Esu says it's a watershed day today

  • Exactly! In another thread, I posted an image of a bomb going off and a city destroyed...Esu is clearly TELLING US shit will happen and will hit the fan regardless.

    It will depend ONLY ON US if we are CLOSE TO THE FAN or AWAY TO THE FAN so they shit won´t hit us.

    Thankfully, all the shit I have been facing my whole life, have giving me the survival skills I need and now living here between the worst of the society is also teaching me great survival skills in the city. Sometime I think all the shit of my life has been a Life-Training for the events about to come, so I can be ready.

    Hope for the best BUT prepare for the worst.

    Having supplies is just a SMALL need SURVIVAL SKILLS and be in your BEST PHYSICAL AND MENTAL SHAPE!

    Thank You Jess!

  • Thank you for this much needed update dear Esu&Jess :saint: <3 It certainly feels like we need to assess every moment as to interpretation, response and action (the CM check ;) ) The "stay-above-emotion" part is one challenging task BC (as Rosie just said) people tend to go emotional very easily when Truth hits them....even if one is careful not to "provoke" in any way but at the same time stay in one's Truth when interacting with them.

    A question of balance" indeed!!

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    Thank you dear Jess and dear Esu, and great appreciation here for your thoughts.

    It is so comforting to know that this is all under divine guidance, and my heart goes out to those who have no idea about this, and who will therefore not be able to remain centred, pulled emotionally hither and thither, triggered by this and that, severely challenged by everything which does not fit into their world view.

    I recently made another attempt to "open the eyes" of a close relative, but failed. It is so difficult to convey the extent of the damage, the depth of the corruption, and the evil intent of the players, if the surface has rarely been scraped. One would actually need hours or days of actual listening, as a contrast to cutting it all off due to immediate irritation, which is what happened in my case.

    It all poses the question WHERE TO BEGIN when attempting to reveal the truth, as there is so much of it, lol! The aforementioned 8 hour videos demanding 100 percent attention would be a good start ... but it seems that the "gradual reveal" is taking the upper hand at the moment ...

    Love Rosie

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