Are we guardians of our planet?

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    A bridge carrying a freight train has collapsed into the Yellowstone River in Montana. The train was carrying dangerous substances and drinking water from the…

    A bridge carrying a freight train has collapsed into the Yellowstone River in Montana. The train was carrying dangerous substances and drinking water from the river was stopped.

    According to the AP report, a yellow substance leaked from one car.

    Here we go again! Another environmental disaster!


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    Some additional notes on the Italian region Campania.

    Naples is the capital city of the Campania region. In Naples there is the famous volcano Vesuvius.

    The seabed of the maritime bay in front of Naples is home to a whole series of volcanoes and that area is known as Campi Flegrei.

    Going back to the present days, the governor of Campania is - IMHO - a fanatical character to say the least, and is very often in the news for the excessive, almost dramatic measures that he has adopted and adopts to "fight" the so-called Covid-19. Even the tone of his comments against the "disobedient" population or other regional governors or mayors, or even the government, are often over-the-top, bordering on insult. Yet, he was recently re-elected with 68% of the vote.... assuming there is no fraud behind it!

    Translated with (free version) - 27' Documentary

    Fuming Felix

    How decades of illegal dumping poisoned Italian land and people

    Campania, known in the Roman times as Campania Felix – “fertile countryside”- is a scenic region in south western Italy; it’s famous for the historic city of Naples, the majestic Mount Vesuvius, beautiful nature and glorious food. Thanks to the volcano, the bountiful land yields several crops a year. Campania is the birthplace for many signature Italian dishes, including pizza and pasta.

    However, in the past three decades, Campania has developed a much less positive reputation; it’s now a highly polluted area in which the endless burning of rubbish dumps has caused parts of it to become known as the “Land of Fire”. Illegal toxic industrial waste disposal by mafia groups has poisoned the soil, ground waters and air. Some believe that the waste hasn’t just come from all over Italy but from all over Europe too, much of it is radioactive.

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    The problem has been brushed under the carpet for way too long despite soaring rates of cancer among the local population. Doctors have sounded the alarm over unprecedented numbers and varieties of cancer in children. Two communities in Campania have the country’s highest child mortality rates. Residents of this once pristine rural region now have to undergo regular toxicology tests to establish exactly what poisons they have in their blood.

    An investigation into illegal toxic waste dumping began in the 90s when police officer, Roberto Mancini uncovered the ‘eco-mafia’s’ criminal activity. Despite his findings, the case was closed and local concerns were brushed aside. It wasn’t until 15 years later that the case was reopened. By then, Campania’s devastating health situation had become hard to ignore. Like many of his neighbours, Roberto Mancini died of cancer.

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    Now though, thanks to extensive media coverage, the government is at last paying attention to local demands and has recently made illegal dumping a criminal offence. Stopping the practice though remains a challenge. Meanwhile, doctors believe that they’re only just starting to see the extent of the approaching health problems in the “Land of Fire”. #terradeifuochi

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    The Beast of Zone 3

    Gold rush fever at Guatemala City’s deadly dump

    This is the most dangerous quarter in Guatemala City, Central America’s biggest capital. It is known as Zone 3 or Basurero, meaning “dump”. It’s home to an enormous landfill site, known locally as “The Mine”. The huge pit, into which tons of rubbish are dumped every day, has its own graveyard where tombs seem about to collapse at any moment.

    Photo gallery & Read more

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    This is the heartwarming moment a team of volunteer divers rescued hundreds of rare fish that had been caught illegally.

    The beautifully-coloured parrot fish, bannerfish and marine angelfish were trapped in the iron underwater cage dropped into the Gulf of Thailand.

    Divers from the Mu Ko Lanta National Park in Krabi province found the device when they were patrolling the area on August 27.

    Each were protected species that trawlers are forced to throw them back into the ocean.

    The national park director Weerasak Srisatjang said: "The team were shocked when they saw the large cage under the sea. The immediately released all of the fish.

    Short video embedded. Read more…egally-in-underwater-cage

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