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  • In 2012, I did some quite serious channelling. Siraya came to me with some comments on a thread about ‘Who Created God’. It was more intense than I had experienced before.

    Around the same time, my interest in moving towards a moneyless society had led me to a man here in NZ that was forming a new political party called The Money Free Party (MFP), who I made contact with via the internet. I became a member and stood as a candidate in the 2014 general election. I received just 75 votes, but was happy with that considering I did no campaigning except for delivering leaflets to about 2000 home letterboxes.

    I felt the need for the MFP to have policies that people could relate to, that would show a clear plan or transition to a moneyless society, but they didn’t have any. So I decided to try starting my own party to contest the 2017 general election and called it Tranzition.

    You can see the website I made for Tranzition HERE. It should give you an idea of where I was going with it.

    I didn’t stick with it though as I realised there were a lot of parties in NZ and the chances of getting anywhere were slim, plus I’m not the political party leader type… rather, a shy retiring type… with anxiety and depression. My anxiety is brought on (heightened) by social situations and my depression is mainly due to our society’s money system that enslaves us all.

    I now think that, perhaps after reversal and stasis and any other thing that’s due to come along, I might revisit Tranzition with a few changes, incorporating a more spiritual aspect as well.

    Over the last few years, I ‘shut myself off’ so to speak from connecting to spirit and just focused on other pastimes, such as my ongoing interest in building bicycles from old discarded ones. You can see the bikes I’ve done HERE.

    When the current COVID-19 lockdown situation arose here, I ‘opened up’ again and received a message along with the prompt to return to AH. Some years ago, my computer died and I had to move house all around the same time, and by the time I had settled again and had a replacement computer, I had been removed from AH due to lack of activity. I contacted KAN DAEK to see if I could come back and here I AM.

    I was told by spirit many years ago that I am ‘always open’ and I’ve been shown that recently with messages coming to me as I think about this whole situation we are now in. So I will soon start a thread for channeled messages, starting with some older ones and, hopefully, continuing on from there.

  • Hi all,

    Welcome to my space.

    I AM Glen. Born in Christchurch, New Zealand and currently living in Whangarei, NZ.

    Below is what I placed as my mission statement on the other forums…

    July 2010

    I have read the "Must Read Before Posting Your Mission!" section and agree to the terms therein.

    I have been a member of the AHS yahoo group since September 2007.

    Recently on AHS, I said that I wouldn't be coming over to this (AH) forum...

    "because I don't have a mission idea to submit. I am simply going with the flow at the moment... knowing that something will come along when the time is right. I did write something to that effect to post as my mission, but realised that it wasn't actually a mission at all !"

    ... so below is what I had written as my "Mission Statement".


    I don't see any reason to make specific plans right now when everything is in a constant state of change. In other words... I don't really know what I want to do as a mission... so I will let it come to me when the time is right.

    You could say that it is to simply do what is required when the time comes... assuming I am able.


To watch what is happening and adapt accordingly.

    I will "go with the flow". 

    Of course, this is how I feel "now"... I'm sure it will change.

    However, there are some areas that I will be watching and that I have a special interest in, like...

    • Money - how to move forward towards a non monetary system

    • Housing - building techniques like straw-bale, adobe, mud-brick, logs

    • Energy - power for the houses, free energy

    • Transport - new methods of fueling our cars, non polluting

    • Food - moving towards less/no food, growing vegetables, organics, hydroponics

    ...and others. 

    So... no specific "mission" for me at the moment.


Stay tuned.

    I hope this is sufficient for the time being.


Love and light,


    I was then asked “…but also what do you do NOW as you live?”

    And I replied…

    Sorry for the delay in replying... I have been writing this off and on as I browse the site.


You ask what I do NOW in my everyday life or at work. Firstly... no, I am not retired... I work 20 hours per week.


I have reduced a lot of my consumerism over the years with the goal of not having to be a "full time wage slave". I never bought a home, never had children, I don't drink, smoke or do a lot of the other things that the majority of people feel the need to do. This is all to reduce my need for money. I have always disliked the monetary system, which is the main reason why I joined the New Zealand chapter of The Zeitgeist Movement earlier this year. I see their ultimate goal as getting off the current monetary system... I am seeing many parallels within TZM and the objectives of AH... many of the same concerns are being expressed there as here. I have started meetings here in Christchurch for local members to get together and chat. This is where I have learned that I am not alone in the way I think.


My current part time job is receipting inwards goods at a tool shop. This is very hard for me because of the amount of waste I see on a daily basis. Everything comes in packed in cardboard and plastic, and although we put all cardboard out for recycling, so much ends up in the skip. I save some of the packaging for my friend who makes hand crafted products... so she can re-use it to send her products off. I also get her a lot of blank labels (stickers) that she uses for her product codes and what not. These are all saved from being dumped. I would normally cycle to work, but lately has been cold and wet (winter) so I have been using my car more than I would like.

    You mentioned strawbale and mud houses as not being the best choices after stasis and I understand why. Perhaps logs, cord wood, stone or other materials might be better. Actually, I am quite partial to the idea of earthships as seen at http://earthship.com/ too.

    I have done tertiary study in the areas of...

    • photography

    • film and television production

    • digital video post production

    • 3d modeling and animation

    ...and have learned the art of screenwriting, completing 4 feature length screenplays and numerous shorts.

    I had thought of using these skills somehow... perhaps in doing a video on truth... spreading awareness. But I think there is plenty of that sort of thing out there now and I might save that for after stasis... don't know how exactly yet.


I find it quite hard to think of what I'll be doing after stasis... I think we all do... because we don't know what things will be like. For example, I don't know if Christchurch will still be habitable, but I get the feeling that it wont. So I think organising a community inland would be an important first step. But until the earth changes have settled somewhat, it's tricky to think where that might be.


Anyway, that's enough for now... I will add as I think of things... my thoughts are always changing.

    Love and light to you and all,



    June 2012 - the above was reposted on the new forum along with the following…

    So that was what I originally posted.

    It is interesting, reading it all again now, to realise that I was right about Christchurch not being habitable. Although it is still habitable at the moment (just), I do sense another biggy for there. A lot has changed since the first big quake of September 2010. I moved away from Christchurch in early March 2011, after the big February quake, to a place called Kerikeri at the top of the North Island. I have not worked since leaving, except for a few small video editing jobs and a bit of graphic design via the internet. I have been on the unemployment benefit, something that I am grateful for, but at the same time, wish the need for money would just go away. I recently transfered to the sickness benefit at the suggestion of my case manager.

    My ultimate goal now, I reckon, is to start that community I mentioned. Perhaps I will start designing the houses and other buildings for it. I have just finished a re-design of a brother's house... it was badly damaged in the quakes and will most likely be dismantled for land remediation, so I did some new floorplans for him using a cool free software called "sweet home 3d". Some of the "rules and regulations" being imposed in Christchurch on the people are ridiculous. His land had serious liquefaction and needs further geotechnical surveys to see if he can rebuild. If he can, it will have to be on or within the existing house footprint! Don't know why that is. So I did my designs to match the existing footprint. 

    Anyway, this has gone on way too long... apologies for that. I am a slow reader myself so I don't generally like, or post, long pieces. 

    Love and light to you all,



    So here we are now… May 2020.

    Things have changed.

    I will update in future posts.

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