Celestials communications..

  • I had a vision of the President of Argentina not so well, you know..

    I think Edy that is true. In fact for many decades there have been two prophecies by Benjamin Solari Parraviccini (about the "Gray Men" and a French type revolution) and Priest Don Orione where they spoke of an Argentine president assassinated by a popular revolt in Mayo Square, before the country is free from those who exploit and loot it.

    "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." - Grand Master Yoda

    "Like a thousand other commanders on a thousand other battlefields, I wait for the dawn." - Captain Jean-Luc Picard

    "Shinzou wo Sasageyo!" - Dedicate Your Hearts!

  • I have been informed of these same target dates on the banks from a reliable person I know involved in this process. Small chance of being a week later because of some potential for disruption

    This is Saturday morning. I saw the original post and KD's comments yesterday, but I thought I would wait a day and see what happened. I just went to my bank machine and withdrew cash. It is working today. The online credit seems to be working--at least the apps--because I charged online for breakfast. The money hasn't been taken out at the bank, however. I will say that this is Memorial Day weekend, and the banks would be closed Monday anyway for the holiday. That part of the prediction was correct. We'll see what Tuesday brings.

  • ...and you have to see the Army China is building in México! UNVELIEVABLE...

    While all the press and news drama of the illegal Immigrants is focused in the USA... honestly, they are INFLATING the issue just because of POLITICAL reasons in an electoral year...the MASSIVE IMMIGRATION is taking place in México with hundreds of thousands of Chinese, Russians and Africans flooding the country.

    In case you do not know, MEXICO has a long history of OPEN BORDERS...every human that arrives to México is immediately given ASYLUM and automatically starts his WORK PERMIT AND RESIDENCY process. The country has become a REAL CRISOL where you can see in all cities people from all countries. Since job is booming due to massive federal investment projects, they are staying there, "marrying and giving in marriage" ... HAHAHA!!!

    México and Mexicans in the USA will defend America...so do not worry for scumbars arriving to USA. We will take back our country as Russia will take back Ukraine.

  • KD Quote:

    And the real including live hangings on TV is going to frighten people with freakouts and more. This will become part of our genetic memory system of the days When evil was removed to the last person by the sons of God serving Christ. And of course the magnetic reversal that will come. These UN people will serve the chaos and

    Provide food ..medical care .. and more. Ponder it.. <3


    Interesting! I volunteer to help them?

  • Trump was very clear about this in his last rally in Bronx, NY.

    "They are building an Army" ...he said.

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