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    The majority in Christianity are NPCs. Completely do nothings ..except ruin the teachings of Christ..which is a program run thru them . Destruction of Christ by mean angry shit god that fries all who don't join church clubs in hell for all eternity and they will not look,at the obvious.

  • Hi guys, Hi mispatel, if I may, here is the longer explanation..

    in " role playing games" the "players" are allowed to decide what they want to do.

    but the idea is that there is a plot; somewhat like an adventure novel. so there are subordinate characters, but, basically, they are part of a more or less programmed experience, so they will simply do whatever the storyline calls for them to do.(even to the point of repeating actions and statements over and over again) in essence they do not have freewill or creative responses. they are the NPCs (non-player characters)

  • NPC?


    In videogame terminology NPC means "Non-Playable Character", as AI bots unlike human users. In a certain way is valid to refer the robotoid people as "organic bots".

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  • it's pretty hopeless out there. one wonders how people could be so foolish, but the sad fact is, that people can be trained over time to think and do almost anything.

    even the people who think that they are awake, or open minded... truly are not.

    I find that even people who trust me, have trouble believing what I say.

    honestly GLP makes me a little sad now. I definitely think that quite a bit of effort went into destroying it, as a site with spiritual and political merit.

    I suppose that one must accept life's setbacks and carry on, undaunted and perhaps a little more disillusioned.

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