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  • 18th July 2012

    This just came through from Christ Michael and seemed important. I was outside in the sun, patting the neighbours cat on my lap, thinking about the messages that I have received in the past while doing the same thing, wishing I had written them down. So when Tilly had decided she'd had enough, I came and tested the theory in the message...

    Glen, Christ Michael Aton addressing you once more on the topic of communication and connection.

    I know you tire of the repetitiveness of these messages, but they are not intended solely for you. I address all my beloved ones through you.

    This will be brief. It is a tip on constant connection. You have wondered this yourself, that if you don't write down a message because you do not have a pencil, or you are working, or otherwise engaged that you cannot take the message down, is the message lost?

    The answer is no. All you have to do is to recall the message. You might only remember a brief snippet, or you might simply ask for the message you received earlier to be repeated. When you sit with pen in hand or at the keyboard with the word processor open, and you start to write, the message should begin to resurface. The connection is reset. It might be a whole new connection or it might be a "recording" of the message. The messages have memory, as they are photon based.

    This is just to let those who communicate often during their daily activities know that they are not "forgetting" or "loosing" the messages if they don't write them down immediately. They can revisit at any time the time is prudent to do so.

    Love and blessings be with you all, my beloved children.


    [Update May 2020 - a previous message had said “There is so much you could have shared over the years that has been lost because of your lack of believing in yourself.” I asked about this as it seemed to be contradictory and got a response… "If the message is fresh in ones mind, then it will be able to be recalled. If much time has passed, then the chances of even remembering the topic of the message is remote. It is then that a message is ‘lost’. In reality though, if you can remember a message topic, even if from years ago, the message should resurface. Remember though that if much time has passed, due to the fluidity of events, the message might now be different to what was originally received."]

    (note: I looked at the clock on my computer and it was 4:44 :))

  • very nice Glen, and important . we dont recognize what we are, .. we don't realize that we are loved, that love is what builds atoms and rabbits.

    we are told that we are creeps, freaks, swear words, put downs , insults of every kind and like fools we believe the cretins that we see while ignoring the vastly abundant and endlessly loving universalmind divine. we are told that we are invalid incapable worker slaves and we believe That.

    we are divine divinities and that we refuse to acknowledge.

    (divine divinity is a game , lol.... but what is true is true... doesn't matter if it comes out of the mouth of elmer fudd)

  • July 2012

    In bed last night, 17th July, this is what I was inspired to write down.

    G = Glen

    HS = Higher Self

    CM = Christ Michael

    G. Who is near?

    HS. Christ Michael would like a word again Glen.

    G. Ok.

    CM. Greetings beloved. You had a nice music session just before. I liked the humour in the selection of the Surfin' Bird. You should post that one.

    G. Ok... I will tomorrow.

    CM. You already posted the selection I guided you to.

    G. Creep... yes. You guided me to that? Why?

    CM. You like it.

    G. Yes... I always did like it for some reason. Even the original Radiohead version with the swearing, and you know that I hate swearing.

    CM. Yes. But you liked Macy's version?

    G. Yeah... much better. Had not heard that before.

    CM. What does it say to you?

    (I thought for a bit)

    G. That I am special.

    CM. Yes. I have noticed that you often feel that you don't belong here. You feel you don't belong at Abundant Hope. You feel that you don't belong on Earth. You feel that you don't belong in your body.

    (I hesitated)

    CM. You can write the truth.

    G. Yes... sometimes.

    CM. I guided you to that song so that you would listen to it. You did. Four times. You downloaded it. It touched you. Because you are special. You DO belong here.

    I guided you to write what you wrote when you posted the song because it is important for other Abundant Hope members to know that THEY are special, that THEY belong here.

    You may feel like a creep or a weirdo when with others who don't know what you know or feel what you feel or see what you see. But you are not. None of you are. You are all my special ones.

    I love you all.

    G. Thank you

    HS. Christ Michael has left the building.

    And with that I burst out laughing. I laughed again just now as I was typing that out.

    G. Anyone else want to talk?

    HS. Check Tesla on Keshe site.

    G. Huh?

    HS. Tesla has asked that you check for his name on the Keshe website.

    G. Nikola Tesla... the energy guy.

    HS. Yes. I know of no other Tesla. He likes that you are interested in the technical stuff, but knows that you don't really understand much of it. He might come to talk to you at some stage himself, but is busy now. He also does not want to confuse you too much

    G. Ok... going to sleep now.

    HS. Ok. 'Night.

    G. Goodnight.

    So I guess I had better do as I am asked and go check the Keshe site.

    [Update 27/05/2020 - I don’t remember what I found on the Keshe site back then, but I searched ‘keshe tesla’ online just now and found a page on a tesla forum from September 2012 that mentions “Tesla's Flying Machine Possible With Keshe Technology?”. I have an interest in cars and on the site it says… “The only feasible way to make a flying car is with plasma reactor technology, that can extend a levitating magnetic-gravitational field around the vehicle.

    M.T. Keshe of the Keshe Foundation claims to have done just that.”. I wonder if that is what I was being guided to?]

  • Thanks. Yes, I go to other pages in a search too... sometimes page 5 or 10 to see what's there related to my search terms. But back in 2012 or thereabouts when I last searched for the name Shalamar, I found nothing. Since seeing your message though, I searched again and did find it.

  • June 2012

    Below are the answers / insights I received from Siraya regarding the question “Who created God?”

    I remember this. When I first came to AH 8* in 2012 I asked this question and it started quite a conversation on. Eventually this made Siraya come around. There is more here than I originally remember. Thanks Glen. The intervening years have also broadened my insights and understandings of what I can't answer and can't understand considerably. Siraya's answers are now more clear. :thumbup:

    When Spirit is guiding you will know because your Heart will be at peace

  • certainly Glen....

    the idea of search bubbles comes to mind. basically search engines control what you see. we can both search "shalamar" and get different results. of course software is manipulative and internet AI just adds to that.

    I force myself to look at page 2 and 3 hits, because I am increasingly aware of how manipulative the software is...

    I increasingly see this world as a kind of attack trap. knowing the ways of my enemy makes the game more interesting. increasingly i find what i want. it's only taken 50years (sarcasm)

    another thing. now that I realize how obsessed with symbology the dark is, I pay a lot of attention to it; names, numbers , glyphs , images. life is a sort of dream , so symbols are important. this world is ruled by evil, but We are not and we use symbols too , angels do too. of course the light will contact you by whatever means they can. so I am always looking for the unusual, be it work of light or dark.

    (el a, means god btw : hebrew, referencing hazels gobbledygook)

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