......

    Divine worship, he says, is the end for which all things are created, and therefore belongs to their original nature and constitution. The different forms of worship result from the variety of Names and Attributes by which God manifests Himself in creation. Every Name and Attribute produces its own characteristic effect. For example, God is the true Guide (al-Hádí); but He is also the Misleader (al-Muḍill), for the Koran says, "Allah shall lead the wicked into error." He is the Avenger (al-Muntaqim) as well as the Forgiver (al-Mun‘im). If any one of His Names had remained ineffectual and unrealized, His self-manifestation would not have been complete. Therefore He sent His prophets, in order that those who followed them might worship Him as the One who guides mankind to salvation, and that those who disobeyed them might worship Him as the One who leads mankind to perdition.

    All God's creatures worship Him in accordance with His will, and every form of worship expresses some aspect of His nature. Infidelity and sin are effects of the Divine activity and contribute to the Divine perfection. Satan himself glorifies God, inasmuch as his disobedience is subordinate to the eternal will.”

    In respect of certain ideas we have been presenting here, I give these lines that I just discovered in the writings of Jili... with whom I wholeheartedly concur, AND... which confirm positions I have taken that some consider to be blasphemous. I do not believe in the folded... spindled... and mutilated teachings of The Christian Church. I see them as stock pens for people who are too afraid to think. Their dogma is like unto a cattle prod.

    As for The Koran, it is often filled with such violent thoughts that I do not wonder at some of the acts that have followed since its publication. Christians and Muslims... of a fundie cast... are incredibly mean and unforgiving. That's the way it is with religion. People like to huddle together because they are terrified of what they don't understand about life. This makes it easy for The Controllers to herd them as they please... turn them into cannon fodder, and agitate them in the hate-ridden cities.

    Lately... I have been getting flashes of insight that lift me to a view of conditions beyond the daylight... walking around perspective... that I have most of the time. It's impossible to describe except to say they take place in hyper-reality... attended by a stream of images that each... come with pages of dialogue that it is impossible (at least for me) to put down here.

    One of the flashes I received recently... has to do with an entire area of political commentary that one runs into on the internet. On the one hand, there are people like Jack Posobiec... Charlie Kirk... Alex Jones and Mike Adams... Ron Unz and others. There are so many of these people. They have big websites, and like James O'Keefe, they style themselves as knights on a white charger... speaking Truth to Power. What I saw was that they have zero effect on anything... except their own levels of influence and the financial gain that comes through doing what they do.

    Are they bad people? Are they good people? Are they gatekeepers? Are they entertainers in mufti? I don't know. There are certain politicians too... that fit into this demographic, BUT... it seems that every... single... one... of... them... answers to The Synagogue of Satan. PERIOD. I was going to this Post Millennial website. I think it's a Canadian news portal. I liked their truthfulness, BUT... as soon as Israel arranged that false flag on October 7th... with the intent of wiping The Palestinian People from the face of The Earth, they rolled over on their backs with their legs in the air.

    Everywhere that those protesting against The Gazacide appear... there are now Zionist Stormtroopers coming in. The police have been told... apparently... to stand back and let them sort it out, so people are getting beaten and pepper sprayed. A few hours later they come in to mop up!

    The Synagogue of Satan is LITERALLY bombing women and children indiscriminately, and laughing about it! Dancing in the street! Tearing food deliveries from the aid trucks, and... scattering them by the roadside, AND... laughing about it... and dancing in the street! The entire nation of Israel is behind this effort. This is apocalypse-in-action.

    As we have said here countless times, and as we fully believe without the possibility of doubt... God is in The Details in this horror, and... everywhere else at all times... and the entire insensate, and stupefied world sees The Gazacide... like something through the car window... on their way to the Disneyland Gay Bar for Kids, and The Divine has a resolution in mind. I can only... from what I have seen so far... determine with little likelihood of error... that he intends to deal with this nation of MONSTERS in the most serious and severe fashion.

    The heinous crimes that include organ harvesting... broadcasting crying children and women calling for help... in the night... that brings people into the street to look for them, and then firing on them with drones... and so many... many other offenses... too numerous to mention. These are just shrugged off, BUT... Hamas! Hamas! Hamas! The hostages!!! The hostages!!! Bullshit! Bullshit like flaming planets and exponentially expanded!!! Bullshit!!!

    Now this Ari Hoffman is showing up everywhere... writing about the outrages of alleged Hamas supporters and their protests... being inflicted on The Poor Israelis. He has become the main contributor at news-sites I never saw him at previously... including The Post Millennial. Bullshit!!!

    This is genocide... clear and simple. This is ethnic cleansing! These Zionists are... MONSTERS!!! They have been killing The Palestinians and stealing their land for DECADES!!! That's it! There is no justification whatsoever. They are... MONSTERS!!!

    Are the Gaza protests compromised and financed by the same people who are committing Gazacide? Very Likely. That's how they operate, BUT... millions of people all round The World are outraged, and I am one of them. Like the song says; ♫Your time is gonna come♫ It comes for all of us. It comes for us individually... in groups... in nations, and to entire planets. It comes soft as a caress from an invisible breeze, and it comes with tanks and ruthless killers... burning as they go.

    Most people don't know Dirty Harry from Debbie Harry... and they can't find their ass with a Google-View and a compass. They want what they want, and there are people who see that they get it because they are the people who arranged for them to want it in the first place. There are people who create those needs so that they can fill those needs, and as each generation wears out... they find another.

    Now they are... also...with calculation... seeking to eliminate another entire race of people... through a variety of means. This is not up for argument. The Great Replacement is a provable given. They have found other groups of people... they are more compliant... more willing... to roll and run riot in the murk of Materialism... from The Land Where The Sun Don't Shine. There are those with a greater disposition toward certain features of Materialism. Certain things should be obvious to anyone paying attention, and... bottom line...it is all about maintaining control.

    Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening... say that The Reins of Power... will be taken away from those who use appearances... as the mechanisms of deception. They are direct agents of Heavenly Force. The Will of The Divine is being done through them, and those who have held the power for deceiving the nations for such a length of time... are now very disturbed at what they see coming for them; shaping up, and forming in The Event Horizon. They are desperate, and... they are driven. It is only a matter of time and sequential events.

    Everything that is happening is putting those who have worked from the shadows... front and center... into The Revealing Light. Vanity and Arrogance fuel their insanities. They are being driven mad. They are out of their minds with avarice... fear... and rage. Their world is imploding, and not all the soldiers that have ever been, are going to be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

    I have no apprehension about Things to Come. I know without a scintilla of doubt... that The Divine... the ineffable... rules supreme in Heaven and on Earth. It is a palpable reality in the one location, and something very hard to see in the other, BUT... nonetheless everything lives and dies... succeeds and fails... according to The Will of God. There is no wiggle room on that.

    Many fools have pranced about here in their season. One does not become Carl Panzram in a single lifetime. Psychopathy is arrived at in stages. As one departs from The Light of God... psychopathy is one of the final stages before one becomes actualized as a demon. Everyone who has done massive harm on this planet... worked their way to that opportunity in stages. It was as much a development as; egg, caterpillar, pupa, and butterfly... only in the opposite direction. Everything comes in stages.

    There is nothing mysterious about life except for the appearances it is resident behind, AND which it demonstrates through. There is... What Is, and... There Is... What Seems. What seems is constructed by The Force of Wanting. It is desire... precipitated and channeled into form... and composed of The Substance of Things Unseen.

    No one is denied anything here. That is the good news and the bad news. Seek and ye shall find... LITERALLY. If you sow the wind you will reap the whirlwind... that is also good news and bad news because it parallels the concept of casting your bread upon the waters.


  • "It's More Dance Lessons with The Rest of The Clumsy Dancers in The Drunken Mosh Pits of Stupidity, and Endless Wanting."

    Thursday, May 16, 2024

    "It's More Dance Lessons with The Rest of The Clumsy Dancers in The Drunken Mosh Pits of Stupidity, and Endless Wanting."

    God Poet Transmitting.......

    When you can close your eyes and see the glory of the coming of The Lord, it's a safe bet that... when you open your eyes... you won't see anything like that. Hollywood is the human version of The Westminster Dog Show. In the animal version... the dogs are hoping for a leg up into The Land of Hands so that they can open a refrigerator. In the human version... they practice a religion where Twerking is The Litany. There are some kind of trigger codes written into the advance of Materialism that activate Beast Mode.

    Beast Mode is when you abdicate your humanity and get down on all fours for The Horned Goat of Mendes and his orcs, so they can service your departure from Sane Mode.

    I saw the Tom Brady Roast the other evening. It was three hours of nasty... evil... commentary. Tom said his kids weren't happy about it. Hmm... really? I watched these important and self-important attendees and one thing stuck out to me that made no real sense. It was the presence of Kim Kardashian (who I don't remember ever having anything to do with Tom) roasting Tom Brady, which she sucked at. Why was she even there? Hmm... then the whole crowd booed her, but Netflix removed it.

    Hollywood is owned and operated by Satanists and Witch Covens. Kardashian is a high-ranking member of the latter, though the witches and Satanists are mostly always on the same page of The Grimoire of Honorius The Black Pope... this was a demonic photo-op... giving face time to a high servant of The Dark Lord... who had no connection to the subject matter.

    Behind the scenes in Hollywood is a clique of depraved characters who have LITERALLY traded their souls for certain degrees of latitude and access on The Material Plane. I remember Kanye... who, as stupid as he is... catching on to what he had stepped into, and I remember him reflecting on the cost of fame. I don't follow any of these people. News simply appears on my desktop because it gets sent out everywhere as part of the effort of mind control that is practiced on the blind and clueless.

    The same thing happens in the corridors of political and financial power. There are club progressions like Skull and Bones that move... from the perverse fraternal... to the flaming eternal. As for the fires of Hell... they are metaphorical to a degree. That same fire that the saints rejoice in... the damned burn in. It's conundrums and contradictions all along the winding road to Doomsday's Break, and Heaven's Gates.

    You... the reader... already know most of this. You've heard it here before, and no doubt... run into it through other sources as well. I bring it up on this occasion because of The Celestial Clock. As this cosmic engine ticks along... it triggers events at different moments. We approach such a moment now. It is a truly momentous moment. (grin) It has to do with yet another stage in The Awakening. Keep in mind that The Awakening does not only apply to The Sleeping Classes. It also applies to The Delusional, and to those who traffic in delusions for personal gain.

    For a long time... The Divine has fed the ambitions of the spiritually twisted and the sexually perverse. They imagine that they are responsible for the significant strides... into material darkness... that have taken place in recent times, and provided such monstrous servings of Evil that have been heaped on The Common Plate. Flambé is to be expected when the sommelier arrives at each table.

    The Divine has convinced EVERYONE in the service of The Dark Lord, which is God himself behind a mask... for The Purpose of Deception... of a particular deception, and he also tells them they have nothing to worry about... he's The Father of Lies after all, and... they get a card that lets them through certain doorways, BUT... there is ONLY God in every direction... far... far beyond what the eye can ever see.

    The Divine accommodates at the level of perception... with any encounter... with anyone or anything. Those deceiving... meet a face of deception far more skilled than their own, and always The Voice is in their ears... urging them on... to The Great Denouement.

    Evil has NO POWER except what The Lord grants it for The Purpose of Demonstration. Now... the people in Hollywood... don't get to the higher ranks... without making certain sacrifices... or paying penalties as a rite of passage. Usually... this involves the life of a loved one or accepting some chronic health problem. What really happened to Bruce Jenner?

    You can skate on certain entrance fees... if you are willing to up the ante. Many people in Hollywood are suffering terribly right now, BUT... not nearly like they are going to. You might say... it comes with the territory.

    It was once an open secret that many of the Hollywood Elite were devil worshipers. As times became darker and darker... censure was lifted from these activities. Adrenochrome and... all the rest of what gets released into the common parlance... are actually blinds for something much worse. I'm not saying Adrenochrome does not exist, BUT why can't anyone get their hands on it? Surely... that would have happened by now.

    Then there is the matter of all these people being executed and replaced. I'm not saying it isn't happening, BUT... where is the actual evidence? If these whole head masks were a real thing in that department, then why do we always get these photos of mask edges on necks. Don't you think they would be better at concealing it? When you find something out it is because they wanted you to find out.

    I don't know about all of what goes on in Hollywood. That's not my department... neither is what goes on in the corridors of power. What I happen to know... unequivocally... period... is that The Divine is in control of Everything, for The Purpose of Demonstration. People who get sucked into any other perspective are living in a state of delusion. The cabals of both Good Guys and Bad Guys all do as they are told, and it has NEVER been any different.

    There is... ALWAYS... what seems to be going on, and what is actually going on. All the tales you hear about fantastic creatures from the past... aliens in space... what physical shape Earth is in... these are ALL manipulated areas of interest... whose intention is to deceive those who look into them. I'm not saying there are no fantastic creatures or aliens in space. I've seen them plenty of times. I'm just saying that the stories that surround them are designed to mislead.

    A great deal that you hear about is all extra-dimensional. They are not physical entities that exist on the physical plane. They come into view when your spiritual senses are opened. Paracelsus could see these life forms at any time, and so does anyone whose higher senses are open.

    The end result for ALL practitioners of Magic... IF... they reach a certain level of expertise... is that they run into The One who waits at the other end. The image and appearance of this entity are determined by the intention of the one having the encounter.

    Nothing you can attain to, and nothing you can obtain Out There... Out Here... is The Thing Itself. These are all fool's errands. One always discovers something other than what they expected to discover in any quest they set out upon. Every area of magical enterprise is guarded by door wardens. In all cases... arrangements have to be made.

    Everything is a guided tour. Tell yourself whatever makes you feel good, BUT... everything is under control. This point is made in every body of scripture. It is in the tenets of every faith. The Divine is all-knowing. The Divine is all-seeing. The Divine is everywhere and in everything. Cave Dei Videt!

    The Divine explodes the whole of existence... into manifestation... from a central core of absolute purity... the hidden spring of all hidden springs. Existence descends across planes that go from the finer to the grosser, and The Physical Plane... The Material Plane... is the grossest state of being.

    We are sent forth on the endless search for The Indwelling that is not to be found in external experiences. Still... we explore everything... picking it up... turning it over... trying to see into it; “Alas poor Yorick!” One day we find ourselves or... we come to the bleeding edge of The Ring Pass Not... to see how completely lost we are. Then... it's all the... long... road... back.

    Do the right thing, to begin with! Heh heh... I wish I'd had better sense, BUT... I also know there was no other way around or over it, but... through it. Woulda... shoulda... coulda... are as pointless as 20-20 hindsight. We have had no choice but to fall into disorder, which is what makes redemption possible, and forgiveness... a most necessary attribute for anyone... who intends to actually get There.

    When you finally get to that place of being free of judgment... where there is no rancor or resentment left... because it all got swallowed up... when you kissed the false self goodbye... while discovering that you had no part in any of it... you realize that your only contribution was to let it happen... to not hinder it... to give way; get out of the way, and let The Divine live its life in you. Until then... it's more dance lessons with the rest of the clumsy dancers in the drunken mosh pits of stupidity, and... endless wanting.


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